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Romanian Ads Stick It to the British Government

Written by Gary North on September 17, 2013

Some idiot in the British bureaucracy launched an ad campaign bad-mouthing Great Britain, in order to keep foreigners from moving to the UK.

An ad agency in Romania spotted an opportunity. It launched a “visit Romania” Internet ad campaign. The campaign was funny. Viral marketing took over.

Then the company created a site where Romanians could post their ads. It worked. Ads multiplied.

Here is a video on this. Note: the narrator has an American accent.

To see the original ads, click the link.

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5 thoughts on “Romanian Ads Stick It to the British Government

  1. Why would anyone want to go to Britain , it is just another muslim country and most non-muslims should despise ALL muslims because they want to enslave or kill us all . On the other hand I would like to extend a hand of welcome to the United States to every one in the world EXCEPT muslims , but please do it the LEGAL way , because ILLEGALS are Criminals and we have too many of them already .

  2. Victor Barney says:

    They now know that they have Islamic control over already unforgivable Marxist ideological England! I call it the caliphate made long ago between two "Anti-Christ" philosophies, Anti-Christ Islam & Anti-Christ Marxists( who do not even recognize the spiritual world, which also is written to be the ONLY UNFORGIVABLE SIN)! Watch!

  3. If your Caucasian stay out! If you smell like BO and wear a bag on your head come on in…..

  4. Britain got the way it is today by its foreign wars and colonialism — that is, colonization of countries that wer already chock full and didn't need any colonists to settle them. After all their wars, the Brits did what Constantine did — made everyone in all the British colonies British citizens, which means most of them have dual citizenship — they can come and go as they please.

    The U.S. is filling up with Puerto Ricans (Spnaish American War,) Vietnamese and Laotians (Vietnam War,) and soon we will be seeing ballots in arabaic so that voters who aer sitizens of both Syrai or Iraq can vote here as well as in their home countries.

  5. "Some idiot in the British bureaucracy launched an ad campaign bad-mouthing Great Britain".
    That's right. Some low-level pen-pusher just woke up one day and thought, "I know! I'll launch an ad campaign to discourage immigrants!" Then he just went ahead and did it. All by himself. That's how things work in bureaucracies: it's all personal risk and initiative. I bet that guy got a raise, don't you?