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Feinstein Has Not Yet Called For Navy Yard Control

Written by Gary North on September 18, 2013

California Senator Diane Feinstein has once again called for a renewed debate in Congress over gun control. What she means is more debate. The Congress debated gun control early this year, and her bills to control guns sank without a trace.

She wants gun registration. She wants crazy people identified before they can buy guns. But the crazy man who shot up the Navy Yard had clearance. He walked onto the Yard well armed. The Navy had cleared him.

Is this a case for shutting down Navy yards? Using Feinstein’s categories, it is. I mean, if the U.S. Navy is incapable of screening out crazy people with guns, isn’t it time to have a debate in Congress over the continued existence of the Navy? This is the logic of Diane Feinstein.

CNN reports the following.

Navy officers knew that Aaron Alexis had been arrested in 2004 for shooting out the tires of a car — in a blackout fueled by anger — and yet they admitted him into the Navy and granted him security clearance anyway, a senior Naval officer told CNN.

“It appears as if investigators were aware of the incident, interviewed him and were satisfied that it did not preclude granting the clearance,” the officer said.

Alexis, who killed 12 people Monday at the Washington Navy Yard, was a military contractor who used a valid identification to gain access to the secured facility, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

But experts, lawmakers and many in the media are now asking how Alexis was able to obtain that clearance, given his previous run-ins with the law — some involving guns — as well his checkered past in the Navy and a history of mental illness. . . .

Alexis “should have been screened out early on in his enlistment,” said one expert on Navy processes, who asked not to be identified. “The Navy and the various entities responsible for his adjudication were either unwilling or worse unable to determine he was unfit for service in the United States Navy.”

The incidents in Alexis’ past “should have been a red flag that maybe we need to delve a little deeper into this individual,” said retired Navy Cmdr. Kirk Lippold.

And private experts told CNN Alexis shouldn’t have kept his clearance.

“In all of my experience with this, he absolutely should not have gotten a clearance. Anybody that I’ve encountered with any kind — even half of this record — does not get a clearance,” said private attorney Sheldon Cohen, who specializes in clearance cases. . . .

So why was he given clearance?

“The way it happens is a poor background check,” says Tim Clemente, a former FBI counterterrorism agent.

Navy officials are going back to see if his clearance should have been pulled.

“We’re looking at his entire service record,” Navy spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby told CNN’s The Situation Room. “See what red flags, if any, were missed, and if there’s an accounting to be done.”

Feinstein assures us that background checks are needed to reduce gun violence. She offers this recent incident as proof.

What it is proof of is this: the U.S. government is incapable of running anything as complicated as a background check.

Why wasn’t every person in the Navy yard armed? Why wasn’t the shooter gunned down within five seconds after he opened fire? Why does the Navy use unarmed guards? Read this recent ad. This is Feinstein’s solution: more unarmed security. She wants for all of us what the Navy wants for Navy yards.



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57 thoughts on “Feinstein Has Not Yet Called For Navy Yard Control

  1. Jesus, don't you people ever get tired of being total pricks? Give it a rest.

  2. If defending our freedom and the Constitution makes people pricks, then so be it. Only an idiot would surrender their freedom to the corrupt leeches who run the Democratic Party. The Navy yard incident proves that background checks and gun free zones are useless.

  3. If she wanted to identify crazy people, she needs to look no further than her mirror

  4. This woman is a typical lefty. We all know that GUN CONTROL is not about GUNS; it is about CONTROL. The lefties would love to see law abiding Americans disarmed. That way they could shove all their policies and laws dow the electorate's throats and not worry about possible armed resistence. Historically,some lefties have even been honest ( rare thing for lefties) about their intentions.
    “Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with the view of confiscating them and leaving the population defenseless.” — Vladimir Lenin

    “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.” — Joseph Stalin

    Just shout NO to lefty loosies. They want to control every aspect of our lives without our own input, whether its Rosie O'Donnel telling us we can only use 4 sheets of toilet paper to wipe, or Obama nosing into our sex lives under the implementation of Obamacare.

  5. Did you get lost ? Go post your bodewash on the PRAVDA, DAILY WORKER, and IZVESTIA websites, comrade.

  6. California Senator liberal diane feinstein is like decoration tree ornament "tinsel", she just keeps blowing in the wind!

