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Kentucky Trial Balloon: RFID Tracking Chips on All Guns

Written by Gary North on September 13, 2013

The Senate of the state of Kentucky wants to run an experiment. It has passed a bill that establishes a new law. As of January 1, all gun owners in one city must bring in their guns. The police will attach a battery-powered chip that will track its whereabouts. The police will charge the gun owners for this service.

Anyone who fails to do this could be fined or sent to jail.

The city chosen is Winchester. You think the politicians are not sending a message? If there had been a Kentucky city called Glock, they would have chosen it instead.

If the politicians get away with this, it is expected that the program will be imposed in every county in the state.

The preliminary report does not indicate that the governor has signed the bill into law.

If this does not lead to protests in Kentucky, gun-control lawmakers around the United States hope to get every state to impose this requirement.

Then, when confiscation day comes, the police will know where every gun is, other than those owned by criminals, who will not register their guns.

This is a trial balloon. The politicians will keep extending this law until they receive opposition sufficient to threaten their re-election.

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80 thoughts on “Kentucky Trial Balloon: RFID Tracking Chips on All Guns

  1. What is the source for this bill? Do you have bill (HB or SB) number? I think we have been punked.

  2. Agreed.


  4. If there were any truth to this GOA and others would be screaming loud and clear. Hoax?

  5. Ken Dannager says:

    RFID has a range of a few feet at best. It would take a bulky GPS transmitting device to actually track something – and putting a GPS transmitter on guns is absolutely absurd. RFID and GPS are totally different.
    This story is bull crap. Some idiot anti-gunner doesn't understand how the technologies work (or don't work).

  6. I think it's a feeble attempt at satire…. from someone who gets his knowledge of tracking tech from CSI or NCIS.
    RFID is passive… no battery needed. You have to be within feet of a reader to be traced. Maybe he's confusing it with GPS… That would require something as big and power hungry as a cell phone. It would have to read it's position from the GPS, then send it somewhere via a cell phone or some other transmitter.

  7. Kathy Sudduth says:

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of!

  8. Fast & Furious in reverse…

  9. Agreed. RFID doesn't "track" guns further than a few feet away.

    Make more sense to put RFIDs into bullets. So that when a person murders someone the police, doctors or coroner can "trace" the bullet back to the manufacturer.

    RFIDs are CHEAP and can be incorporated into bullets easily. They are becoming cheaper.

    Of course Criminals will be handloads or somehow "disable" the RFID tags. Dig them out or electronically fry them.

    Professionals always pay attention to these small details. Amateurs do not.

  10. RFID does not require a battery. RFID uses energy from the transmitter to power itself and respond.

  11. You guys better stop this right now follow Colorado s lead recall any and all who Infring on Our Rights and this is aInfringment and when they are recalled or fired no benefits at all, no retirement, no medical, and no drug coverage, and No body guards, do what the People want not what they want or you will be thrown out of office.

  12. In year 2000 to find gun thiefs stealing all my guns I did this and it does work . sad but criminals the last 3 presidents let out to break in homes was robbing law a biding citizens and not drug people .

  13. Their will never be a chip or tracing device on any of my guns while I am alive , period .

  14. Kentucky's General assembly is NOT in session. It was recently called for a 5-day extraordinary session for one topic: redistricting. That was the only thing considered, or could be considered under state law. You have been punked.

  15. Larry Cates says:

    Sounds pretty unconstitutional to me. Hey Kentucky, it's time for a recall on some of your elected officials. Do it now before it spreads.

  16. And ALL the criminals that are already breaking CURRENT laws with guns will line up to have their guns chipped.
    What MORON believes that? On second thought, I apologize to the actual morons out there for insulting their intelligence in the last sentence.

  17. Melvin P. Arbuckle says:

    Please stop posting phony stories. There are enough problems in the nation as it is, this sort of crap makes this website appear INSANE.

  18. Read it this morning.. Figured it had to be a hoax but withheld comment, assuming a bunch of other folks would address that (as they have) and that Dr. North would have either sustained the story (I can't fathom how) or issued an apology for passing along bogus info.

    What say you Gary? Give us some evidence or give us an apology.

  19. Here is concrete proff that liberalism is a mental health disorder

    Then, when confiscation day comes, the police will know where every gun is, other than those owned by criminals, who will not register their guns.
    Read more at http://teapartyeconomist.com/2013/09/13/kentucky-

  20. Suppose you could track a bullet, what would be the point? Any reasonably competent forensic ballistician can identify the maker of a recovered bullet. So you know it was a Federal ammo company bullet, so what?


