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The Image Police at the Post Office: “For the Children”

Written by Gary North on October 11, 2013

The U.S. Postal Service has destroyed millions of stamps that had terrifying images of children doing dangerous things.

One child is doing a cannonball jump into the water.

Another is doing a cartwheel without a helmet. Can you imagine such a thing?

A third is skateboarding without knee pads. He wears only jeans.

You can see these horrifying images here.

Did you do any of these things when you were a child? I did the life-threatening cannonball, although not often. I rarely went swimming in a pool. We lived within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean. You cannot do the cannonball in the Pacific Ocean, unless you own a boat. We did not.

Fortunately, I never was able to do a cartwheel. I just could not pull it off. I gave up trying at an early age. But I knew girls who did. And they did them without helmets. There were no helmets, other than football helmets. I never knew a girl who wore a football helmet.

Skateboards were also beyond me. I grew up where skateboards were invented: the South Bay area, where surfers rode them. I could not stay on one. My girlfriend could, a little. She did not wear knee pads. There were no knee pads.

The thought of childhood without safety helmets and knee pads is positively medieval. That parents knowingly let their daughters do cartwheels without helmets makes my blood run cold. The combination of ignorance and poverty on a scale like that should make us grateful that we live in more enlightened and more prosperous times.

By destroying stamps with images of helmet-less children, the USPS has proven, once again, that is it at the head of the line when it comes to safeguarding the public. Children might have seen these images — perhaps on a letter from some thoughtless grandma, unaware that she was contributing to the self-destructive behavior of a child too young to recognize the danger. It is one thing to have grown up in a world before knee-pads and safety helmets. It is quite another to absentmindedly promote such a world.

This is America. People in authority do not hide their eyes to such thoughtlessness. They take the bull by the horns. And when they do, they wear knee pads and helmets.

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11 thoughts on “The Image Police at the Post Office: “For the Children”

  1. Just more WASTE from the USPS. Now let's see, why are they loosing money again?

  2. Gosh, I am astounded on how I survived doing all these things when I was a child. We didn't have knee pads, and helmets, and cannon balling was a great sport, and imagine we survived with little or no effect. Gosh it must have been a miracle. Boy are we ever getting carried away with all this "political" correctness and fear of being criticized. Gosh it must be a disease or a virus, there is no other rational explanation.

  3. Actually I think they took the horns by the BULL.

  4. How in the world did we ever survive our childhood's in the fifties without all this 'government' mandated protection? I used to ride my horse without a helmet, rollerskate without a helmet and played dodgeball without a helmet!

  5. I grew up in the 50's. A NYC St kid. We swam in th Hudson River before the days of water pollution had ever been heard of . The general rule was stay away from the brown area. We played stick-ball in the streets. No helmets, knee pads, no pads of any kind. We were told by Mom after breakfast to do out and play with the rest of the kids in the streets. No parental contact of any kind, no cell phones. Just kids being kids playing in the streets. When traffic showed up we simply stepped to the side. Then resumed playing. The street/s were our playground/s. We survived very well. All this of safety is pussifying kids these days. Hell, allow them to grow, some will get hurt – That is part of growing and learning. For Gods sake leave them alone and they will become adults soon enough.

  6. I grew up in the 50's and 60's doing these kinds of carefree "unregulated" activities as a kid.

    We boomers though have a lot to answer for, because it is our age group in positions of governance, rule-making and influence lording it over younger generations. They're not taking it kindly and won't tolerate forever.

    Like the bumper sticker says: "Be nice to your kids, they'll pick your nursing home"!

  7. E Goldstein says:

    The goal is clearly to produce cowardly dependent serfs. The only strong will be the thugs. For the sons of Obama to intimidate others is the ideal of Obamacrats.

  8. God protect our children from the rules and regulations of the great Demonrat in the Sky, or is Obama the greater demonrat in Washington. Which ever is doing this is helping to destroy the character of the American people. GOD SAVE US FROM DEMO N CRACY.

  9. Dave Pawson says:

    I am stunned! Stunned, I tell you! Stunned and outraged! No objection was raised to the child jumping rope, despite the high likelihood of being tripped up by the rope! No objection raised to swinging, despite the numerous children injured by falling off swings that are not equipped with seat belts! Rope climbing!? More like plummeting to one's death! Standing on one foot on top of a rock? One is asking for a quick death like that. The kid playing baseball has no batting helmet. Kids get killed by baseballs! Every one of the activities on these stamps could lead to death, dismemberment, or permanent disability. And to top it all off, every one of the children depicted appears to be Caucasian!

  10. Jesse Tomblin says:

    This is why the post office always runs in the red. They throw away perfectly good stamps and other IGNORANT things like giving the Post Master Generals car a plane so he can fly it to where ever he is going. He to gets his own plane like all other so called Important people in DC. He also has a car and plane for his wife and her car in case she is somewhere else. It is this type of IGNORANCE that has gotten America into such massive Debt. I mean every Congressman and Senator have their cars and planes then the Supreme Court has theirs we cannot have the Cabinet without the same perks so they get them as well. Now whoever is in the White House cannot be out done by Congress so he has planes for himself his cars and his protection team. Then he has them for his wife and kids. SO you see just how STUPID AND UTTERLY IGNORANT things in DC have gotten. It has only gotten worse under Obammy who appointed all those so called CZARS and they got the same perks which is nothing but a big waste of OUR(taxpayers) money. The Post Office is just one of the places that is most often thrown to the wolves of the Media so they won't look at Congress or the White House.

  11. I'll tell you when I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our country is a fundamentally different place than it was when I was growing up in the '50s and '60s. I went back home for a visit over Christmas and New Years. I haven't lived there for 40 years, although I go back to visit now and then. This time it was the snowy winter. In four weeks, I NEVER saw a kid out playing in the snow. I took daily walks, and I NEVER saw any other footprints besides my own. I NEVER saw a kid at all, except in cars and stores. It was spooky. This was ten years ago. How much more it's changed, I don't know, but that was plenty. And yes, it's the fault of OUR boomer generation, who are now in positions of authority and make the rules. I think we're collectively crazy. All this silliness will evaporate and be gone, though, in the coming catastrophe we're rushing toward.