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Florida Official: “Abandon Jesus if You Want to Feed the Poor.”

Written by Gary North on September 10, 2013

Feed the poor if you want, but don’t mention Jesus — not if you want to give away free food. So says a low-level Florida government official.

The United States Department of Agriculture goes to a lot of trouble getting Congress to tax Americans. This is necessary so that the USDA can buy food from farmers at above-market prices.

This reduces the amount of affordable food available to the poor. Everyone knows this. It has gone on for 80 years.

So, the question is: Should the USDA give away this food? To whom? Not to potential buyers. That would force down the price of food. That in turn would require the USDA to pay even higher prices to farmers for their excess production.

So, the USDA gives it away to state agencies. These agencies then give it away to charitable groups. They in turn give food to the hungry.

One non-profit outfit in Florida has given away free food for 31 years. But not any longer. It turns out that this group — Christian — mentions Jesus to the poor people it ministers to. It took 31 years for some low-level government bureaucrat to put two and two together. “What’s this? They talk about Jesus? Well, that’s got to stop.”

So, the bureaucrat told them: “Either stop mentioning Jesus, or else let the poor bastards starve.”

The ministry did an amazing thing. It went out and found other sources of food to give away.

So, the state of Florida is now looking for another outlet to give away the free food it gets from the USDA.

Maybe MoveOn will do it. Or “Hillary 2016.”

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42 thoughts on “Florida Official: “Abandon Jesus if You Want to Feed the Poor.”

  1. Jesse Tomblin says:

    GOD always finds a way for his People and if the IDIOTS of Government employment will try to block GOD from helping people because they are IDIOTS and FOOLS that say there is NO GOD he will not only find a way around them but make them look bad while doing it. There is NO Separation Clause in the U.S. Constitution so if someone speaks of GOD or CHRIST his son there is MORONS NOTHING WRONG in their doing so. Obama and his IDIOTS need to read and learn what Constitution says so they can inform these LOW Level MORN that they CANNOT STOP people who speak of GOD while giving away food from those who work for We the people the TRUE Government of America. All those who buy into the LIE about a separation Clause need to read and study the Constitution so they know it. The only place where the LIE about separation exists is in the old USSR's Constitution and even there it is a LIE since under Communism the STATE is the Church. So someone SLAP the IDIOT saying abandon Jesus so the CRAP he is using for BRAINS fall out and maybe some real brains will grow it the CRAP'S place. I for one doubt that happens but one can hope

  2. Any Government employee (idiot) that stands against God will lose

  3. Praise Jesus!

  4. If you are looking for a column that believes the foundation of America is Christianity – Constitution – Capitalism read America Today at http://www.nolanchart.com. Mark Vogl, that's me is an old time populist conservative who doesn't buy neo conservatism and globalism. Come on and read my column…the most popular of 400 writers on Nolan Chart out of Washington D.C….LOL, I live in East Texas!

  5. Oh, just let the food rot in a warehouse somewhere, then pay a toxic waste disposal company to remove what's left when the smell becomes unbearable. That's the American way!

  6. In all me years there was/is ONLY one expression that is true: TRUST IN GOD AND ALL WILL BE WELL. We can write of the incidiousness of the government and or those that supposedly run the damn thing. But, it is GOD that makes it all good for those that believe in HIM.

  7. It is time the many arrogant tyrants, lawmakers, judges and bureaucrats infesting American government knew starvation.

  8. This is just one of the planks of Communism at work. It is widely known neither Karl Marx or Saul Alinsky embraced Christianity and have attempted to eradicate it at every turn.

    Unfortunately, our corrupted government is carrying this out, even at the risk of destroying those truly in need.

  9. We bureaucrats know what is best for the poor and helpless.
    — Hurricane Katrina Response Team

  10. michiganreb says:

    Thisz was not the act of any congressman this was just some low-level government bureaucrat felxing power he thinks he has.Every time this happens they need to publish the name, title,and agency's name to every news source they canget to listen.

  11. so, what LAW did CONGRESS pass mandating the removal of publicallly funded food from any context that could be considered religious"? No, this is some low level power hungry gummint offishul pontificating. Ignore him, or if hte DIES cot off the cheese flow, bring him into court. He is wrong, plain and simple. Public money, taken at the point of a gun from WE THE PEOPLE has paid for that cheese…. to control it like this petty appointee is doing is illegel, and he needs to be taken out behind the woodshed and "educated".

