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Snowden’s Pre-Russia Leaks Continue: The NSA Has Back Doors Into Your Records

Posted on September 6, 2013

The BBC reports. . . .

US and UK intelligence have reportedly cracked technology used to encrypt internet services such as online banking, medical records and email.

Disclosures by leaker Edward Snowden allege the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK’s GCHQ are hacking key online security protocols.

The encryption techniques targeted are used by popular internet services such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

The NSA is said to spend $250m (£160m) a year on the top secret program.

It is codenamed Bullrun, an American civil war battle, according to the documents published by the Guardian in conjunction with the New York Times and ProPublica.

The British counterpart program is called Edgehill, after the first major engagement of the English civil war, say the documents.

The reports say the UK and US intelligence agencies are focusing on the encryption used in 4G smartphones, email, online shopping and remote business communication networks.

Under Bullrun, it is said that the NSA has built powerful supercomputers to try to crack the technology that scrambles and encrypts personal information when internet users log on to access various services.

The NSA also collaborated with unnamed technology companies to build so-called back doors into their software – something that would give the government access to information before it is encrypted and sent over the internet, it is reported.

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26 thoughts on “Snowden’s Pre-Russia Leaks Continue: The NSA Has Back Doors Into Your Records

  1. Just another reason to use Linux and other open source software.

  2. Get GNU Privacy Gaurd (GPG) encryption software. It is free.

    Buy a new computer. Install either OpenBSD or Linux on it. They are both free. (Windows is too vulnerable to virus attacks.) Install GPG. Now, disconnect that computer from the internet, and NEVER connect it again.

    Now, generate your public and private keys with GPG. Publish your public key. Move your public back to the internet for publishing with a USB key (but not with a network connection). http://PGP.MIT.edu/

    When you receive encrypted emails, move them to your separate air-gapped computer to decrypt them with a USB key (but NOT a network connection). Encrypt email to other people on that separate air-gapped computer, and move only the crypto-text to an internet connected computer to send with a USB key (but NOT a network connection).

    Protect that air-gapped computer, so the NSA can't come and install either software or hardware on it, or get your private key.

    All of the above advice is so-called "operational security" (OPSEC). It is important. Do it.

    You'll be safe, unless the NSA has the means to break public-key/private-key (asymetric) cryptography, or unless they have compromised OpenBSD, Linux, or GPG. Those are all very unlikely possibilities.

  3. Anonymous Coward says:

    To be even more safe, communicating privately with crypto with your friends, exchange a secret with them the next time you are together. That secret should be an impossible to guess pass-phrase. Don't allow the pass-phrase to have any connection to anything in your life or theirs, to make it impossible to guess.

    Then, use that pass-phrase as the key for a symmetric crypto algorithm. Use the –symmetric option to gpg to do symmetric crypto.

    Don't use that pass-phrase for communication with anybody else. You'll need a separate pass-phrase for every different person you want to communicate securely with.

    The reason for this is that it is more likely that the NSA has discovered ways to compromise asymmetric than symmetric cryptography.

    The disadvantage is that you'll have to be face to face with the person in order to generate a shared secret with them. The advantage is that your communication with them is less likely to ever be compromised, unless somebody gets ahold of your shared secret pass-phrase.

  4. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    write them a letter and wrap it in aluminum foil. start the letter with the coded pass-phrase.. in code, your code.

  5. Interesting that that the US and UK both named their programs after the first major battles of their respective civil wars.

  6. The only clear way is: select a piece of paper from the printer of a friend the next time your at their house. Use rubber gloves. Make sure to have a neighbor's dog lick the paper so his DNA is on it. Write a note with the opposite hand you normally use. Use a pencil you steal from the local Social Security office, untraceable to you. Go back to the neighbor's dog to have him lick the sticky envelope seal. Then, shoot the dog, burn the pencil, microwave the letter, stamp it through a machine at WalMart, and drive 60 miles to a small town and drop it in the post office mail box – all the while using rubber gloves. After all that, you're probably still at risk of the correspondence being tracked back to you. If the government we have is set on tyranny, then the cat and mouse game will never end. The only way, is to fight back. Liberty costs and nobody is willing to pay it – except write jibberish here.

  7. Why is the USA government spying on us? What do they plan to do with the information? Will someone please speculate on what this breach of privacy will mean for Americans? SCARY!

  8. MI Patriot says:

    Perhaps that's why Obama was so adamant about electronic medical records. His rationale was no matter where you are in the world, if something happens you will always have your medial history with you. Yeah…makes me feel real secure.

  9. Yes, I think they are very aptly named, because what we've got here is civil war. The public just doesn't know it yet.

  10. It would help to be a guru like you but how many are?

  11. Could it be a prelude to dictatorship and concentrating citizens in re-education camps based on the info gleaned by domestic spying?

  12. It isn't a prelude. The public school system already performs that function. 😉

  13. The IRS already gets your medical records AND bank account information. Hacking is not needed.

  14. Thats what doctors used to sell the legislation to the feds and local state governments after THEY created it.. Doctors did this! NOW they are crying about the governments intrusion into your health records and privacy.

  15. In the 2009 federal stimilous bill doctors, who created the electronic records system, were paid BILLIONS to hand them over to the feds. Ask your doctor if he/she took the money. Mine did.

