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Air Rifles Banned in New Jersey

Written by Gary North on September 9, 2013

In New Jersey, it is illegal to own an air rifle if it in any way reduces noise. That would make it a weapon with a silencer. Such weapons are illegal in New Jersey.

The police did not bother with this in the past, but now they do. The thought of an air rifle with a silencer is just too scary in the world we live in.

This may sound silly to Americans who live outside of the Garden State. It may even sound silly to most citizens inside the Garden State. The idea that criminals are going to threaten victims with air rifles equipped with silencers is bizarre. But in the world of bureaucracy, North’s law of bureaucracy reigns supreme: “In any bureaucracy, some bureaucrat will eventually enforce the letter of the law to the point of absurdity.” This is an example of the law in action.

So, if you intend to hunt squirrels in New Jersey, you must not use an air rifle with noise suppression. It would not be sporting. It would also be illegal.

I don’t know how gun owners are supposed to comply. Must they sell their guns to New Yorkers? How are they to transport their guns across the state’s border?

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49 thoughts on “Air Rifles Banned in New Jersey

  1. I read this article in utter disbelief. I am beginning to believe ignorance not common sense is alive and well with politicians from the Garden State! Their fear of guns and gun ownership is so obtuse that its past ignorance and on the verge of insanity! God help the people of N.J. with laws such as this!

  2. Concur. It seems like an Onion piece.

  3. Jesse Tomblin says:

    Typical LIBERAL IGNORANCE TRUN AMOK. This is STUPIDITRY at it's best.

  4. Cris Scott says:

    …just when all the best air rifle manufacturers in the world are fitting integrated moderators or fully shrouded (sound suppressing) barrels!

  5. Morons, lunatics! Well, the voters put them there.

  6. The ignorance of elected officials, I grew up with my older brother and his bb-guns.

  7. I'm surprised they don't just go with the laws regarding air guns in the UK – Many of the better air rifles come from the UK, because of their restriction on firearms. Since an air gun doesn't technically qualify as a "firearm", it doesn't fall under that law. However, many air rifles are capable of generating a lot of power. You can find 9mm/.357 and .45 cal air rifles capable of killing medium-size game out to 100+ yards, and they are quite accurate; they shoot the same bullets as most muzzle-loaders. I shoot a .22 air gun that can penetrate a 2" pine board at 30 yards. These are NOT the Daisy Red Ryder BB guns we played with as kids…

  8. he sad part is that most of these idiots will get re-elected in the next election. And yes, gays are sociopathic, every one of them. And it is not stereotyping if it is true.Most all of them hate America, feeling that the country has done them dirty, and they are out to repay their slight. But, they really are sociopaths, and there is something wrong with their internal chemistry that makes them what they are, or scared to approach the opposite sex. They all need hormone injections.

  9. How to get the Airguns out of New Jersey. Load up your hidden automatic weapons, load up with Ammo and fight your way out of the second most liberal state in America

  10. I stayed too manny years in that rat infested state. Happily living in the south now.

  11. We're glad to have you Terry….just PLEASE don't try to change our way to "the way we did it back home" as I have heard so, so many times! My retort has always been, "then go back there please and leave us alone!"

  12. This has to be more action by the " Air bag, Twinkie Monster, Obama hugger' Chrissie the Sissie Christy.

  13. We The People need to tell the gov. Go to Hell they have no No Right to Infring on Our Rights and We should not Have to Register our guns or a license eather that alone is a Infringment on OUR RIGHTS.

  14. What else would you expect from the People's Republic of New Jersey?

  15. Bob Marshall says:

    One of America's greatest dangers is the number of people who are politically ignorant. " Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." Thomas Jefferson. One time President James A. Garfield: " Now, more than ever, the people are responsible for the character of their congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption." Does this not go for the president as well?

  16. Hopefully he was directed to send this letter out to retailers at the dirction of higher authority. His official title is A/Lt. Normally that would translate as ACTING Lt. If he issued this letter of his own volition the A just might stand for something else!!!

