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The Speaker of the House Caves in to Obama: “Bombs Away!”

Written by Gary North on September 4, 2013

There was a brief moment of hope. There was light at the end of the tunnel. The House Republicans were in a position to stop the bombing of nations that do not offer a threat to the United States. But, no. Speaker Boehner says he will go along to get along.

David Stockman tells us what might have been.

Next week Congress can do far more than stop a feckless Tomahawk barrage on a small country which is already a graveyard of civil war and sectarian slaughter. By voting “no” it can trigger the end of the American Imperium—-five decades of incessant meddling, bullying and subversion around the globe which has added precious little to national security, but left America fiscally exhausted and morally diminished.

But John “TARP” Boehner decided to give the Imperium another chance.

Stockman summarizes the American tradition of interventionism abroad.

Indeed, the tragedy of this vast string of misbegotten interventions—from the 1953 coup against Mossedegh in Iran through the recent bombing campaign in Libya —-is that virtually none of them involved defending the homeland or any tangible, steely-eyed linkages to national security. They were all rooted in ideology—that is, anti-communism, anti-terrorism, humanitarianism, R2Pism, nation-building, American exceptionalism. These were the historic building blocks of a failed Pax Americana. Now the White House wants authorization for the last straw: Namely, to deliver from the firing tubes of U.S. naval destroyers a dose of righteous “punishment” that has no plausible military or strategic purpose. By the President’s own statements the proposed attack is merely designed to censure the Syrian regime for allegedly visiting one particularly horrific form of violence on its own citizens.

A large chunk of the American public is tired of war. They are not in the McCain-Graham-Obama camp. But their opinions don’t count.

So the real question now before Congress recurs: how is it possible that the peace-loving citizens of America, facing no industrial-scale military threat from anywhere on the planet, find themselves in a constant state of war? The answer is that they have been betrayed by the beltway political class which is in thrall to a vast warfare state apparatus that endlessly invents specious reasons for meddling, spying, intervention and occupation.

So, the betrayal continues.

Does Obama think a hit-and-run operation from the skies will not kill innocent women and children? Does he think that missiles fired safely from carriers are not as deadly to Syrian civilians as poison gas is? “Collateral damage” is just as deadly as deliberate damage. Corpses do not make any such distinction.

Does he think that a few bombs can bring peace to Syria? Stockman thinks not.

. . . the truth on the ground is that the Islamic world is enmeshed in a vicious conflict pitting the Shia axis of Iran, Syria, Southern Iraq and the Hezbollah-Lebanon corridor against the surrounding Sunni circle which is nominally aligned with the Syrian rebels. Yet even the Sunni world is noisily fracturing, with Turkey and Qatar lined-up with the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf State aligned with the Egyptian generals. Meanwhile, Jordan cowers in the shadows.

Why should the United States government become the lapdog of Saudi Arabia?

Needless to say, the spineless Arab League/Saudi potentates who are now demanding “deterrence” never intend to do the job themselves, preferring to stealthily hold the coats of American mercenary forces instead. The truth is that at the end of the day, they find the threat of Iranian retaliation far more compelling than ending Assad’s brutality or building a pipeline through a prospective Sunni-controlled Syria to supply Qatar’s natural gas to European markets.

Stockman offered hope.

But however the current debate specifically unfolds, the good news is that the world greatest deliberative body is now back in charge of American foreign policy. By long standing historical demonstration, the US Congress specializes in paralysis, indecision and dysfunction. In the end, that is how the American warfare state will be finally brought to heel and why the American Imperium will come to an end—at last.

But then John Boehner did what he does so well. He caved.

The Imperium rolls on. It will roll on until the central banks of the world decide to stop buying Treasury debt.

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90 thoughts on “The Speaker of the House Caves in to Obama: “Bombs Away!”

  1. Obama has proven, by all he has done to destroy the American economy, weaken it's military, divide and disarm the citizens, ignore the Congress and Constitution, and plot with foreign leaders, that he is an ENEMY of the USA. And now we have John Boehner aiding and abetting the ENEMY. Impeach both, along with any senator or representative who goes along with an unprovoked attack on a foreign nation.

