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Obamacare Regulations Top 10,000 Pages So Far

Posted on September 11, 2013

This is just getting started.

Since March 2010, when President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and its companion Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (HCERA), the administration has published in the Federal Register 109 final regulations governing how Obamacare will be implemented. . . .

The Obama administration has already published 109 final regulations governing the implementation of Obamacare. These regulations are a cumulative 10,516 pages long, which is more than eight times longer than the Bible. . . .

The 109 final Obamacare rules that have been published in the Federal Register so far take up 10,516 pages in the register. These pages carry an average of about 1,000 words each. So, the final Obamacare regulations published so far amount to approximately 10,516,000 words.

This is only an approximation, of course, because some pages in the Federal Register carry more words than others, and some regulations end in the beginning or middle of a page.

The final Obamacare rules that have been published so far range from the regulation for implementing an excise tax on tanning services, to a 546-page regulation on hospital payment systems, an 196-page regulation on electronic health records, revisions to Medicare and an 111-page regulation for the Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP).

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13 thoughts on “Obamacare Regulations Top 10,000 Pages So Far

  1. Jesse Tomblin says:

    This is sad in two ways 1) The original bill was not read or even written in total when the MORONS in Congress passed it and Obama the BIGGEST IDIOT in DC signed it into Law. Now we are getting all these regulations that no one can read and understand before this STUPIDITY(Obamacare)takes affect. Obamacare is the most DESTRUCTIVE thing Obama and his Thugs have slapped America with and it will if not defunded and then Repealed DESTROY the best Medical Care in this World. Obama and every IDIOT who voted for this STUPIDITY needs to be recalled and banned from public office of any kind for all eternity.

  2. Agree! One correction… They are NOT STUPID! They're pathologically cunning vile traitors akin to stage IV cancer! Obamacare, Illegal aliens ($1.5 to $2.7 trillion economic cost/yr), Benghazi, Fast & furious, IRS-gate, Bernanke-gate $-trillion counterfeiting, $ trillions in growing national debt, fighting wars and killing people FOR THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, SYRIA!, an unending geometric whirlpool of freedom killing regulations… and no checks and balances to stop it!
    Don’t ask where our legislature and the judiciary are. They’re in bed with this progressive cancer devouring every good thing this nation was founded upon. Democrats are indistinguishable from the maggots that lead them and so be the republican establishment. They collectively are the checks and balances that are not only complicit; they enable and support the destruction of America, by deception!
    Recall and impeachment are the answers! Let them carry their baggage to their campaign trail. Let them be known for what they are – liars, thieves, and many traitors! The dumbest chicken warns the flock of danger – we can’t even whisper a warning! Truth and integrity will set us free, if we believe in it.
    If an alien with no citizenship rights breaks our laws, commits ID theft against citizens, participates in tax evasion, fraudulently applies for and takes citizen benefits, etc., IS A CRIMINAL. SO IS THE TAX EVADING CRIMINAL EMPLOYER! Any government official or subordinates who obstruct laws or recognition of crimes is worse that the criminal, by breaching oath and duty of office. We’re easily overwhelmed by 11 to 30 million aliens, but certainly can deal with a few hundred elected officers” by letting them be known for what they are, recall, impeachment, prosecution and punishment. It begins with prosecuting Holder and reestablishing law enforcement at the top!

  3. Jeanne Stotler says:

    This is sadder because people who have no medical training will be in charge of thecare given, they, not your doctor, will decide if you should getthe trtreatment or medicine your doctor wants to use. In addition you will wait to see a doctor, those of us over 70 will be denied care on whether it's cost effective, I don't believe in this kind of medical care, as a Nurse, I believe in care for all, and it's an individual choice on how and when and what insurance, don't forget those who are poor have always had access to free clinics and ER's now those in charge want every one to have substandard care BUt remember they say " FOR YOU, BUT NOT FOR ME" If not good enough for them, then it's not good enough for us either.

  4. Bob Marshall says:

    The law will move fast to lock up a person for smoking marijuana but our corrupt government officials roll on without any type of penalty what so ever. I hope those ignorant voters who voted of our president with the Narcissist Personality Disorder are proud of what they have done to America. It has been said and rightly so, when you rob Peter to pay Paul you can always count on Paul's support.

  5. Who the hell can be expected to obey the regulations that are incomprehensible? Get ready for big time enforcement and fines. Crappy lawyers wrote the regs, only crappy lawyers will pretend to understand the regs.

  6. DougRodrigues says:

    This is just typical bureaucratic government BS to muddy the waters. With 10,000 pages, probably 9, 980 pages of unnecessary bureaucratic crap included, how is anyone supposed to know, understand,and follow the regulations? If private business was run like the government, that business would have gone bankrupt decades ago, just like the inefficient bureaucrats have made the government bankrupt!

  7. This is exactly why America needs to revert back to Biblical Law order – it is perfect, it is concise, and it addressed all of life and living in only a few chapters. The Law of the Lord is perfect, sure, true, righteous and life-giving – nothing like the burdensome, oppressive law of corrupt men.

    The Word of God – read It, It's Good!!!

  8. You need the right economic system otherwise it won't work.

  9. I still believe that whatever "mastermind(s)" wrote the 2500+ page monstrosity called Obamacare" knew exactly what they were doing.
    Making a mess of health care in the U.S. fitted in with their hope to weaken or paralyze the U.S. economy to the point where they
    could establish a repressive "Emergency" government, eventually placing a dictator or board with total power over all branches and sectors of our socio-economic-political system. That was, and still is, effectively, the system in the PRC, and many radical professors and politicians were quasi- or actual disciples of Mao. History shows that most nations have devolved or degenerated into vicious dictatorships. Major decisions dealing with radical changes in governance, or going outside the Constitution, must be controlled and attenuated by the electorate in uncorrupted elections (which at present, is increasingly difficult) and even direct action action in the streets.

  10. I remember hearing about one of his first crazy regulations. It was requiring all hotels/motels with pools to have a disabled access lift. The cost to install would have been about $20,000 (pouring concrete, the lift, signage, etc.), and so many small mom & pop motels just closed their pools. No more pools for the little kids, because ONCE IN A FREAKIN’ BLUE MOON a disabled person MIGHT need to use a lift to access the pool.
    Oh yeah, and they gave the businesses only 3 months to comply or pay thousands per day in noncompliance penalties. And when they complained, they were given like another 4 months. Still, I think I read that at least 15% of motels permanently closed their pools due to this regulation.

  11. obamacare is Hellcare

  12. To give someone an idea of how long these documents actually are, for a single human being to type the Book of Genesis into a word processor in his spare time requires about two weeks. That means that it would take 12 weeks, or four months, to type the Pentateuch, which is only about a third of the Bible, or around three hundred pages. (And that is just if the typer types it straight into the computer, without attempting to make any editorial "corrections" to upgrade the language and make it more readable.

    So who wrote all this Obamacare stuff, who edited it, and who proofread it? Congress didn't even read the Obamacare Bill. — it just treated it like a stool sample and passed it to see what was in it. It is an out of control monstrosity that is going to overcome the entire country, along with those who voted for it.

    It looks to me that the strategy is to overwhelm the opposition with paper, which is a common tactic of the universally despised class known as trial lawyers.

  13. Modern regulators are like Sennacherib, both in their temperament, agenda, methods, and end.