  7. Im-Not-Larry says:

    @larrylunts you're right, Diane Feinstein and all those who would disarm law abiding citizens, when it is obvious that NO ONE can protect the public except an armed citizens. Each of these victim disarmament zones needs to be abolished! The 2nd amendment would have taken care of this tragic situation within moments. So, I agree with you @larrylunts, Diane Feinstein and her zombies needs to give it a rest.

  8. This old communist doesn't want to keep us safe she wants to keep us in submission and unable to resist her one world ideas. Any good excuse and she trots out her disarm the peasants mantra. I think California should secede and give the sane parts of the country some relief.

  9. Was Alexis on — or withdrawing from — prescription antidepressants, like James Holmes, Jared Loughner and Adam Lanza were? Congress can debate confiscating the guns of every law abiding citizen, but apparently can't whisper that these hugely profitable prescription drugs are being rushed to market and creating human time bombs. 10% of the population are on SSRI's, which means 10% of cops, judges, military personnel and congressmen are under the influence too.

    That would explain a lot of these murderous outbursts and overreaction by police to routine encounters, to say nothing of impairing the judgment of politicians!

  10. Reverend Joe says:

    Here is a much better plan….. how about we identify those with mental issues (like the inability to accept reality…… a constant need to control the behavior of others……. megalomania……. and narcissistic self absorption) and prevent them from holding public and elective office? Imagine a world without Chuck Schumer, Dianne Fienstien, Hillery Clinton, John Kerry, Harry Reid and B.H.O. I can almost hear the heart of America start to beat again.

  11. Agreed.Feinstein and Obama aree the communists trying to disarm Americasn citizens.Russia is becoming what America once was.

  12. Bush and McCain were for gun control too.There is only THE party

  13. She's a born Bolshevik.

  14. And then there are false flags

  15. these scumbags will try to slide in on anything,we cannot allow them to disarm america and yes they are rotten to the bone,this guy is obviously mentally unbalanced, thats him, not the gun,if someone like him wants to kill someone he will use what ever is handy to do it,gun knife,club, what ever,if guns were the real problem there would a shooting like this everyday of the week,but 99.9% of people have no interest in shooting anyone.this debate on guns is getting real old.

  16. Apparently the shooter was a democrat, all the alphabet agencies are watching conservatives, Christians, pro-lifers, libertarians, and constitutionalists.

  17. Christine Wright says:

    Is Feinstein all there? When will anyone realize that gun free zones are an open invitation to kill as many people as possible?
    Clinton removed all guns from these buildings and I hope these employees feel a lot safer. It took 7 minutes to kill 13 people with a shotgun and a handgun he stole at the scene. Would you want to set your family loose for 7 minutes with no way to defend yourself against an armed crazy man? That's what is for our schools and public buildings. Gun control ONLY helps the criminals and the crazies.

  18. Recently, I read that California would soon leave the union and become part of Mexico. I just hope that Feinstein goes with the rest of the state.

  19. Chaos in America! Is anyone surprised? Obama's ugly rhetoric has been resounding for 5 years. People with mental problems need security and safety to try to stay on an even keel. America no longer offers that security. Obama is a Marxist, according to Putin, and he has unleashed every ugly, abnormal idiotic idea he can think of into the US. He dithers and slithers like the idiot he is. We no longer have stable ground to stand on. 3 more years! How many more unstable people will try to shoot the phantom enemies that haunt them.

  20. We need to screen out the crazy people in congress. Also, will we ever hear Obama say “If I had a son he would look like Aaron Alexis” ?

  21. Psycho bitch… protection ?… the police are notoriously incapable, the government has no interest in your protection, as they open the floodgates for illegal entrants, unemployed and uneducated, desperate to get your money, either through political theft courtesy of the liberal vote buying machine, or the more direct method, armed and willing to take what they want… and what does the goon in the white house do but start a campaign to take the only means of true protection you have from criminals, or him, your guns…
    this is the fascists' primary objective, take their guns and their hearts and minds will concede whatever self serving affront they choose to cram down our throats… and the truly annoying fact is that when the crap hits the fan, the limp wristed pansies who supported the fascist aggressions of our current administration will be screaming the loudest, just like the extortionists, aka labor unions are doing now over der fuehrer's health care farce… best advice, cash out and get out while you still have access to your own money, because in an amazingly short period of time, you no longer will…

  22. The Navy had cleared him? When I got my secret security clearance back in 1962, it meant something. Now, they give it to the likes of Aaron Alexis and Bradley Manning. God only know how many more.