  22. The National Report is a hoax site. Everyone brrrrreeeeaaathe

  23. Why doesn't the PD "chip" their own guns? Then, they'll know "where" their employees are!

  24. "National Report" is a disinformation website.

  25. I can tell you where it what happen. In Conservative States. This law would be challenged. If a whole County don't show up to have chips placed on or in their weapon the law want have any teeth. Also a lot of gun owners would probable move out sid of County and commute to work.

  26. I see a recall for State Senators in Kentucky in the future. Happened in Colorado, Just saying.

  27. Any politician stupid enough to sign this into law should look at the CO recall. This would be political suicide in a state like KY. Even if it did pass about 3 leftards would show up with their BB guns.

  28. If this happens to be true. A recall is definitely needed for Kentucky

  29. I'd suggest that proper resistance to such a law, if implemented, would not be expressed with ballots. Those unwilling to kill and die for their rights and freedoms will surely and deservedly lose them. MOLON LABE!! Semper Fi!

  30. Pure BS, James.

  31. GPS is very different from RFID

  32. It is a fake article written by this Leftist deviant- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jane-M-Agni/137556

  33. JB, You're right, No such bill, we've been had.

  34. LittleMoose says:

    What if you refuse to pay? Do they take their chip back?

  35. From the linked website, which is akin to the National Enquirer on steroids.

    About the author:

    Jane Agni is a freelance writer residing in the rain-soaked city of Portland, Oregon. She has written for such fine websites as "The B*tch Opinion" and "A Bleeder's Blog." Her book entitled "The States Of Shame: Living As A Liberated Womyn In America" appeared on Oprah's Book Club and quickly went bestseller shortly thereafter. She's currently at work on the follow up tentatively named "Sisters Of Shame: The Why In Womyn" . Jane Agni maintains on-call status for the National Report, giving her unique perspective on the latest world events, as well as writing part-time for Sin-Eater Productions under the nom-de-plume "Miss. Agni". – See more at: http://nationalreport.net/weapon-rfid-system-kent

  36. never mind that as a former resident of KY I can tell you those good old boys are just like shiners you couldn't find them or their guns if you wanted to.

  37. Goody for you now go sit down.

  38. No one is going to be able to find or track legal; guns why? because they can't find their own asses.

  39. Reality check they won't be able to have the manpower to find guns so they'll run a fake raid on some 80 year old veteran and say he was a pwoder keg shoot him grab his guns and then tell everyone you're next……….anyone who falls for it is a morn. My answer is don't live in a stupid liberal state

  40. exbuckeye (from MD) says:

    Not withstanding whether this is true or false; If nothing else is true they got one thing right:
    the last part of the excerpted:paragraph is an absolute given

    "(Then, when confiscation day comes, the police will know where every gun is,)
    .>>>>>>>>>> other than those owned by criminals, who will not register their guns". <<<<<<<<<

    Legislators still dont get it: – CRIMINALS WONT (AND DONT) REGISTER THEIR GUNS Duh!!!
    Thats why they are called criminals, becaause they dont obey -any- laws. And certainly not laws
    that would hinder their business of being a criminal!!

  41. sunnynomore says:

    Just my opinion, but doesn't this violate the U.S. Constitution? I don't think those who own guns illegally will care about a threat of jail time for not complying anyway. So, it will be legal gun owners who will be forced to pay again for something they don't want so that the government can illegally track their every move when in possession of a fire arm. Not a good idea. We're supplying terrorists in Syria with weapons….when the extremists are saying they will overtake any moderate rebels…but, they are all killing unarmed Christians for not converting to Islam. These Christians do not have access to weapons to defend and protect themselves. Fast forward……Under Obama the 2nd Amendment rights of individuals are being dismissed, as is much of the Constitution with the power of government growing on a daily basis and the freedom of the people diminishing on a slippery slope. If he has his way, millions upon millions of illegals, including many followers of Islam, will become U.S. Citizens further diminishing our rights and the ability to be represented in Washington. If not checked by the people, it will no longer be a government for the people (Americans), by the people. That concept is quickly fading away under this president who is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  42. i have a question…. Why can,t they put a tracking device on all these idiots that come up with these laws to see what they are up to and where they are….

  43. This story is BS. Let the liberals pass off their propaganda as fact and rational thought. Sooner or later, as in the global warming hoax, people will realize that liberals are full of it. We have the truth on our side, but if conservatives continue with stories like this, soon we won't have any more credibility than they do.

  44. Gag me . She's probabaly a TRANS woman uest there is a new name. In fact the libs are always comig up with new names for disgusting perverts to make them acceptable.

