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ObamaCare Begins. Call It Amazing.

Written by Gary North on October 1, 2013

Like rats in a maze, millions of Americans without health care insurance are going to get it.  But only if they can get through the maze.

It’s like anything else run by the federal government. Those who want the benefit must fill out forms. Lots of forms. Complex forms.

Those who think this will be easy, have a surprise coming to them.

They may be eligible for tax credits. This assumes that they pay income taxes. But do they? Half of Americans don’t. A tax credit is worth nothing to people who pay no income taxes.

They may be eligible for Medicaid. Or not.

Of course, if Republicans in the the House of Representatives don’t buckle, there will be no money for ObamaCare. Then what? No one seems to know.

Can Obama move funds appropriated for other programs into ObamaCare? He may try. But which programs will be de-funded? Obama will be like a housewife trying to balance the family’s budget. Worse; he will not be able to use the credit card to run up debt. The debt ceiling does not allow this.

So, it’s up to Republicans in the House to impose the budget. It has decided to put the federal government on an emergency spending plan. This of this as a Dave Ramsey makeover. It should have been done years ago.

Cut up those credit cards! Set up a budget. Start paying off those debts. The government did it in 1837: no federal debt. It can do it again.

If it can’t, there’s always bankruptcy. It can get a fresh start.

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9 thoughts on “ObamaCare Begins. Call It Amazing.

  1. Reverend Joe says:

    I'm still loving the liberal commentary that it's all the republicans fault. Really? The republicans PASSED a spending bill which fully funded all government operations EXCEPT ObamaCare. (Which the House has a right to do because constitutionally they control the purse strings) The democrats in the Senate threw a temper tantrum and refused to pass the CR to keep government running. Even though more Americans are against ObamaCare today than when it was first proposed….. our lords and masters on the left know what is best for us and DEMAND that we do as they say…. or else. Obama will negotiate with a known terrorist regime but refuses to even talk with the speaker of the House of Representatives? (Translation….. he doesn't care to talk to the people of the country because HE knows better than us what's good for us) Harry Reid is likewise inclined to talk down to everyone calling us everything nasty he can think of. (And Harry knows more than most about being nasty too as he has vast experience at it) They won't negotiate….. they won't debate…… they won't discuss….. they won't even talk to our side…… and WE'RE the obstructionist bully's? Please! Reality check time.

  2. Guess what? The ACA gets funded no matter what. It was passed by both the House and Senate, signed by the President and upheld by the Supreme Court. Holding the government hostage over a law that was passed OVER A YEAR AGO is called a TEMPER TANTRUM.

    So yes, it is the Republicans fault for making outrageous demands when they have no place to whatsoever.

    Gary, the forms for the ACA really aren't that complex at all. You should take a look at them before spouting nonsense. And if you're going to spout additional nonsense about the debt ceiling, here are a couple of facts for you: Reagan tripled our national debt and the debt ceiling was raised for him FIVE TIMES, no questions asked. Get off your politically biased high horse and deal with reality and not your indescribably stupid fiction.

  3. DeathCare is simply designed to quicken the pace on slamming the bloody boot of a Marxist State down on America.

  4. "Holding the government hostage over a law that was passed OVER A YEAR AGO is called a TEMPER TANTRUM."

    No Shane, it is called political strategy. And both the Democrats and Republicans are "holding the government hostage" with this strategy. They each think they can benefit with the voters by doing it.

    Now, when you post to teapartyeconomist Shane, that is what is called a temper tantrum.

  5. "Reagan tripled our national debt and the debt ceiling was raised for him FIVE TIMES, no questions asked."

    That was because it was the 1980s Shane, we are in the 21st century now, try and keep up. Since Reagan, that debt has grown 6X(so triple your triple and then double it again). When you keep tripling and doubling and raising the debt ceiling constantly, with no attempt to be fiscally responsible, people start asking questions.

  6. Obama wanted something from his first term to be remembered for. The bill was written by insurance industry lobbyists, the quintessential big-business-cigar-chomping backroom dealer makers. This is the only sector of society that is going to benefit from this disaster. Just like when auto insurance was made mandatory, rates went through the roof. Same thing is going to happen here.

    When the Democratically controlled Senate got the House version of the ACA, the first thing it did was to reinstate its exemption from the new law.

  7. Reagan tripled our national debt and the debt ceiling was raised for him FIVE TIMES, no questions asked

    No questions were asked. Every one of Reagan's budgets was "Dead on Arrival" to quote Speaker Tip O'Neill. Reagan agreed to raise taxes in 1986. The Democrats spent that too.

  8. The difference was, this was a prosperous nation with lots of jobs including manufacturing back then. Reagan even made a quip about it: "I don't worry about the deficit. It can take care of itself." The worst hypocrites are the ones like you who crow about helping "the little guy" but are just as money-addicted and obsessed with getting rich as the rest!

  9. Shane, didn't like Reagan's budget either, but we did get at least one benefit: the end of the cold war. This was probably before your time, so I won't try to explain. Now look around. Can you name a few benefits we have received from these latest huge gov't binges?