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What If Younger Americans Skip Coverage by ObamaCare?

Written by Gary North on October 7, 2013

ObamaCare is structured to force younger healthy workers to pay for older, sicker Americans. The old will sign up. Those with existing conditions will sign up. But younger workers may decide to skip it, pay a small tax, and live with no coverage.

Rates on younger workers are likely to triple.

Millions of Americans will be working fewer hours, as businesses re-define them as part-time workers. This way, businesses will escape the tax for not providing health insurance. Younger workers will be even less able to afford coverage.

This is a massive wealth-redistribution program from the young to the old. It is like Medicare and Social Security.

Millions of younger voters are going to figure this out by the November 2014 elections. They are going to see that they are the poor saps who are expected to pay for all this. This is a huge swing vote.

The House has drawn a line in the sand on ObamaCare — a line that nobody expects them to stick to for more than a couple of weeks. But once ObamaCare is acknowledged as being the law of the land, the public will find out if it works. If the money from younger workers is not there to cover its costs, then what? Can Obama go back to Boehner and re-negotiate the law? That is not politically possible.

The battle over the budget and ObamaCare is for public show. Boehner gets to play pretend hardball for a while before finding some way to disengage. He makes a statement to the anti-ObamaCare House members: “I gave it my best shot.” The members will tell the folks back home the same.

Then it will be Obama’s turn. Red ink in the program will appear early. If it cannot cover costs, which is likely, what will Obama do? The Republicans can watch him twist, slowly, slowly in the wind.

The program is so fouled up in terms of programming that no one knows if there will be enough takers to fund it. We will not know until next year — an election year.

The House Republicans have drawn a line in the sand. That will be their rallying cry in next year’s elections: “We told you so.” Then we will see. Will the Senate go Republican, or will the House go Democrat?

Both sides have drawn lines in the sand. The voters will decide whose line will be washed away in November 2014.

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20 thoughts on “What If Younger Americans Skip Coverage by ObamaCare?

  1. sweetqueen777 says:

    If God blesses America, that is what will happen. Now, Republicans must find their spines and stand firm for what is right, even if that requires some sacrifices. I hope the GOP gets the message loud and clear: We the People WILL remember the next time your names come up at the polls. Kiss your RINO careers good-bye.

  2. If the government does not get their damned website working, it will be more than the young folks not signing up.

  3. Daniel Spickard says:

    The word is getting out. Now let's see if those who voted democrat last election open their eyes to see what they have created. It's not us older people that are going to be slapped in the face. It's going to be the younger crowd! Us older people have learned to live through rough times, it's second nature to us. But to all of those younger group that have been handed everything to them one that silver platter, they aren't going to be able to handle it. Although Obama-care is going to implode in on itself and take the whole healthcare industry with it. Then you can thank your democrats for it!

  4. To all the young people out there…..Calculate your current medical expenses. Maybe 1 doctor visit a year. That could run 200 plus maybe a prescription. Now, even if your insurance premium is only 80 per month. Do the math…960 a year in premiums or just over 200 plus the penalty at the end of the year (95). Your ahead $600 a year. That can buy plenty of ramen for your dorm room.

  5. Steve Anderson says:

    "This is a massive wealth-redistribution program from the young to the old. It is like Medicare and Social Security"

    No it isn't. Premiums go up for older people, too. Also, officially, $500 million will be taken from Medicare to fund the uninsured who are overwhelmingly young and illegally in the US. The Medicare "savings" is supposed to come from reducing fraud and "increasing efficiency". That is all bureaucratic smoke screen. The hit is coming to Medicare in the form of reduced reimbursement to medical service providers and reduced access to costly procedures.

    In reality, it is a transfer of wealth from the old to the young and illegal. With a massive tax increase, in the form of premiums, for everyone.

  6. Steve Anderson says:

    Make that $500 Billion taken from Medicare.

  7. The interesting thing is, IMHO, that if this passes, Obama must live with it for three full years before getting to exit. That's a long time to "twist in the wind". Perhaps his timing was a little off! On the other hand, if he'd waited until his term was almost over, Obamacare would probably be dead as a doornail. What to do, what to do?

    The real question is, just exactly how did he expect that this would be viable? Does he have that much faith in the concept? Many Dem voters do, but I doubt if he and others at the top are under such illusions. In that case, what is the purpose of this whole thing? I'm beginning to share the suspicions of those who think the whole purpose is to: 1) Consolidate the power of government; and 2) Destroy the United States of America as we know it. Seriously, are there any other realistic conclusions out there? I mean, ruling out naivete on the part of our executive and legislature?