  16. gaberiana777 says:

    Well, hello to 1940's with our hitleresque government in full satanic swing. I cannot even recognize this country's government anymore. If I were wealthy, I would be out of here before their full blown tyranny gets underway. Their big dream, one world government, where they can rule with an iron hand, and pay homage to their god Satan. Think, I am wrong go to you tube, and look up Bohemian grove , Council on Foreign relations, alluminati, .bilderberg group, Georgia guidestones, to name a few. For the leader in patriot movement look for Alex Jones, my hero. I love you, Americans, we need to reclaim our countrry. And, I do not really care if they read this. My honesty is an open book, and if they don't like it, tough xxxx.

  17. This highly touted domestic spying is also intended to scare Americans into not talking to each other, finding common ground and staying silent.

  18. All the comments above about using freely available open source are exactly correct. You can trust no commercial provider of software or network services operating in any of the Anglo-Saxon countries. If the software source code isn't subject to review on demand by anyone located anywhere in the world, it is entirely untrustworthy by definition and — QED — very likely compromised.

  19. If this is a computer civil war why hasn’t anyone fed a virus to the NSA yet?

  20. Didn't Obama find and meet with Snowden while he was in Russia and put and end to all of this phony scandal stuff? Just saying.

  21. good point but too my recollection the viruses only attack the honest people.

  22. I believe The main reason is that we are witnessing a slow and purposeful COUP taking place in the USA, engineered by the New World Order.

    These Control-Freaks are building the infrastructure now. Databasing EVERYTHING, with FUTURE plans to use this data.

    They are stockpiling ammo, militarizing the police, and activating drones in the skies.

    Eventually after the US loses its world reserve currency status (probably thru a war) , followed by our fiat currency collapse, we will have NO CHOICE But to sign over our soverignty and Constitutional rights of the United States to the UN and NWO.

    These psychopath Oligarchs are databasing, because they want to know WHO in this nation are political threats and dissenters….Who will cause trouble and cause resistance to them??
    They want no roadblocks on the path to complete their evil agenda of enslaving the entire world.

    Obama is simply a puppet to them…just like the last 10 Presidents (ALL Presidents after JFK…keep in mind, who were the opposing choice? How is McCain really any Different than Obama? )( McCains supports Obama on nearly EVERY "big issue") How is Obama really different than Bush Jr on the big issues??. (Let's see……Expansion of gov't (check)….. Continuation of wars in the middle east (check) Taking away more Constitutional rights (Check!! …Patriot Act, NDAA, Attack on ALL Constitutional Amendments ….etc) .

    The other two branches of the Federal Gov't are ALSO in on this scheme

    Want Proof? I will provide THREE Examples by Congress/Senate alone:
    1. 91% of the people are against taking action in Syria, yet the Senate, John Boner of the HR, McCain, and L. Graham (SC) are ALL SUPPORTING Obama. (That said, How is this a gov't of "WE THE PEOPLE?") There is no Left vs Right paradigm…the Emperor is NOW wearing NO clothes. They are UNCLOAKED. If you open your eyes, you will see that there is ONLY Right vs WRONG. Both teams are playing for the same owners….the one who writes their paycheck. Not much different than the NFL with their AFC and NFC divisions

    2. Marco Rubio (a supposed "Conservative star") has been very outspoken on immigration (which I call the AMNESTY BILL) which includes in the proposal, a "National ID Card"…this ID card would include BIOMETRIC DATA (which ultimately would be mined into the Utah Database along with medical records for Obamacare. This "National ID" would likely lead to RFID "Chipping" all of us. In the bill, Even US CITIZENS cannot hold a job or work in the USA without it!!!! (see Revelation ,13:17-18 ) Allowing 11 million additional people on welfare and Obamacare will over-tax the system and speed up the process of collapse

    3. How about Obamacare? John Boner and Mitch McConnell, agreeing to fund this trainwreck? Are you kidding? Another expansion of the Federal Gov't which means job security for these fools. What about the Supreme Court finding it "Constitutional" by using a very weak argument that it is a "Tax" when the Obama campaign and Democrat party claimed all along this was NOT a tax?? This program is DESIGNED to bankrupt America and to ultimately FAIL.

    It's ALL part of the BIGGER PLAN to collapse the Dollar and the broader economy in order to usher in a GLOBAL Currency and GLOBAL Government…

    Remember the old adage, "He Who Holds the Gold Makes the Rules"….The Federal Reserve is the linchpin of the globalist Oligarchs.

    The UN is the initial Structure set up to Govern the world.

    The Database they are assembling in Utah is to track everything tied to communications, worldwide.

    What do we do?

    Here is one GREAT perspective.
    See this video on Youtube : watch?v=8Zq4f6WYmHU (by Storm Clouds Gathering)

  23. Yes, and it was the Confederate States Army that won both the first and second battles of Bull Run (note spelling), or as we say, Manassas. Deo vindice!

  24. Encryption is not the answer — abolishing the NSA, destroy the data centers and imprison anyone who violates our privacy.

  25. Also, the Utah center is just one of several. Another is under construction in Maryland. A friend in Hawaii reports there is one in the middle of Oahu (the "big island") already operational.