  45. The story was a "WHAT IF" read it again. it was a "this Could Happen" IF………………………

  46. George F Somsel says:

    It sounds like de facto gun registration to me.

  47. I saw a story awhile back that said that manufactures of guns were going to be required to put tracking devices in the guns when making them, have not heard anymore about this. There was a school in TX that had RFID's in identification cards to track the children, if you had to be within feet of them why would you need this, you could see them. There was a protest after the fact and the school discontinued it.

  48. WHAT "S E R V I C E"?!!!! ~ This is only some bureaucrat's stupid brainstorm that will ONLY track guns owned by LAW-ABIDING citizens, while the CRIMINALS WILL NOT COMPLY ….as usual!!!!
    (Bottom Line: ~ HOW IN HELL do these politicians void of common sense get elected???!!! ~ Most of the time their "ideas" cost citizens $$$$$$, freedom …or both!!!)

  49. IN THEORY you could "serial number" each bullet using RFID (allow yourself a trillion combinations… that a 12 digit number which is easy to store in a tiny silicon chip). Electronics have been put into artillery rounds since World War II – the proximity fuse. It's possible.

    So you "trace" the bullet to the manufacturer, and hence to a distributor. IN THEORY you could trace that bullet to its point of sale. Data bases are that sophisticated today and it's not terribly expensive to RFID every round.

    If we were to register every bullet at every point of sale there is no guarantee that someone didn't lose ammunition, resell it, have it stolen, etc. A very sophisticated system could even "log" the bullet as it was loaded into a chamber, along with the time it was fired and so on.

    In a really disgusting concept, each time you fire the bullet is programmed with your Social Security number, which could be spoofed. The ultimate identity theft – the firearm puts your number on the bullet but a criminal borrowed your number. (In theory we could make every bullet in fired in America carry Barack Obama's Social Security number)

    So what's the point? I'm "gaming" the possibilities to show how patently useless this idea can be (before the Gun Control nuts hand this off, half baked, to a gullible public as "sensible gun control").

    The goal is really harassment of gun owners and suffocation of the gun culture..

    I'm really surprised that scene of this crime is in Kentucky. Such Big Brother tactics are more apropos of New York or California.

  50. You can make GPS pretty small today. The antenna could be molded into a polymer receiver. The electronics could be powered by a cell phone battery – make it 'Mandatory" to have the system always working . "Felony arrest for carrying a gun with a discharged battery".

    Big Brother can track your guns as long as the GPS can receive satellite data. If the system also used other protocols it still has to receive those radio waves.

    Make it a crime to "carry a gun without a charged battery"? Harass people who have "gaps in their GPS data"?

    I'm glad that we're having this set of discussions, just to show how useless this idea would be and how unfair it is to make it public policy.

  51. Given how many Police firearms are stolen every year maybe they need "GPS tracking" more than the rest of us. Heck, put Cell Phone tech into it too. The PD could have their stolen guns "phone home".

  52. Rabelrouser says:

    Again a story comes out, but it should serve as a reminder of the times we live in. For those who will stand,and realize that together we have strength, go to: http://Modernmilitiamovement.com. Check out your state page for the groups in your locale.

  53. I haven't the foggiest if we're being punked or if it is real but the fact remains, if this is true it is an absolute violation of the 2nd Amendment & every damn' gun owner in the town of Winchester should just refuse to comply. What the hell could they do if all or even a majority refuse to go along w/their bull$hit!!!!!

  54. Please, Dr. North. Take this off your website. The story is 100% false. There is zero truth to the story. The story was written by liberal from Portland, Oregon, who knows exactly nothing about Kentucky. It is a HOAX. Top story? Top hoax is more like it!


  56. What that bi itch Sen. Di Fi of Faggotsville, Kalifornicate is doing w/her proposed bs gun laws would in effect create millions of criminals – – you & I & the rest of the law abiding gun owners in America. Well, as for me, they can all go straight to hell & if they come for mine, they get all my bullets first…………….& I have thousands of rounds!!!!!!!!!

  57. Relax people it's not true.
    I don't know the reasoning behind it.
    But the KY senate is majority republican, it would never make it through the chamber.
    This is the source person of the article.

    Here is the home page of the National Report.
    It looks like a poor copy of the Onion.

    Here's another page she writes (sic) for.

    I'm thinking it was done to drive traffic to the sites.

  58. Another unintended consequence of Obamacare. Prior to that, the tobacco suits. Aren't you proud of yourselves? Now, cops, judges, lawyers, and pols. will begin getting shot? The final unintended consequences before we go to an all-out war with this government?