  8. What a sherade is laid upon us, nothing but lies & deceit. The UNITED NATIONS Agenda 21 is encroaching relentlessly. Seems,
    nobody can stop them.
    Destroy the United States of America in order to consolidate the power of the New World Order, which we by now know IS the
    Rothschields via Israel nukes, among other atrocities. Fukushima done by Israel, Syria nuked 4 times by Israel. Isrealis Mossad in
    countries worldwide. Greed is destroying this planet & ignorance of the existance of satan, truly vile aliens, who aim for humanity
    to destroy itself, so they can take over this planet. We are just cattle for them, to entertain them & be devoured.

  9. IWhen Obamacare ends up causing the layoffs and impoverishment of Obama voters, the Democrats will still blame it all on the Repbulicans, who didn't even write or vote for the bill. And the Obama voters will believe them. It's called Government by Delusion.

  10. "Now let's see if those who voted democrat last election open their eyes to see what they have created."

    Don't bet on it. Anyone who honestly believes that they can make a living by not working and sponging off obliging politicians who have promised to "transfer the wealth," don't realize this: That, given the laws of economics, and the U.S.'s current financial situation, Obama's promises pf free healthcare ares the equivalent of Andrew Johnson promising to put a man on the moon before the end of Reconstruction.

  11. concernedcitizenhere says:

    Well according to some ….just some of the things I have read are this about opting out of oscare: the 1st year $95.00 tax, the 2nd year $600.00 +, the 3rd year upwards of $4,500.00 ….now drum roll…you will also have your DRIVERS LICENSE taken away among other things. Go figure that one out. If you have no D.L. how can you work? If you have no bus line available and your job is ten miles plus away how can you get there without driving. If you have no drivers license how can you work to pay the tax DEBT? What next will they pick you up and put you in some fema camp to work off your debt??? God help us one and all and our future kids and young adults as well. Pass this info along if you can.

  12. maybe you meant passport instead of driver's license?

    driver's licenses are issued by the state, passports by the feds.

    though i'd have to see a cite to believe either scenario.

    and the only current way to enforce any penalty is by garnishing any federal tax refund, so adjust your withholding so you owe money every year.

  13. polmutant says:

    Israel has nothing to do with the dollar peg. look at the Saudi's for your torment. they have the most to lose if petrodollar bellies up/

  14. polmutant says:

    yeah deficit spending, I like it.

  15. Gentlemen; Please have a young American apply for "Obamacae" ans the decline because of the costs and report on the fine that is applied, and the repercussions of failure to pay the penalty.

    I have heard that the costs would strip you of your drivr's license ans hit you with a tax lein on your house. This could be a way to transfer the ownership of all property in the country to the federal government in spite of the xonatitutional limit on federal property to that needd for post offices and military supportbases and munitions storage.

  16. I am sure that there will be several … punishments … devised for those who do not follow their new pile of rules. The ACA Tax (It IS a tax and not a Law) is going to spawn several Laws and even more rules (illegal Laws). I have heard that there are well over 1,000 already either on the books or ready to be "put" there.

    As to stripping you of your Driver's License … I am not sure that can be done so easily as that would be a "State's Rights" issue and not a Federal one. So, I would guess, that those of you that live (or have a license) in states that are very "State's Rights" oriented should be OK … at least for awhile.

    The passing into "reality" of the ACA (ObamaCare) is going to create thousands of laws and regulations and give the Government the … "right" … to come after you. As it stands, every person in the US of A is breaking the Law. Every Person. The laws may be too mundane for anyone to prosecute for, but they are there. Its impossible not to break laws because even the laws are breaking laws and are so scrambled no-one knows what they are. Not even the lawyers.

    The ACA (ObamaCare) is creating major NEW laws that no-one realizes and no-one will know that they are breaking until the eye of "Big Broth … errr the Government" seeks you out. When they decide to come for you, you will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. While I am of a mind that everyone should own and operate firearms, hiding from a heat seeking, infra-red viewing, stealthy drone is going to make achieving anything like parity … a bit hard.

    The TEA Party and like minded Republicans are the ONLY thing stopping this scenario from happening. Right NOW, TODAY. I know many want the bickering to stop. I know many think that the TEA Party is doing a dreadful thing. Let me remind you. WE ELECTED THEM to STOP this. WE PUT THEM on the FRONT LINES and IN THE TRENCHES.