  17. Since it uses no fire, ow is an air rifle a firearm? And how did they miss air pistols.

  18. No Jesse,
    That would be requiring silencers on knives.

  19. What's even more amazing is that their "ROTUND" (FAT – OBESE – OVERWEIGHT) governor calls himself a "Republican while everything he does proves he is an Obamama loving demagogue instead. Was at an Eastman gun show in Macon, GA yesterday and saw some very impressive air rifles and pistols. Since my city has abandoned animal control to the county (one guy in the largest county in GA), we have been having serious trouble with wild dogs, I was looking for an air pistol since it's a felony to fire a gun in the city limits. Just wanted to let the dogs know that they needed to be somewhere else and not my yard!!!

  20. Of all the Asinine laws this takes the cake, even for New Jersey. What the heck are we raising…WIMPS? First there was the ban on BB Guns now this. Using Air Guns is nothing! Stopping Criminals from using Weapons is paramount and should result in added Jail time if convicted. Law Abiding Citizens do not commit crimes nor deserve their Rights taken away bit by bit by Liberal Politicians. N.J. in 1963, was the second richest State in the Union! Than the Democrats took over…. and now how is it? That goes for the RINO's too. NJ had it's fair share of Crooked Administrations of both parties. DO you want me to name a few? I doubt it.~Rick Magee, FL "MOLON LABE"

  21. This is the first year it is legal to hunt with an air rifle for small game. No body cared prior to this year because you could not use your air rifle in most places in the state anyway.

  22. · 6 minutes ago

    Of all the Asinine laws this takes the cake, even for New Jersey. What the heck are we raising…WIMPS? First there was the ban on BB Guns now this. Using Air Guns is nothing! Stopping Criminals from using Weapons is paramount and should result in added Jail time if convicted. Law Abiding Citizens do not commit crimes nor deserve their Rights taken away bit by bit by Liberal Politicians. N.J. in 1963, was the second richest State in the Union! Than the Democrats took over…. and now how is it? That goes for the RINO's too. NJ had it's fair share of Crooked Administrations of both parties. DO you want me to name a few? I doubt it.~Rick Magee, FL "MOLON LABE"

    Read more at http://teapartyeconomist.com/2013/09/09/air-rifle

  23. actually, defining the air rifle as a firearm IS legit… as it sends out a projectile propelled by an expanding gas. Even so, banning air rifles statewide is nuts. WHEN will the wimps of New Jersay rise up and toss off these stupid tyrants whom they allow to run them? And Christy wants to be president? Are there enough people in ths nation stupid enough to elect him? Oh, wait, I just remembered, there WERE enough last go round… we "elected" someone at least as crazy and corrupt…..

  24. And their Gov. wants to run for Pres!?????

  25. An "air rifle" IS NOT A FIREARM, a firearm has an explosion of powder when detonated with a primer to propel the projectile through the barrel! compressed gas is not an explosion rather a release of gas! Better do some homework there Tionico!

  26. Michel Savage was right. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.
    Anyone with a pathological fear so bad they fear BB guns is severely mentally ill
    and in need of IMMEDIATE treatment. This mass phobia about guns is amazing and very telling.

  27. yet gay-blades can go without AIDS Suppressors… what's more dangerous… an un suppressed AIDS infected pecker or a suppressed BB-Gun… Jersey tops the country in MORONS!!! lol 😛

  28. I get it.

    That said, please let me point out that in Scotland, it's legal to own, carry, and discharge a firearm ONLY if the firearm is equipped with a silencer. It helps keep the noise down so people can get their sleep. Just sayin…..

  29. Bottom Line: ~ CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY LAWS!!!! ~ Duuuuuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  30. How long before slingshots? Bows and arrows?

