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Secession and County Rights

Written by Gary North on October 11, 2013

Pat Buchanan has written a useful summary article on secession movements in the United States. They are county-based movements. They are being organized by people who are fed up with centralization at the state level.

Some analysts on the Left also see it coming, as this article indicates. The author sees this secession as functional. He is correct. He sees the corporate state as conservative, not liberal. He is incorrect. The corporate state is not ideological. It is functional. It is based on control over the flow of funds and the flow of regulations out of Washington. Both were briefly reduced this month. That fact is the canary in the corporate state’s coal mine. It did not die, but it passed out briefly.

The fledgling secession movements described by Buchanan do not yet have a slogan. I suggest one: county rights.

The Civil War began over the issue of states’ rights. That issue was settled on the battlefield. The issue of county rights had been settled 70 years earlier in Western Pennsylvania in a short-lived revolt known as the Whiskey Rebellion. George Washington in 1794 briefly and symbolically led a federal army of 13,000 troops — mostly state militias — into the western part of the state in order to crush a tax revolt: a revolt based on barter and an alternative currency: whiskey. That was the only time that the Commander-in-Chief personally led troops into war. It was a war against counties.

There is an old political slogan: “You can’t beat something with nothing.” The secession movement can move in the direction of the right to switch allegiance to another state. Or it can move in the direction of creating a new state. Or it can move in the direction of reclaiming county rights as part of a national movement toward decentralization: decentralization of the economy and also politics.

There is not going to be secession by armed revolution in the United States. This is not Europe. This is not the former Soviet Union. America is homogeneous. Most Americans speak English. They watch the Super Bowl. They live under common law, except for little bits of the Napoleonic code in Louisiana. They use the same currency. They have Social Security cards.

In contrast, loyalties to local communities barely exist. It is easy to move. Americans move every five years or so. They can legally move across state lines. They pay no attention to county lines. A county line is marked by a small sign and a change in the color of the road’s asphalt — nothing more.

The only state-based visible barrier to entry in the country is the border of California, and only to those coming in: the fresh fruit check-points. Immigrants must surrender their fruit, which might bring in a disease. (Also, a truck full of fruit might compete with California fruit growers.)

Secession will require political training, just as the American Revolution did. This must begin at the county level. It should begin with a phrase: “county rights.” It should begin with a slogan: “Support your local sheriff.” It should begin with a self-conscious political effort to take back low-population rural counties. There are a little over 3,000 counties in the United States. Some of them can be won over to resistance mode.

Secession is not going to be revolutionary in the United States, but it could be functional. Functional secession needs working models. These will have to be county models. States are too large. They are extensions of the federal government. When state militias were made extensions of the U.S. Army in 1903, secession became impossible for states. (Note for conspiracy buffs: the man who engineered this was Elihu Root, who was Secretary of War under Teddy Roosevelt in 1903. Root can accurately be described as the first “Chairman of the American Establishment.” He was the first Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations.)

Until Americans are loyal to their counties, secession will remain utopian.

If the central government can no longer send out checks or make electronic deposits into bank accounts. the voters will reject secession. The polls indicate massive support for keeping the federal government open, to keep those welfare checks coming. This demand for money from Washington is the mark of anti-secession. Money from Washington is hush money. It silences the call for secession.

The centralization movement that has been orchestrated by the federal government ever since 1788 is visibly running out of money. It will go belly-up: the Great Default. In the Great Default, the flow of funds from Washington will either cease or will not buy anything. That will be the window of opportunity for secessionists.

Secession must begin with this manifesto: “No more state or federal money.” Until local voters are willing to shut the door to the welfare handouts from on high, secession will remain utopian.

When the flow of funds ceases, the price of secession will fall like a stone. There is an unbreakable economic law: “When the price of something falls, more is demanded.”

Do a web search for this phrase: “county rights.” The first link is American Vision’s county rights project. That is where to begin a movement toward functional secession in your community.

You can prepare politically for the Great Default, or you can sit on the sidelines when it happens. I recommend the former.

Continue Reading on americanvision.org

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22 thoughts on “Secession and County Rights

  1. The Iceman says:

    For years, we in Western New York and the Southern Tier have been saying we need to be separated from New York City and down State New York. We have a real ash-hole in Dictator Coumo and a pretty bad State Senate. We the people are ready. The government we have is too liberal and too corrupt.