  2. The Iceman says:

    I agree. You could not have said it better. Boehner and anyone who votes with him should be voted out of office.

  3. I just want to bang my head against the wall screaming!!!!! What in the world are we doing…haven't we learned by now how much damage we've done over the last 5 decades….we are hypocrites the nth degree!!! I loath all current politicians and pray they will be voted out of office soon….we are swirling the toilet bowl…going down with all the BS!!! The American people want only peace and prosperity not continuous war!!!

  4. Stop badgering John Boehner. I can't stand it when he cries.

  5. Bill Smith says:

    Intentional SNAFU! Deliberate FUBAR! Thanks government, for the reason we should all be ashamed.

  6. Jesse Tomblin says:

    Boehner is WRONG and that is a FACT. We(America ) has no business in Syria's Civil War when there is no clear Evidence that Assad was the one behind the attack. In FACT common sense says the Rebels are more than likely the cause of the Attack. Boehner and the rest of the Republicans should have said NO and those who do not are WRONG for going along with Obama who only wants to attack to help his brothers in the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama helped them in Libya and Egypt and now he wants to help them in Syria and Congress rightly said No to arming them. The Brotherhood is a known TERROR GROUP and aiding them is an act of TREASON since we are at War with TERRORISTS. Obama has been helping TERRORISTS for far to long and getting into a war we have no business in is going to far with that help. America will only loose if we get into this War no matter who wins. Both sides HATE America so America will be the loser no matter who wins.

  7. onemadgrannie says:

    Someone please send Boehner a spine and set of cajones. He , McCain and L. Graham are a disgrace. They would not know the meaning of Constitutional Conservative if it grew teeth and bit him, and I hope it will. A recent Drudge poll shows 91% of Americans are against getting involved in Syria's civil war. Is anybody in DC listening to us.? Assad may not be wonderful, but we are supporting Al Quaida how dumb is that? This is what Obama wants, Egypt knows he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, why don't we listen?

    The Tea Party needs to get behind a third party and quit trying to beat a dead horse trying to get the Rino GOP to change.

  8. Boehner is another of the fine COWARDS destroying this country.

  9. How prevelant is insanity in DC?

  10. onemadgrannie says:

    Someone please send Boehner a spine and set of cajones. He , McCain and L. Graham are a disgrace. They would not know the meaning of Constitutional Conservative if it grew teeth and bit him, and I hope it will. A recent Drudge poll shows 91% of Americans are against getting involved in Syria's civil war. Is anybody in DC listening to us.? Assad may not be wonderful, but we are supporting Al Quaida how dumb is that? This is what Obama wants, Egypt knows he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, why don't we listen?

  11. Seems like America's elected Representatives do not give a damn what the Legal American Citizens want… Hopefully these Self-Serving Politicians will be voted out of office come the next election!!!! Muslims have been killing Christian people and their own people for hundreds of years and they sure are Anti-American! Lets get out of that part of the World and let ALLAH care for them. America cannot afford another War. Quit supporting Islamic Terrorists and concentrate all our efforts on the United States of America!!!!!!!!

  12. I rue the day I voted for this "turn-coat". He has brought nothing but trouble to our country by always siding with b.o. He promised to bring honesty and integrity and has brought none. I hope the House does not agree with him.

  13. Lord help the USA – what happened to our One Nation Under God Indiviable with Liberty and Justice for all (decreed in our Declaration of Independence & backed by our Constitution). We have become what we dispised and revoluntioned against back in 1776 – the enemy is us and if we continue to hide behind idealogical party lines and ignore that we are all citizens of the same United States (that includes the Administration & Congress) and that we were established with the vision to seek Higher Common Ground as a Sovereign Society, we'll fall divided.

  14. What ever happened to the USA that that carried around a Big Stick as a deterrent; but acted with a compassionate Heart empathizing with neighbors that want similar freedoms for their communities (The People not the Power)??? We've become the Pigs in the classic novel 1984 and to continue down this route is to let those who have gone before us and fostered our way to have lived and died in Vain! I want our country back!! A democratic -Republic that invokes elected by the people officials to publically SERVICE and Govern as follow citizens for the mutual benefit of all that they represent!!! Throwing Mititary Might around as a band-aid reaction to satisfy one's own EGO is not leading by serving.

