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Armed and Dangerous: Grandmother Fires at Intruder, Who Gets Arrested

Written by Gary North on October 12, 2013

A South Carolina woman got her pistol when an intruder started beating her friend with a baseball bat. One shot chased him off. The police arrested him. He will be charged with attempted murder.

The police did not arrest the grandmother, since she does not live in New York City or Washington, D.C.

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43 thoughts on “Armed and Dangerous: Grandmother Fires at Intruder, Who Gets Arrested

  1. michaellabelle says:

    Damn, she missed!

  2. Looks more like she hit him in the head, which probably only confused him a little. She should have aimed for center mass.

  3. Shame ; she should have sent him to the Creator

  4. To bad she did miss, now it’s going to cost tax payers to support him. Wait! Isn’t there a government shutdown? Oh heck, what was I thinking, legal, law abiding citizens are the only ones being punished along with the veterans. The illegals, criminals and the king and his family aren’t being punished.

  5. She should be required to spend a few days on the gun range so she wouldn't be wasting ammo.

  6. Sure wish that bullet had went straight through his empty head! Now we have to pay for this bastard!

  7. livefree-NH says:

    Is it time to talk about background checks yet? Or how about the 20+ executive orders that the current president recently signed to prevent gun violence? HOW DID ANY OF THAT HELP THIS WOMAN? The only thing that stuff would have done would be to take this woman's gun away from her. And she would now be dead, of course, but at least there would be less "gun violence."

    It seems to me that the President is trying to solve a different problem than the rest of us are. We want LESS VIOLENCE. He seems to want LESS GUNS in the hands of law-abiding people who are ready to defend their lives against thugs like this guy, and Trayvon. That is, people who "look like his son" or some such crap.

  8. AMEN !!!

  9. mykirbyroo says:

    LOL – but you're right, Deaton! Ammo's too expensive to waste on missed shots.

  10. Another one of Obama's sons.

  11. That is what he would have looked like if he would have had a son.just like that guy from the DC Navy yard., It looks like Obama has a lot of son's.

  12. 5 kids different mothers

  13. dick grace says:

    Right on both counts

  14. Grandmother didn't miss because she couldn't hit the target, in all probability she missed because she didn't want to go to jail. If she is comfortable enough to own and shoot the gun, she knows exactly how to shoot it.

  15. The South Carolina Cops must be Heads and Shoulders Above the rest. Or else the Grandmother would have been arrested and charged with, Att. Murder, Disturbing the peace, RICO, Terrorism, Alien and Sedition acts, and willful distruction of trash.
    May God Bless Her.

  16. The point is the intruder got the message loud and clear that if he stayed around he would probably be at best crippled and at worst dead! Unfortunately, idiots like this don't learn and because he feels his manhood was "attacked" by a woman, he would try to seek "revenge" if he could, or one of his cronies will try to get the woman. That's why it is best to shoot to kill the first time!

  17. Not in Douglas County, Georgia — they would pin a medal on her here!

  18. Obama will pardon him and scold him for not beating that white woman more than he did.

  19. JOHN SIMMONS says:

    You got it wrong "at best he would be dead and at worse he would have been crippled. If she had killed him, his cronies would know that she shoots to kill. Then obuma would have gotten into the mess and ordered her arrested for AM murder.
    By the way why are they not called just americans?????? I thisnk it is because they want to go back to their home land.

  20. Love the comments. How many of you voted for Ron Paul? Of those of you who were fooled / herded into voting for a candidate shoved down our throats by the main stream candidate selectors (including Mitt Romney as well as Obama), how many would go back and change their vote to Ron Paul if they had the chance? I guess I'm just wondering how quickly the herd is now awakening to the truth that big government is BAD and that freedom and privacy is required unless you want to be a slave of the system.

  21. He was probably only beating her friend with a baseball bat to demonstrate for Trayvon. You know who he is, you know the one they kept showing pictures of when he was 13 & 14 and not when he was 16 & 17. You know, the one that if Obama had had a son he would look like Trayvon. He looks like Trayvon. Trayvon was just getting good with his cage fighting style. I really feel for those who grieved for Trayvon, He could have wound up filling a vacancy in one of the prisons, if he had not been taken out before he could really contribute and do more real crime.

  22. Great!

  23. I voted for Ron Paul, when everyone said it was a wasted vote. It was not a wasted vote, it was a statement for help.
    Ben Carson seems like he would be a great president if they didn't kill him before he can take office. He should run as a third party candidate and if he can hang with the big crooks and stay honest he would be a sure thing. The 2 major parties are the two major hated parties. They have brought us to this point and they still call each other honorable. I guess someone has to. The American people have had enough of laws that effect everyone other than the ones who pass them. They also exempted themselves from social security when it was passed. Because it was great for everyone but not them and their people. The Senate exempted itself from insider trader regulations. People are asking how we got to this point, it is because we have those who represent themselves and no one else.