  23. Please tell me this disturbed woman can not own a gun. Her and the uneducated gun grabbers can not comprehend reality!

  24. Perhaps FRANKENFEINSTEIN could control her mouth instead…

  25. What is the purpose in using the name JESUS.What did HE have to do with anything!! Actually HE is against all the evil going on.

  26. He kept his clearance for one simple reason: He's black. He counts as a minority for purposes of racial quotas. The problem always is that the employer has to lower standards, sometimes quite a bit, in order to keep the affirmative action people.

  27. I read on a blog in the past 2 years that Frankenfeinstein has a .357 magnum revolver. Like most lefty-loosies, it's O.K. for HER to own a gun, but the rest of us are not trustworthy enough to own firearms.LMAO.

  28. "F(rank)einstein like her comrade Hillory is an ole ugly commie hag that should be thrown out on her big fat axx!

  29. Kathy Sudduth says:

    Absolutely correct James!

  30. Wait a second… just wait one second! How do we know, I mean does anyone have ANY information that precludes the idea that the U.S. government ONLY accepts those who are mentally disturbed?

  31. What's the matter with Bradley Manning getting a clearance, CyTxRon? Is the desire to 'out' murder a bad thing to you? What exactly did your 1962 security clearance mean to you? Absolute obedience?

  32. "the U.S. government ONLY accepts those who are mentally disturbed"

    "the U.S. government ONLY accepts those who are mentally disturbed"

    Yep… or temporarily brainwashed and misled.
    Propaganda and twelve years of conditioning does that to a person, ya know.

  33. CNN asks, "How did Navy Yard gunman get in?"

    No, no. The real question IS, why couldn't the Navy guys defend themselves once he got that far?

    I wanted to post that at the CNN website, but the comments wouldn't load for me.

  34. Alexis was prescribed at least one medication – a hypnotic SARI sleep aid called Trazodone. The description of drug indicates people prescribed the drug should be closely monitored. The government doctors do monitoring like the Navy does background checks.
    A guy who hears voices in his head, with a history of violent blackouts, plays first person shooter video games for hours on end, on a hypnotic sleep aid… no red flags here. Move along. It must have been that assault rifle with the 16 round clip he didn't use.

  35. Ain't that amazing ? You should not be surprised. Lefties do not want to hear or read anything that is contrary to their agenda. Truth is something strange to lefties.Dean Koontz captured the news media’s modus operandi very succinctly:
    “Crisis, the reporter said, using the word repeatedly and pronouncing it as if he had found those two syllables as delectable as a lover’s breast.
    When it wasn’t about natural disasters and lunatics shooting up post offices, the news was an endless series of crises, most of which were either wildly exaggerated or entirely imaginary. If ten percent of the crises that the media sold were real, civilization would have collapsed long ago, the planet would be an airless cinder,…”- Dean Koontz, ONE DOOR AWAY FROM HEAVEN, p. 272.

  36. The Obama administration keeps arming the terrorists, like al Qaeda, the al Nusra Front, and who knows what other Muslim Brotherhood enemies of America, and at the same time he is wanting to take away American's 2nd Amendment rights to defend themselves against such terrorists.

  37. And what, pray tell, is wrong with Bradly Manning? It was not HE that gunned down all of those people from a USGov helicopter, now was it? Who is on the Lord's Side (Who will serve the King) will NOT be lapdog to the terrorists running earthly goon squads (governments, you pathetic sheeple).

  38. To Skip and John, Published pictures show 'it' holding an AK-47 level-ready with its finger (claw) on the trigger. Distilled evil, I tell ya, AND stupid.

  39. Immediately remove all the TSA personnel and equipment from JFK Airport and set up shop at the Navy Yard.

  40. What?! The TSA give up all those drug-and-human-trafficking-laptop-stealing-blonde-babe-fondling opportunities they have at every airport in the country??