  15. It's time for the President & Congress to DO THEIR JOB and Service for this COUNTRY not their Parties, Lobbist backers, or any other Special Interest group (instead of sitting in a hearing playing poker with their Iphone while Life & Death impacting issues are being debated. Defrock all of them and have them once more join the rest of us becoming part of the challenge instead of opportunists leveraging the challenge to their own benefit. Even after WWII we shared our faith and hearts to the vanquished through the MaCarther Plan. We could use a man like him today to right our ship (along with friends like Churchill). God Bless the United States of America…

  16. they dont call boehmer cry baby for nothing
    if he keeps going like he is now because he has no balls
    he will qualify for a sex change and remove what little he has left now

  17. It's mighty interesting that we didn't seek to bomb Syria when Al Queda (sp) and the Muslim Brotherhood used poisonous gases; now Obama seeks retribution for his Muslim Brotherhood by using US forces. This is wrong; we do not belong in Syria in any way, shape or form. Boehner is Obama's lackey; he needs to be ousted as well as everyone who voted for this sham of a "protection" action.
    We will kill many innocent lives; we will help the Muslim Brotherhood take over and ensure Sharia law is eventually embraced by our government. Stop this insanity. Peace, not war!!!!!

  18. Lets just call all these CHILDREN that were killed in Syria late term abortion then the demoRATs will have no answer. We know they just love the children How many children have we lost to abortion, and they love it. Why should we save the children in Syria but kill ours here.? Can anyone give me an answer?

  19. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    Dump boehner, then flush!

  20. It about the Ofices and branches of the Fed Govnmt; not the individuals or Parties they come from and we Dump Fucks are the ones who have let this spin out of control. "Be quick to Listen, slow to Speak, & slower to Anger (there's where the REAL power lies).

  21. But you are wrong, there is a purpose to this attack! Defense contractors will reap big dollars replacing the spent arms. Obama welcomes the distraction from scandals and his being an utter disaster, plus to save face. In George Orwell's all-too-close-to-reality book "1984", that it was revealed that the three superstates were in perpetual war to keep the people's focus away from what the government was doing.

  22. Sadly … this Nation is already "divided" and clearly – no longer "One Nation under God …"; this Country has abandoned God! " … and, to the Republic for which she stands" ? Too many of the "Republic" believes as does the fake in our White House, that America is a "democracy" – a democracy is controlled by a "ruler" who the liar-in-chief believes he is!! Boehner? He's become the biggest turncoat and disappointment ever for Ohio AND this Nation! As I have posted before – "Oh, for the return of our Founding Fathers!" How long are the "lock and loaded" willing to wait???

  23. PCLEMSC, we difinitely agree! The citizenry is on their own as we now have a two-headed, one party, NWO cabal that is out to make AMERIKA into a living hell! These are Godless ghouls that worship at the altar of Satan and it is horrifying that half of this dead Republic doesn't recognize this. God's judgement has descended upon "US" for turning away from him and worshipping the demigod Obaa-baa-ma, the Muslim-Marxist jihadist, NWO puppet! Kiss your ass goodbye as biblical prophesy is being played out right before everyones eyes but the heathen sheeple are blind to this as they lead their hedonistic lives; that is about to change quickly as you and I already know. Yes AMERIKA, you are getting the TYRANNY that you deserve because you voted for it, you bunch of fools! A revolution will be required to rectify the situation but these immoral, decadent, undisciplined jelly fish haven't in them to save their own asses!

  24. Matt the Man says:

    No lol. Most of us were NOT fine with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush was wrong, Obama, having learned nothing from Bush's mistakes now intends to double down and dig a deeper hole. Lest you think that we believe that Obama is 100% responsible for dragging us into another war, let me assure you that Congress shares the blame, at least all those who vote for killing Syrian civilians in the ridiculous, forlorn hope of "punishing" Assad. I'm not sure how killing Syrian children gives America the moral high ground. Maybe you could explain it to us.