  2. Rattlerjake says:

    The problem is big cities. They are nothing but the equivalent of big government. Populations in cities quickly outnumber the population in rural areas and the majority of the city population is liberal. Even if these counties could secede, a new city would likely emerge and eventually become another liberal cesspool. It's these greedy liberals, who run and live in these cities, that insist on sucking up the rest of the county through annexation, and forcing them to comply with their agenda. The solution is not secession, the solution is to prevent cities from getting too large, and reducing their power.

  3. What this is, it seems to me, is just another level of politics and governance. If the goal is personal freedom and individual responsibility, the plan was laid out 2000 years ago. Christianity is an altogether personal and individual matter, and the ideal form of governance. I agree, it’s not easy. . . . if that’s a deal breaker, too bad. Then we don’t deserve individual freedom, and never will. We perpetually fail to campaign for the right “candidate.”

  4. Finally, 150+ years later, the rest of the country "suddenly" realizes the wisdom and constitutionally-blessed act of secession. Hint: it was about much more than the slavery issue taught in the victors' text & history books.

  5. "Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world." ~ Abraham Lincoln

    Of course that doesn't apply once you become the liar-in-chief

  6. LOL. This this probably your most ludicrous article yet, Gary.

  7. Shane the anklebiter keeps hoping that one day, someday, Gary North will notice him.

    Keep trying Shane, keep trying.

  8. The easiest way to seceed is at the ballot box. Keep voting out the power grabbers (Liberals) until they get the message- they must work for us who they represent, not themselves.

  9. With the U.S. federal government 16 trillion in debt, and adding another trillion to that debt every year, secession is not a pipe dream. It is a certain eventuality. One day the U.S. govt will go bankrupt, and there will be no revenue sharing, no IRS, no FBI, no DHS. In that case, the people most likely to survive will be those who live on farms far off the main roads and have lots of gunsand ammo. Anyone preparing for this should calculate just how far the average vehicle can get on a single tank of gas, and make certain he moves at least twenty miles outside that line before the power grid goes down. No power, no gas pumping. No gas, no "refugees" looking for rural victims to repalce their urban ones.

    This is no longer a science fiction scenario. Our government is done. It is now just a matter of how long it is in the oven, before it stats to burn. And our leaders are still turmpeting their latest health care boondoggle (another trillion dollar disaster) as "A great victory for the American people." Perhaps it is a great victory when the enemies of the people commit suicide, but Pelosi and Reid are planning on taking the rest of us with them.

  10. The Marxist punk needs to be shoved in a sausage grinder and shipped to Kenya.

  11. But the problem with the ballot box is the electronic voting machines that are rigged so that the Democrats always win.

  12. If this were to start happening at the state level, who gets the nukes? I want one… either way, we would need to make sure our venerable den of thieves in Washington don't get to keep ANY of them.

  13. It's designed to keep the members of both wings of the one party that rules, in power. When you get down to it, Bush and Clinton and Obama and Romney all serve the same master…and it's not the American people.

  14. America is homogeneous? America may have been relatively homogeneous in its earliest days, but it is now inescapably heterogeneous, and its heterogeneity has been accelerating over time.

    Is it a sign of homogeneity when virtually all product labels are written in two languages, English and Spanish, and is it homogeneity when you are required to press #1 on your keypad to continue your conversation in English? Is it homogeneity when Muslims are building more and more mosques throughout Christian America and implementing Muslim Sharia law wherever possible?

    Was it homogeneity that caused the Civil War?

    State secession was always considered a right. The New England states held a convention to discuss secession during the War of 1812. Anti-slavery abolitionists wanted the northern states to secede from the United States and its slave-holding southern states. Prior to the Civil War there was a movement of the middle states to secede from the U.S. and form a "Central Confederacy."

    And it is a certainty that not a single state would have ratified the Constitution and become part of the "united" states if they were told that once they joined, they could never leave.

    There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits or even obstructs state secession, and if that long-established, constitutionally permissible right of state secession could be crushed, what chance would county secession have?

  15. While many/most Americans may think they are under Common Law, most everything we do is related to or controlled by the Uniform Commercial Code.

  16. What's really sad is that this isn't your most ludicrous post Shane.

  17. Texas Chris says:

    Do it! New New York.

  18. Texas Chris says:

    Cities are liberal because liberals, seeking easier lives, and low-personal responsibility living, pile up on each other in big cities.

    Secession IS the answer.

  19. Texas Chris says:

    Power corrupts…

  20. Texas Chris says:

    Not even close.

  21. WhiteFalcon says:

    Good luck New York patriots. West Virginia did it and you should be able to also, but it won't be easy.

  22. Daniel from TN says:

    How is that method possible amidst so much voter fraud?