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California: The Solution to the Problem of Illegal Aliens

Written by Gary North on October 8, 2013

Jerry Brown recently signed into law a bill that prohibits California law enforcement agencies the authority to hand over illegal aliens unless the aliens have committed a major crime.

This will make the federal government’s border patrol, and the immigration control organization, the major source of any arrests. They will get no further cooperation from California law enforcement authorities.

Any private employer who threatens an illegal immigrant with deportation can lose his business license.

Illegal immigrants are also entitled to get driver’s licenses. This was another law signed by Gov. Brown.

Still another law offers this career opportunity: if an illegal immigrant goes to law school and earns a degree, and then passes the bar exam, he can become a licensed lawyer. Brown just signed a law to this effect.

So, other states now have an opportunity to re-direct illegal immigrants to California. State officials can provide bus fairs to California for illegals caught in their states. The illegals will be given a choice of final destinations in California: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Riverside, or Sacramento.

Brochures in Spanish can be provided with a summary of the new laws in California. Call it the “California, here we come” program.

States could eliminate most of the costs associated with arresting, processing, and transporting illegals back to Mexico. The deportees may try to cross over again. Far better to provide information on career opportunities in California.

Arrested illegals would be given a choice: Mexico or California.

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20 thoughts on “California: The Solution to the Problem of Illegal Aliens

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Further restrictions on legal citizens and incentives for illegal residents. And California will continue to wonder why business owners are moving to Texas…

  2. "Bus fares" rather than "bus fairs."

  3. "State officials can provide bus fairs to California for illegals caught in their states."
    A friend from Oahu says mainland states have been sending their homeless to Hawaii on one-way plane tickets for years. There's a tent city on the beach next to Pearl Harbor with a population of over 5,000.

  4. Lets put a fence around Calif, send all illegals there, make Pelosi President of it, Brown VP and cut all aid to them. That way they can run it as they want and have lots of illegals running around, why Pelosi can give them all jobs, that way she can have someone to talk too about how great and wise she is, first we have to build a fence around it, then see what's in it.

  5. Redwhiteblu says:

    Just make sure they leave all the progressive liberals in California

  6. This whole fiasco is very disturbing. I live in CA and can't move out for a various of reasons so build a fence around your State and so the same and see how it feels when you think ALL of us are for this nonsense. If Allred and not pulled her lying lawyer trick on our republican candidate we would not have moonbeam as gov. It is not easy living under liberalism and we fight it the best we can so don't be so self righteous about CA and pray for those of us who are conservatives and working to chnge things.

  7. Virgil_Hilts says:

    From The Article: "Jerry Brown recently signed into law a bill that prohibits California law enforcement agencies the authority to hand over illegal aliens unless the aliens have committed a major crime."

    WHAT?!?!?! Isn't entering another country ILLEGALLY a Major Crime???!?!?

  8. Doesn't that interfere with Federal control over immigration, the charge they got Arizona on?

  9. While I fully sympathize with your plight if you are stuck there for the time being, it's probably energy better invested in an escape plan than "working to change things". Corrupt institutions are not reformed. They are replaced. Until then, it's wiser to flee than to fight.

  10. TEXASFREEMAN says:

    To more accurately describe the problem an what should be done about it, they should be described as, "foreign invaders."

  11. Gary Riddle says:

    Rejects from other states have been coming to the "Golden" state for years. That is why California pays 1/3 of all the welfare paid in the U.S.

  12. No matter where you go, if the law benefits illegal aliens, it's okay for the state to become involved in immigration, which is a federal responsibility. But, if the law benefits American citizens, the commies take us to court and scream "the state can't do anything about immigration. That's a federal issue!

    I'm another person stuck in Mexifornia. I'm 64 and a native of this state. I don't want to leave because my kids and grandson are here. I consider having a life with them more important than the politics here.

    Don't get me wrong. In my 64 years here, I have seen first hand what the commies have done to this state. I've also seen the damage illegal aliens have done as well. IT DISGUSTS ME!

  13. Hmmm.. nullification, it seems. I suppose they'll continue border inspections at the interstate boundaries, looking for fruits and nuts, Mustn't be allowing any strange pests tobe invading, now, mustn't we. And if the path they're on is any indication, soon enough they'll be inspecting for firearms at those stations, as well. But all menner of illegal invading aliens, no problem. May they go broke quickly, so as to repent of their folly, get run out of office sooner rather than later. Else leave the union, taking Peligrosi, Lyingstein, and the Boxerdog along with them. And good riddance to the lot of them. Soon enough one will need to carry their passport to enter from another state.

  14. Hmmm…if I were a CA businessman and risked losing my business license for turning in an illegal…yes, I said "illegal"…I think I might consider relocating. CA might be past the point of no return, but even rats leave a sinking ship. The captain is expected to go down…or be the last off.

  15. Here is how to solve the problem. Use the following steps. 1) Arrest illegals, tattoo the, and ship them back to their country of origin. 2) if they are found back in our country, beat them within an inch of their lives and ship them back to their country of origin again. 3) if they are ignorant enough to show up again, feed them into a food processor then deliver to our Marxist in Chief and his skanky-ho wife and shove the entrails down their mouths. Problem solved.

  16. Of course it is more accurate to call them "foreign invaders". They object to being called illegal aliens : Why not start calling them foreign invaders instead? Shouldn't our Commander in Chief be required to stop an invasion of the USA? Didn't he take an oath of office to defend our country? Would there be grounds for impeachment if he refuses to stop the foreign invaders?

  17. TEXASFREEMAN says:

    Article IV, Section 4 demands not only that the guvmint GUARANTEE to each state a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion. Yes I agree that the failure to provide this by the regime is grounds for impeachment and removal. If the guvmint fails to act in repelling this invasion, then the states have the right, no the duty, to defend its borders. (Odd how the guvmint uses state inaction (sic) as justification for its numerous usurpations.)

    This is why I feel it is so important to shed the term, "illegal aliens" in favor of what it truly is, "a foreign invasion." Especially since they behave like foreign invaders.

  18. goyaathle says:

    I am a disabled vet on a fixed income and second all my grand-kids are in Caliporno. Would love to leave but do not have the money to move me and all the kids and grands and the wife won't leave the grands.

  19. I totally understand. I am retired and also disabled and have grandchildren that I coach for homeschooling. I would move back to Texas if I could. We may have to live among them but we don't have to be like them. It is a constant training to help the grandchildren not to get caught up in the garbage of this State. We try to instill good values and the Word of God on a daily basis. We will stick together; those of us who know what is right.

  20. Great idea. The sooner California goes off the cliff, the sooner people will come to their senses. Already we have Detroit as an educational example of what happens when Democrats run things.