    WE MUST SUPPORT these men and women as if they are Our Very Own "Armed Forces" because they ARE EXACTLY THAT. These men and women are OUR REPRESENTATIVES in the struggle to hold back the dark.

  17. For a Law of the Land passed in the death of night, behind closed doors with no republican votes.
    And specially when he promise to the People that he would save them $2,500 dollars a year in savings,
    and that if you like your doctor you can keep him, and if you like your health plan you can keep it.
    Promises written by this guy was with vanishing ink.

  18. You forgot to include the deductible which can be as high as $6000.00, plus the co-pay of approximately $20.00 per visit. How many times do you have to go to the doctor to recoup that cost?,

  19. DenverKitty says:

    Daniel, you just earned "Comment of the Day!" Gratz!!

  20. On April 19th of 1775 a small group of men and boys … 77 to be exact (today we would call them boys) … Minutemen … stood on the village green in Lexington Massachusetts. The British Army fired upon and killed several of them and overwhelmed them. The British then continued on to Concord Massachusetts and ran into another small group of men and boys (this time about 500) and fired upon them and engaged them in open warfare but were turned back.

    This was the start of the US Revolutionary War and the first pains of labor that resulted in the birth or creation of the United States of America.

    Do not think that this was done in a moment of sheer braggadocio, or as a lark or that everyone on those fields were there because they were brave. Truthfully, those men and boys were certainly as afraid for their mortal lives and their futures as anyone could be. They were standing up to an Army that was world renowned as the most efficient, bloody and valorous in the world at that time. What kind of madman stands up to such an immutable force without having some trepidation for themselves? For their families? For everything they held dear?

    For the next 8 years, 4 months, 2 weeks and 1 day the people of the Colonies (men, women, boys and girls) would live through all forms of hell on earth. They would get their butts kicked over and over by the British. They would lose 8,000 dead to guns and swords and bayonets and 17,000 to "other causes". They would Stand in the face of unbelievable odds. They would Stand in the face of starvation and deprivation of every sort. They would Stand half naked, half frozen and sick to death and they would fight for their Right to be more than just a peon. To be more than just a slave to an Empire, a King that cared not for their plight or woes.

    When it was all over or, it was over for the moment, something new had been created. A country such had not existed at any time in the known recorded history of mankind. It was not a perfect country. It was not even a fully formed thought. It was a chance to become something that was greater than the sum of its parts.

    This Country was named the United States of America. It became, in time, a shining example of what mankind could do. Could aspire to. Could become.

    It was based on each person being self reliant but willing to assist those in need of assistance. It was based on the idea that ALL men were created "Equal" in the eyes of the Creator. It was based on the idea that every person had the right and obligation to attempt to achieve whatever they could conceive of. It was based on the idea that NO-ONE had the Right to lay taxes or burdens upon the entire population to benefit the few.


    I hear the people crying out in disappointment, distress, anger, rancor, hostility and bitterness about the argument between the President, the Senate and the House of Representatives. I hear and read people asking why can't we compromise one more time? Why should anyone disagree with "Universal Health Care"? Why should a budget deficit of 17 Trillion dollars make a difference? Why should any of it matter? Why should the Government be "Shut Down"? Why should the Government be forced to "Default"?


    On April 19th of 1775, a small group of people asked; "Why should we have to pay for the deficit that King George has run up fighting his war with the French? Why should we have no voice? Why should these people think that we should carry their burdens without so much as a thank-you but in the expectations that we will do as we are told?"


    A small group of men and women Stand in the House of Representatives, "the People's House", the branch of the Federal Government that is supposed to speak with the weight and authority of the People and insist that the rest of the Government pay attention to what they (the People) have to say. It is They who were given the power to Take Our Money and They who were given the power to decide where to Spend Our Money. The People's Voice. The People's Choice. To do the job which "We the People" elected them to do.

    Do you think that these people are any less concerned that their stance will no have repercussions on their Personal lives, on their Family's futures than those people who stood on that Village Green in 1775? They only know that THIS is what they were elected to do. They only know that THIS is a truly defining moment in the history of this Country. They know that if they "cave" or run away, this battle, this confrontation, this opportunity will probably NEVER come again.

    The Government today has replaced the King of 1775 and is acting in much the same manner.

    The few in the House of Representatives are our (today's) version of the Minutemen in Lexington on that day in April. They too are facing overwhelming and insurmountable odds.

    Do you honestly want them to throw down their firearms and run away?