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Colorado Gun Control Democrats Recalled by Voters

Written by Gary North on September 11, 2013

Colorado entered the union in 1876. The voters were given the right to recall elected politicians, but until September 10, 2013, they had never done this. Now they have. Two state senators who had voted for limitations on magazine capacity and background checks were defeated in recall elections. One of them was president of the Senate.

The anti-gun forces spent $3 million. Pro-gun forces spent far less.

The two anti-gun measures had received no Republican votes.

No other political issue was at stake. This was a straight up-or-down vote on gun control.

This election sent a message across the nation: “Don’t vote for gun control.” The story is receiving national media attention. Both sides recognize that this was a referendum on gun control laws.

Politicians put their fingers in the wind to see which way the political wind is blowing. This was a gale-force storm.

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31 thoughts on “Colorado Gun Control Democrats Recalled by Voters

  1. Umm, Gary, Colorado became a state in 1876. The “Centennial State”. In 1912 Arizona and New Mexico became the 47th and 48th states.

  2. Jesse Tomblin says:

    Sadly that Option does not exist for those in DC White House occupants included. We could get rid of all those IDIOTS supporting Obama and The BIGGEST IDIOT and LIAR in this World Obama.

  3. The purpose of gov't is to protect our rights… not erode them

  4. Good going have respect for this state and any other that will not allow gov. To Infring on our rights,now we need to put this in law to remove any Any politician White House included you don't do what We The People say and want then your out, with no benefits of any kind.

  5. Take our guns and right to bare arms and we have NO FREEDOM anymore. Just what obamy and the dem's want (OH and the enemy)! It should be mandatory that ALL US citizens have a firearm in their home.

  6. I have had September 10 marked on my calendar since early summer. Now my highest hope has been met- TOTAL RECALL!

  7. They sought to take away our rights under the Constitution-they found out differently.

  8. Statistics tell us that in an area where honest people are allowed firearms the crime rate goes down. Where firearms are denied the crime rate goes over the top. So why do liberals wish to deny honest people their Constitutional Rights? Maybe there is another agenda in play. Liberals cannot be trusted to be in power. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  9. I do not care if the wind is blowing eastward. I will fly my kite westward. The wind do not dictate my actions.
    — Anti Gun Lobby

  10. Switzerland everyone household is armed. Almost no murders. England no guns allowed the murder rate is sky high. And the home owner can go to jail if he defends his family from a rapist and intruder.

  11. Texas Chris says:

    Sure we can recall politicians from DC. Just not with a ballot. It's called revolution.

  12. Cliffystones says:

    I do hope this means the tide is changing here in Colorado. i was fearing we were becoming another Libtard state. But the battle's not over. Hickey-licker needs to go next.

  13. Maybe the electorate is waking up.

  14. Depends on your point of view. If you're a power hungry pol or bureaucrat, it's to erode them. Power is a zero-sum game. More for them, less for us.

  15. Worthless recall because the unconstitutional laws they passed are STILL ON THE BOOKS! This is how the progressives work – they pass these laws, and then fall on their swords, and we are stuck with the long-term consequences. Remember the 'Great Society'? LBJ and the democrats GOT SLAUGHTERED in the next election, and LBJ didn't even run for re-election because it was so bad, but guess what? WE STILL HAVE THE GREAT SOCIETY BANKRUPT PROGRAMS OF THE LEFT! The same is true of 'Social Security'. We are STILL living with that tyranny. So what good is a recall unless something is done to UNDO the damage?

  16. Sam, I agree with your sentiment but I wish that you wuld use the proper spelling of the statement on carrying arms. In the context of the Second Amendment, the word "bare" means "uncovered", the word "bear" means "carry".

  17. Social Security was a good idea impropely created. The major failure was placing the ownership of the funds into the ontrol of the Congreee rather than placing the ownership of the funds into the ownership of the people whose money was placed into the fund.

    Now that Colorado has remoed these tasonous politicians, it is time to amend the law to also remove the cause of their removal, the law that they proposed and passed.

  18. I'll be looking for some legislators to draft a bill repealing the ravesty these guys passed last season. With these two gone, the Democratic marjority to the Senate has shrunk to ONE VOTE. And if there is ONE Dem who wants to be reelected next go round, he'll vote FOR the repeal. The House seems to be more solid… and with this recall close in the rear view mirror, I think the lawmakers will have ears a bit more open to their constituents. This election is a HUGE sea change…. nationwide, folks will realise if you don't listen to your people you won't be around. The message is starting to be whispered about: its the PEOPLE who are sovereign here. not the ruling elites. Further, if the elites don't serve US who rule, they won't be around to matter any more.

  19. Frieslander says:

    STUFF YOUR ENGLISH LESSONS !! There are more important issues that need attention.Right now we do not need language critics.Get on board or move to the side.

  20. Make them feel the heat so that they see the light.

    Proud financial supporter of the Recall Effort – $100 well spent.

  21. The Elitists like to make fun of our English and Spelling. We like to make fun of their "Logic", quote unquote.

    Since our Logic is sound let's work on our spelling and grammar, just to show that we have it wired tight.

  22. Virgil_Hilts says:

    My oh my…having a bit too much coffee there? 🙂

  23. Obviously your mind is made up and you will not be confused by the facts.

  24. I sincerely hope this is the beginning of the GOOD people taking our country back from those who ONLY want to destroy it.

  25. That is the only thing they will leave us with in order to save ourselves. Everyone is pitting the republicans against the democrats when neither are any good. People say vote them out. There has to be someone who is running that is different. That is a dangerous position.
    I am proud of the voters in Colorado though. This action should spread and quickly. The only thing a politician knows is which lobbyist will take care of him .

  26. The Power of the People at Work ; this is what We the People can do.

  27. I was being sarcastic.

  28. Wouldn't it have been nice if we could have had recall elections for the U.S. Senators and Congressmen who voted for Obamacare, or for the president who signed it?

  29. Jesse, most states have provisions for recall of Senators and Representatives. Also, the Congress can remove judges, cabinet officers and the President himself by impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate. Talk of impeachment has been buzzing for quite some time now, but it takes 67 votes in the Senate to convict.

  30. Re the Colorado recall, well done but:

    1. The governor still sits in the state capitol, and he pushed/supported the legislation.
    2. The legislation is still "on the books" in Colorado.
    3. Kicking those two out of office might well serve as an object lesson, as the French are wont to note "For The Encouragement of Others", but the composition of the state legislature has not really changed. The next Colorado state elections could change that situation, only time well tell though.

  31. Rcall of elected officials is something that exists essentially in "the Western states". Also, recall drives/petitions more often fail than succeed.