  31. I shoot air rifles as well and mine will kill a wild boar, a deer, elk, mountain goats and so on. Not a toy! I have German air rifles and the FX air rifles made by the Swiss that have a ballistic barrel so the pellet spins just as in a rim or center fire rifle. These can also kill wild boar and other game also not a toy. They also make a bullpup version which is just as deadly. So for people to lump all air rifles in the toy category is not a good idea. If a air rifle can kill a wild boar, it can kill a human. There are also the Big Bore air rifles in the 38, 44, 45, 50. and even 12 gauge slug that will shoot through cement blocks at 50 yards. I am however against regulation of air rifles that are so strict no one will be able to shoot them in the city. It is also pretty much the law of every state if your under 18 years old, you can't buy a air gun or rifle. When I was a teen we use to walk right down the sidewalks through the city with our air gun and rifles and go down to the river to shoot river rats and such and now one even looked at us twice. Even police cars would drive by us and not even stop us! America is becoming a wuss country! Hey any one ever watch the movie Easy Rider? Just think, those hippies in that movie became the Democrap party! They were all for being free back then, now they want to control every thing!

  32. My air rifles will kill a wild boar, and so will 3 of my air pistols, not a toy! So they could just as easily kill a human. But I do not support this stupid law at all! Glad I don't live there cause I shoot air rifles all the time! I am sure the pistols will be included in there at some point.

  33. Better go buy those items now!

  34. I am not a spammer and I do not sell or work for any air gun company I just want to share this link for those of you who might like to get into air rifles that you can hunt with. http://www.airgunsofarizona.com/FX%20Main.html This company sells the air rifles made in Sweden that have a ballistic twist in the barrel. Very awesome rifles!

  35. Rattlerjake says:

    It's time to round up ALL libturds and bury them in a big hole, they are polluting the human gene pool.

  36. Sticks, fists, fingers in the eye

  37. Texas Chris says:

    He is completely clueless that there has already been a sea change.

  38. Texas Chris says:

    Required silencers makes more sense than outlawing them, doesn't it?

    Personally, I say leave people alone to choose how they want to shoot; constitutionally, I say you CAN'T regulate weaponry.

  39. Texas Chris says:

    Want to learn martial arts? You'll need a license for that…

  40. don't say that exbuckeye- I just got a new slingshot that can shoot arrows. Doesn't have a silencer either….

  41. Join Colorado recall all involved in this stupid infringement of our rights as Americans.

  42. Bob Marshall says:

    We know the police are there to protect and serve. The real question is who do they protect and serve?

  43. LittleMoose says:

    A lot of conservatives don't know that Gov. Christie is very anti-gun so be careful what you hope for.

  44. DUMB !

  45. Perhaps it is about time that we start recalling the idiots that we have infesting Trenton here in NJ. After speaking with several it is apparent that they have no clue as to what they are legislating…..

  46. Re this latest from New Jersey legislators, is one to expect better from the political types that are elected by the residents of The Garden State?

  47. Does New Jersey have provision for recall of elected officials?? I think not, but I could be wrong.

  48. Dave in Texas says:

    Slingshots have been illegal in New Jersey for years. I used to live there. Hard to believe, but true. Also, I guess I was a criminal back in the 90s, having my Crossman pump air pistol in my apartment, actually shooting it indoors. Yes, an unregistered “handgun”.

  49. Yeah, I'm a long time resident of the People's Republic of NJ and the gun laws are completely ridiculous.
    I know a person who's son was arrested for plinking at squirrels (who were entering his attic) with an old
    BB gun. A town employee happened to see him and he was arrested for a FELONY firearms charge.
    In NJ it is a felony to have firearms in your vehicle unless they are in locked containers in the trunk of your
    car and the ammo must be in separate locked containers AND you MUST be able to prove you are either
    moving or going to or coming from a shooting event, target, skeet shooting, etc or you could be arrested on a FELONY
    charge. If you stop at a 7-11 coming from or going to a shooting range and a cop finds legally owned and
    stored firearms and/or ammo in your vehicle, you could be arrested and charged with a FELONY.
    See "Brian Aitken", who was railroaded into a 7-year prison term by a rogue anti-gun judge and was only released
    due to an act by the Governor of NJ.