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Fewer IRS Employees, Less IRS Terrorism

Written by Gary North on September 18, 2013

Obama has called for a 9% increase in the IRS budget. House Republicans prefer a 24% reduction.

In 2012, enforcement actions of the IRS produced $50 billion. This was down 9% from 2011. That is out of a tax system that collected $2.4 trillion in revenues. By any standard, IRS collections are a failure.

There is even more good news. Since 2010, the IRS got rid of 8,000 full-time positions. That was a 14% reduction.

This has terrified advocates of a bigger, more aggressive IRS. This includes CPAs, whose bread and butter is the fear of the IRS. “Our concern is where the next step is arbitrarily cutting the budget,” said Edward Karl, vice president for taxation at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Washington. “Oversight is appropriate. Effective administration is appropriate. But so is full funding.”

How many individual tax returns got audited in 2012? One in 97.

Also good news. The IRS will be in charge of ObamaCare. The ObamaCare program is scheduled to start enrolling people on October 1, when the new fiscal year begins. The computer system is in total chaos. This will be the IRS’s baby. It will get blamed. It will have to allocate internal resources to running the system, which will involve explaining why it isn’t working.

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4 thoughts on “Fewer IRS Employees, Less IRS Terrorism

  1. Best argument for limited government I know: the bigger the government, the more incompetent, corrupt and paralyzed it becomes in solving everyday problems (and not creating new ones).

  2. The long-standing history of the IRS with respect to failed computer systems (at enormous cost) should offer fair warning that this will be a nightmare. Note also this agency has been unable to pass a GOA audit because they cannot produce responsible records for their own operations which they routinely require of every private business.

  3. Kathy Sudduth says:

    Less government everyday! Too many people doing God knows what. Making way too much money that we the tax-payer are the ones paying. I am NOT willing to pay the IRS to victimize people that some government FOOL does not agree with! End of story.

  4. No increase in the budget for IRS and no new hires to intimidate the tax payers, period! In fact all of those in favor of eliminating the IRS stand up and shout, honk your horns or just plain email your Congressmen and start a movement.
    I am sick to death of being railroaded by this Valerie Jarrett Administration. Each day a new Saul Alinsky manufactured crisis to sidetrack the U. S. Citizens.