  12. Politicians a bureaucrats are obsessive about “lording” it over the people, and they don’t like competition.

  13. This is part of the problem with USDA. The food stamp programs (SNAP) should have been put under HHS a long time ago. Congress should separate Agricultural policy from the food for the poor programs. Agricultural policy should be tied directly to food and fiber production policies. But with SNAP and other programs being integrated under the supervision of USDA, the two areas remain joined at the hip. There should be a separation, but I won't hold my breath for Congress to do anything.

  14. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Jesus usually implies Religion which must be kept out of the public square. Sadly, Jesus is the answer to all our ills but his perfect HUMANITY has been coopted by the divisive institution of Religion.

  15. Re: Seymour Kleerly,
    — Jesus usually implies Religion —

    Give the man a cigar.

    — which must be kept out of the public square —

    Why it must? Where did you get that idea?

    — Jesus is the answer to all our ills —

    Then I don't understand your logic. If Jesus' name is to be verboten in the "public square" yet he's the answer to all of man's ills, then how is man to know that Jesus is the answer to all of his ills if you make his name verboten in the public square?

    The "Seymour Kleerly" moniker is clearly not a reflection of your mind, more like calling a tall guy "shorty".


  17. Jesus Christ is more real to me than the clodpate big government goons who try to force people not to PRAISE JESUS!

  18. Seymour Kleerly says:

    The deification by Religion of this great man has made him a religious symbol instead of what he really was. A fierce fighter for the have nots!

  19. Michael4yah says:

    When you write stories like this, TELL US WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, AND WHY. You didnt tell us WHO. WHats the name of this low level bureaucrat.

  20. The state of Florida needs you See More, to distribute food to the poor.


  22. This article states that a low level government official mad e this statement. Any government is of LOW level, of intelligence, common sense, brains, etc. So why did they say the official was low level. Since that describes every person in government.

  23. So you only want to feed the poor if you can make them listen to stories about your imaginary friend? That's not charity, that's marketing. Do it with your own money.

  24. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    The gov'ts have no solutions! Their efforts is to take from those with the means, and give to the need. Thats it! They have no money unless it is stolen from the people. The money that is digitally deposited is just chits, and goes from the fed to the fed reserve banks, the fed reserve then loans it to the other banks in a chain of banks that are politically connected to progressiveism, and used as reserves, freeing up for "free" moneys to invest in the stock market. This is called the "carry trade" as in cash and carry. The stock markets do fine, propped up by our money in the hands of the banks, they spend it, we owe it! So goes it, so if you think america has been fundamentally changed, guess again, cause you are fundamentally wrong!

  25. Think they need to take a hint from Colorado recall ant idiot that said such a thing infringing on the rights of the American people has to stop and We The People can force the gov. Employees to follow the Laws And the Constitution by recall, firing, and removing all benefits that includes judges, do your job and do it Right or your out. No more twisting it to suit you, prevented wants don't belong and We The People can force it and it is time to do so. ,

  26. Maybe MoveOn will do it. Or “Hillary 2016.”

    Great satirical comment, Gary. We all know that no non-political, real charitable work ever comes from liberals or liberal organizations. Everything for them is political, and politics means "leveraging" yourself through political means. Unilaterally giving out of one's own pocket without publicity or motivation other that wanting to help is anathema to them. This is the great irony of liberalism–they profess to be compassionate, but haven't any acquaintance with the real meaning of the word.
    Pardon me if I seem judgmental, but I call 'em as I see 'em.

  27. Actually, the idea of "Separation of Church and State" came from a private letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the Baptist Association of Danbury, CT. Because Thomas Jefferson was one of the authors of our US Constitution, over the years, the myth that it is included in the US Constitution became embedded in the public's eye. Thomas Jefferson had said that he wished it had been put in the Constitution, but he left it out in order for the Constitution to be signed off on by our Founding Fathers, because he knew that it would never pass.