    Apathy is like pacifism, in its dangerous ability to kill innocents and tyrants alike.

    I suppose God will sort them out.

  59. How many people get dropped calls or "no bars" on their cell phones? Imagine the mess if a case ever went to trial… It's easy to defeat too…. something as simple as a foil wrap around the GPS antenna. Or a jamming transmitter on the GPS frequencies. Better yet, a transmitter that sent bogus GPS signals making the gun think it was back in it's gun safe…. OK that last one wouldn't work, the cell phone tower wouldn't match. Make a good episode of NCIS though. 😉

  60. I like the way someone put it – HOW is this new law gonna guarantee that the criminals will follow it??? The very thing this is suppose to target!!! There is NO GUARANTEE criminals will voluntarily bring in their illegal weapons. LOL! So STUPID. This targets only LAW-ABIDING citizens so it is of NO USE. And this law does not guarantee someone who is normal will go one day insane (as they like to call murder sometimes)b and USE it to murder anyway!!! The very thing this law is SUPPOSE TO PREVENT.

    So, you can see that this law is for a FUTURE GUN GRAB!!! DO NOT FOLLOW IT OR OBEY IT. It will mean your enslavement!!!

  61. I forgot to add that it will also reveal your favorite hunting grounds. The cops and politicians will pore over these records finding the best hunting grounds. THIS THING SMELLS STINK ALL AROUND!

    It is of NO BUSINESS of the government or anybody what you do with your life if you are not harming anybody which is probably 99% of us. They are using criminals as an excuse for denial of liberty and pursuit of happiness which they caused in the FIRST PLACE by not going after them (criminals) proper!

  62. John Q. Galt says:

    Gary North got punked. The source is a "satire" website.

  63. Some RFID's can really reach out there! http://www.sagedata.com/learning-centre/RFID-read

  64. It would be funny, if not for the fact that we have been lied to so much, and so often by our government, that literally anything is believable now, even the obviously absurd!

  65. Kentucky folk better get in high gear and recall some of these legislators. Invite them with the hunting season starts. Buy them a camouflaged outfit to make them look like a deer or bear!

  66. Jan Rickles says:

    I live in Texas, but I want to help you! What can I do? Do you realize what this really is?!

  67. Joseph Stone says:


  68. Get the criminals to register their guns first, then the problem will be solved and the law abiding citizens won't need to. They are not the problem anyway. Also, recall and vote out all the anti gun politicians, ASAP!

  69. Each one of the politicians who endorses this needs to win free boolits.

  70. Timothy G Reynolds says:

    How do they find animals with RFID chips if the technology only transmits to a few feet? Where would you inject an RFID chip on a firearm? If it were put on a surface and were visible, the chip could removed or destroyed. Chipping is not feasible unless the person or person's object or pet is voluntarily chipped. I don't see this story as true either. There are many way of defeating high-tech.

  71. When I first saw this, I tried to find some confirmation. But, not even the KY senate website had any mention of it. No bill has been filed.

    While the idea may be technically possible, if not economically feasible, I think Dr. North has been hoaxed, or is himself hoaxing.

  72. Mario Tozzi says:

    the bill I read is not clear. It has an "RFID symbol" but talks about battery-pawered GPS devices. As per my knowledge of RFID, there are no RFID tags so small they can be attached to guns and be read from very long distance. Small RFID tags like these http://www.veryfields.net/xerafy-pico-plus-on-met… are already used to track guns but can be read from no more than a few meters. So they cannot be used to track the movements of people.

  73. Why does Gary North want to make his own readers look like fools, getting taken in by a spoof news emag? Or was he fooled himself?

  74. BOGUS REPORT!!! This on a bogus website. do your homework folks. The Kentucky legislature is not even in session. The website to break the news is a dis-info FAKE conservative website. They hope you pass along their insane BS… to tag us all as insane BS repeating "Useful Idiots". This will convince the people who are not awake and aware that what ever we say will be lies or easily dismissed as ranting madmen…Boy They got everyone going here!

  75. The author of the original story is giving us a bunch of BS… https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid… _

  76. The chips that they put in pets is small enough and it can be tracked at a good distance. How about we put one in each elected official so we can see exactly how much time that they put in on the job

  77. Kenneth Juhasz says:

    Pet locator chips are small enough and can be tracked at a distance. Maybe we can put one in every elected official to see how much time that they actually put in on the job.

  78. That is NOT correct. The tech con in Vegas proved that RFID can be received as far as 100 feet away. This was proven by setting up receivers on the roof of the convention. The information gathered was then displayed on an overhead projector in the convention hall. Information included passport, driver license, and credit cards.

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