  41. Virgil_Hilts says:

    Feinstein isn't looking at dealing with CRAZY people…because SHE is on the Short List of just who in the Government IS CRAZY. One could include Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, The President, Joe Biden, Swillary, John 'The Nantucket Hamster' Kerry, "Fairy' Reid…and a whole LEGION of Dems….and we haven't even BEGUN to consider the Lame Stream Media!


  43. The Navy employs unarmed security guards at a major naval base, but the EPA arms its water quality checkers. What a weird bizzaro world the bureaucratic mind inhabits!

  44. Alexis was either allowed to have clearance because of the affirmative action BS, or, more likely, he is just part of another one of the many government staged massacres intended to whip-up pro-gun-control hysteria.

  45. The biggest booty is government employees and government contractor employees. They have bigger nominal earnings than private industry folk and they're in an "all you can steal" position.

  46. Actually the "Secret" clearance is a bit of a joke. Not much more than a criminal background check and allows you access to basic "Classified" material. Been there, done that. Bin Laden could probably have gotten a Secret Clearance.

  47. localherog2 says:

    Relax, people. Nobody died. Nobody was injured. Do you believe everything that you see on TV. Apparently so. Even the mainstream media has DROPPED the narrative because even they can't make any sense out of it. This was done to make Obomber look "presidential" again after a week of getting his homosexual ass handed to him by Putin (along with the court-jester Kerry). ALL of it is fake. Just like Sandy Hoax. Just like Aurora. Just like the Boston "puff-bombing." And just like hundreds of others. ALL of it is fake. Wake the hell up!

  48. localherog2 says:

    There is not a shred of evidence that Adam Lanza existed after about 2008. Most likely, he is alive and well and living as Ryan Lanza. They are identical. Peter and Nancy Lanza only had ONE son and he changed his name after their ugly divorce. They (Paul and Ryan/Adam) have to be "in" on the scam.

  49. localherog2 says:

    Move on, child, and let the grown-ups work this out.

  50. In 1974, as a commissioned officer at Strategic Air Command headquarters, I had to get a Top Secret EBI (extended background investigation) because of needing access to the Underground Command Post. The process took six months, after I had already been on active duty for sixteen years and was, probably, a known quantity to my superiors.

    Now, they seem to give out clearances like popcorn at the theater….

  51. Patricia Brittell says:

    Ok Mr localherog2, what makes you so sure no one was killed? Even if the shooter himself isn't dead? You need to elaborate a little of your opinion to have anyone believe you. Many of us know there were "false flags" on Sandy Hook, Boston Bomber, and the Dark Knight, but ask yourself this. Who were the 12 people that supposedly were killed? This incident was very different than the other 3 we know of, and my understanding is that the these people, or some of them had very high positions. I just watched the funeral ceremonial on TV and the deceased names called out. It appears to be very real. What I read in another web site is an alarming quote because it read that Obama had been warned of being arrested for treasonous acts and they were the ones to do it along with the help of the military. The shooter was hired by our own government to assassinate these people before they messed up any future plans for Obama.

  52. localherog2 says:

    The names are all constructed – just as the names at Sandy Hoax are constructed. And the extent of your evidence consists of the fact that they called off the names? Sorry, you're going to have to do better than that. I'll take the position that, until I see REAL evidence (like video footage even though that can be faked as well) or unless I see the event occur IN PERSON, everything is fake. In other words, FAKE until PROVEN otherwise. Btw, don't "be-LIE-ve" me. Let's just all weigh the evidence.

    As far as the arrest of Obomber, I'd love to believe that as well (and I think I saw the same report as you did) but much more digging needs to be done on that. I have an open mind about the possibility, though. Take care.

  53. Reverend Joe

    You forgot Valerie Jarrett the real President, who gives Obama his orders. She could not run because she is a known Communist AND WAS BORN IN iRAN. She actually was vetted so they had to use a front man. Think that might be why he does not answer but 3 questions from the press and goes on and on and on. He is really not bright nor is he informed, he is a puppet.

  54. If our boys would have had their guns on base, the shooter wouldn't have gotten ten feet…

  55. "She wants crazy people identified before they can buy guns". The eliminates her from buying one!

  56. Anyone killed in Mexifornia by anything other than a gun, Feinstein could care less, since there is no political hay to be made from it.

  57. I have to have respect for someone to call them black.