    "In 1947, in the case Everson v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court declared, "The First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state. That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach." The "separation of church and state" phrase which they invoked, and which has today become so familiar, was taken from an exchange of letters between President Thomas Jefferson and the Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut, shortly after Jefferson became President." http://www.wallbuilders.com/libissuesarticles.asp

  28. Unfortunately, most of these folks DON'T know what's going on. It's only within the agency of the USDA do they know of it.

  29. It's the elite (comprised of the Illuminati/Federal Reserve/Banking Cartel) who started us down the rabbit hole, by eliminating God out of our lives, and making us dependent on government (in reality, them), they gain control over us. If we keep our faith in God, instead of them, they cannot control us.

  30. Happens in every municipality, from the tiniest towns of less than 100 people, on up.

  31. Because Jesus abhorred religion… and His Name has been tied to RELIGION. Jesus was for relationships, with His Father and Himself, and the Holy Spirit (the Restrainer that keeps us from the Great Tribulation, just around the corner, in the timeline of history). Anytime that religion is mentioned in the Bible, it is spoken of in hatred. For the one reason that Seymour Kleerly states… it's divisive. Look at all the man-made "religions" of the world, and the hatred amongst even those that belong to the same religion, but different sects/denominations. Is that unity and peace in the world? We have so many different denominations within the umbrella of Christianity, and all point fingers at each other, saying that that denomination or this denomination is not the TRUE faith of Christianity. This the reason why I do not belong to any denomination of Christianity. I focus on the relationship I have with God and Jesus Christ, and won't attend any church to worship, because I worship Him whenever I even think of Him, or speak of Him to someone else. He is with me, constantly, and I have faith in that relationship.

  32. Look at the two different sects of Islam… Sunni and Sh'ite. They are constantly at war with each other, since the inception of Islam in the 7th century. Different sects of Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. All saying that the other is not the true faith.

  33. And so they did! Didn't you read the article?

  34. Unfortunately, this "low-level bureaucrat" was probably not elected, but hired to work in the state agency. So, he's likely protected by the state employee union, and will be next to impossible to remove.

  35. Those employees that speak against GOD have ONE supreme being to account to; NOT THE US Government but to GOD!

  36. Or force the Fed's to eat it. Starting with the Obama family!

  37. And what pray tell is BEST for the poor, needy and helpless? MORE government means MORE CONTROL! Jesus did not use food to control his people!

  38. That surely applies to the obama administration! He has taken this once great nation and driven it down into the pit of HELL.

  39. Whatever religious group sets a House for the Poor, homeless, abandoned, drug addicts and alcoholics, usually does more than that. Helping the needed ones has long been forgotten by most of our society. So, instead of forcing them to close down their doors, look for other sources of food and income or combine their services with HUD is still more than most people do. Chasing them from your neighborhood, closing your car window so you are not bothered or simply trying to scare them of the road is not going to solve the problem. It is growing @ 20% per year and now the female statistics show their fast increase on a yearly basis. These. Organizations start as a place to feed theIr body hunger. Once they know and accept it as their home away from home, then the Mission is to let them see,within themselves, that they have a human value, raise their self esteem, trust themselves, become productive, self sufficient and a self sustainable and productive individual within society.
    In math, either you are positive or negative; in life there are too many “0” around who do nothing, complain and say: “That’s not my problem”. If you belong to any religious group or just have justice and love as your standard of living, OMISSION is the worst sin of all, so do not pad your back and tell yourself how good you are. Because of that simple forgotten word of Omission, we are exactly at the edge of life. Every country with atomic weapons is ready to blow another one up. Once started, the Domino Effect will stop when the last one blows out someone else. Why? The Omission Wisdom; which was given to us by Mother Nature, but we decided that we were stronger, faster, better and more intelligent than her. Well, see where it has taken us. So please, do nothing to help the poor and homeless, specially if you do not believe in the phrase: “What goes around, comes around; TWICE”. Hope it never happens to you or other followers who live their lives with “Gringolas” until life hits them in right in the face. May God have mercy of all who think only for themselves having enough to share with others.

  40. Freedom of speech has been gone a long time ago!!!! You print what agrees with your limited ideas and Notion as you also walk around with “Gringolas” on your eyes and cellphone earplugs. The modern way of Omission!!!

  41. God, who created Heaven & Earth, is not mocked. The grace of God is freely given. Those who accept it will benefit-those who don't, well……….?

  42. DUMBER !