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Man Arrested for Shooting Deer That Ate His Marijuana Plants

Written by John Odermatt on September 27, 2013

We have a double whammy this week for Felony Friday. Felony charges were filed against one poor soul, which highlights the State’s refusal to recognize property rights and the idiocy of the drug war.

A Glasco, N.Y. man had his world come crashing down after a neighbor snitched on him for killing the deer that were eating his marijuana plants. Barry J. Brice learned a hard lesson from his run-in with the law. Not only does the State own the deer that destroy your garden, they also dictate what plants are allowed to be grown. The Daily Freeman reports on Mr. Brice’s unlucky day. “Town police said an investigation started with a complaint to state Environmental Conservation Police that Brice had been shooting deer over the summer because they were eating and destroying his marijuana crop. State police conducted air surveillance of Brice’s property Thursday and a search warrant was executed at Brice’s home, where 68 potted marijuana plants were seized. Environmental Conservation Police further discovered that Brice had been butchering, packaging and storing deer meat at his home. Police said possessing untagged and unlabeled venison is a violation of state Environmental Conservation Law.”

(To find what’s at stake here, click the link.)

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5 thoughts on “Man Arrested for Shooting Deer That Ate His Marijuana Plants

  1. should of shot the neighbor!

  2. Christine Wright says:

    I hate pochers! They don't care a wit that the yearlings must get through a first winter without mom. Drug addiction is more important.

  3. Christine,
    Thank you for reading. Poaching is defined as the act of hunting illegally on the property of another. The individual in this incident was hunting on his property and the only illegal aspect (according to the State) was that he had vension that was not tagged properly. This means that he did not have tags (registration) to validate that the deer were shot legally during hunting season.

    "They don't care a wit that the yearlings must get through a first winter without mom"
    It hard to accuse the man in this article of killing a doe with young fawns, because we do not know the age or sex of the deer he allegedly shot. One thing we can say for sure is that current hunting laws, in most states, allow the hunters to shoot multiple doe as long as tags were purchased in advance. So your grievance is unchecked in the current State run system.

    "Drug addiction is more important."
    Would you be equally upset if he was killing animals that were destroying his corn crop? Or is the issue that he was growing a plant that is banned by the State?

  4. Charles byrd says:

    I guess the king owns the deer

  5. Additional charges will probably include "Hunting in a baited field"