  24. SpaceChief says:

    It's a sad fact of life that a vote for a third-party candidate is a wasted vote. No one pays any attention to the the guy who came in third. In America, when it comes to the executive branch, only a democrat or republican will win. WE must hold our noses and vote for the lesser of two evils. As for this pile of pig crap, I agree that Granny should have taken the "trash out".
    By the way, is it just us racists that happen to notice the vast majority of these criminlas are black? Let's keep on ignoring
    the 800 pound gorilla in teh living room and you or your home will be next.

  25. I voted for Paul but now I think government should just be abolished. It's an archaic lumbering mess that can't do anything right so why bother with it? It's never done me any good.

  26. Shame but true if she had done that in NYC, Washington or many major east coast cities she would have been arrested. So
    happy for the good work she did and the great outcome. We had better not cheer too loud, Obama will put out an executive order to have her arrested for endangering the criminal element of America

  27. Right on


  29. Not New Dork City or the District of Criminals. Sure as hell would be nice if they made it clear WHERE this happened. Anderson County where? There's probably about 40 Anderson counties in the US.

  30. In politically-correct 21st-century Amerika, citizens using deadly weapons for self-defense must NEVER INTEND TO KILL. In most jurisdictions, INTENT TO STOP deadly force CAN MAKE HOMICIDE JUSTIFIABLE. INTENT TO KILL usually CANNOT. Most police officers are silently thankful when a law-abiding citizen sends a felon to hell, but saying so can halt their careers.

  31. Harry Turner says:

    Lately we have been hearing about the attack on the occupants of the SUV in New York by renegade motorcycle punks. Do you think that would have happened in Texas, Florida or South Carolina? Of course not, because it is possible that those occupants might have been armed! A perfect case of where responsible armed citizens being allowed to protect themselves can prevent a crime. Those punks wouldn't dare attack with just the possibility that the occupants could be armed.

  32. It was Anderson Cty., S Carolina

  33. I was so busy campaigning for Allen West in South Florida (cheerfully paying my own airfare) I could not vote back home in Pennsylvania, where I chair a third party. Are you aware Ron Paul and Allen West share the honor of being the Republican congressmen most-targeted by their own treacherous [LOL] "Leadership"?

  34. Are you in Florida (the Sunshine State)? Or Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky or West Virginia (one of the Moonshine States)? South Carolina was clearly stated by the author.

  35. To quote the Beach Boys… Go Granny Go! Good for you!

  36. Econoranter says:

    I believe your good intentions Space Chief but we keep voting for the "lessor of two evils" and losing. Besides, if our guy wins we have elected another "RINO" who will start pointless wars, double our debt, launch more Big Government programs and appoint idiots to the FED and the Supreme Court. That, and a whole lot more of the same is what the last, "lessor of two evils" did for the country. If only two parties can work in our system let's close down the "lessor of two evils" Republicans and go with an party of good and talented people. We lose nothing; Republican presidential candidates lose anyway. We get what we deserve if we vote for evil or incompetent candidates of any sort. Let's get candidates who are great people!

  37. The way things are he could have just been wounded and then he would sue her- if she killed him – his relatives would have sued for racism and then she would be on trial…turned out well.

  38. …"the Grandmother would have been arrested and charged with, Att. Murder, Disturbing the peace, RICO, Terrorism, Alien and Sedition acts, and willful distruction of trash."

    And don't forget, unless the dear lady was black, charged with a hate crime !

  39. That is one reason I like living in SC. My kids public school teachers even own guns and are proud of it.

  40. edwin penry says:

    Just below Greenville on I-85.Having lived in the area and having family there I can testify that this felon met up with an average Citizen of that area.It is just not a place to automatically expect to confront a limp-wristed liberal ready to roll over and give in to abuse.

  41. paul cotter says:

    I think most of you are missing the point. We need to be discuss bat violence. I have already contacted my liberal democratic congressional representative to complain about bat violence. After I had clarified my point regarding the type of bat we need to confiscate (aluminum or wood not the ones with wings that fly around) his assistant agreed that bats should be regulated. The proposed new law will require individuals that buy bats to have a background check and be finger printed. No one under the age of 21 will be allow to purchase, own, or have in their possession any item defined as being a bat or bat like. No bat shall be modified as to weight or length. Bats that have been taped for better griping are illegal. Specially modified bats older than 100 years and typically found in museums and called clubs are exempted as are those specially modified bats used by native American tribes in religious or cultural activities. These modified religious highly modified bats are also known as tomahawks. Bats that fly around under their own power are exempt unless the bats have been heaved, tossed, or otherwise thrown then they would be classified as wingless bats and would be covered.

  42. Good job, grandma! But next time don't miss!

  43. Absolutely. A responsible gun owner who loves life…most probably a Conservative.