  25. Us hypocritical? What rock have all the anti-war freaks crawled back under? Hmm? Had Bush made this decision, you and your fellow freaks would be rioting in the streets!

  26. In my blog I coined the word politicrat. I define it as someone who has been elected to office and uses it entirely for his or her own gain, either financially or in power without regard for the citizens or the Constitution. Unfortunately, that defines most of those in Washington today. We really need to clean house. The stink is stifling. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  27. Pa-leeze! The fraud and fake in the White House is NO POTUS – he was NEVER legally eligible not to mention, legally voted into the office! And, he certainly is NO "leader" FOR America, or supporter of the U.S. Constitution! He IS a traitor and a usurper who ABUSES the highest office in our Land WHILE all of Congress allows it! More people now fear Russia's Putin than the ego-maniac residing in our White House who admits he knows nothing regarding Foreign Policy! While our "Rome" burns, the WORLD is laughing at America!

  28. Whatever happened to politicians "Representing their constituents"? Are they so confident that they will be re-elected that they vote for whomever promises the greater reward? such as: their party, lobbyists, opposing parties(???), threats from anyone, big MONEY donors…….I pray that honest voters are watching and vote these idiots OUT——–Very few of them support their constituents wishers.

  29. It should come as no surprise that Boehner caved once again. He is part of the problems that the GOP face. An establishment Republican who always goes along to get along. The GOP is divided. The new faces against the old establishment types such as John McCain, Lindsay Grammercy, and John Boehner. It is the establishment Republicans who will turn against the people who elected them every time. They cannot be trusted any more than Obama can be trusted. There is one dynamic that this article overlooks. What if Assad decides to retaliate? He certainly has the weaponry do to so. I would wager that right now, the Russians are putting assets into place to enable Assad to do just that if he so chooses. Russia does have some very advanced military hardware to which Assad has access. Obama wants to wag the dog. I only hope that the House is savvy enough to see through what Obumbo is trying to do.

  30. I totally agree. The Republicans are every bit as corrupt as the Democrats. I've been a registered Republican for the last 47 years and I have now changed my backing. To be identified with the Republican party is every bit as hopeless as being identified as a Democrat. They're all corrupt and need to be kicked out of office and brought up on charges of treason. This ball-less idiot in the White House has got to be impeached and then brought up on charges of Treason. He has never been an American and only wants, and is actively doing, everything in his power to kill this once great nation. He's totally corrupt and so are all of the other criminals in government that are in bed with him. GET RID OF THE JERK NOW!!!!!

  31. Why doesn't Boo-hoo Boehner permanently assume the fetal position and be done with it? Guess he enjoys being a worthless RINO too much.

  32. Bohner is a spineless twit. Maybe he will cry when he finds out that Obonzo's plan is to dither long enough to see to it that Assad moves all his strategic weapons into hospitals, christian churches, mosques and schools.

  33. We all pray for Obama to be voted out. But with adjustable voting machines, Millions of illegals voting for the Demonrats, Millions more having multiple votes. And let us not forget the most disgusting creature in Congress, Weeping Willy Boehner and his RINO crew all busily voting to trash USA. The Tea party needs revitalizing and lots more support . The RINO's such as Boehner, McCain etc need to be kicked out of the Republican party. I suspect after the next election we will see even more destruction of the American way of life. What a shame there is not a huge empty continent sitting waiting for us all to come on over to escape from our Tyrannical Government . Oh! wait a Minute! Isn't that what our ancestors did in 1776? Deja Vu!

  34. I'm in accord with you up to your last line. I don't think the WORLD is laughing at us it is crying out for a lost Beacon of hope that was once known as The US. Not an intrusive lot but a People who gave a damn about each other emulating strength & stability engaging in making Peace (not just Peace lovers) instead of knee jerking with force every time there's discord on the planet. I don't belittle the Tragedy in Syria and other hot spots around the world; but if you don't love and take care of your own how can you reach out to others (clearly this country has forgotten how to take care of itself). When you push aside the Creator that made you thinking, as the creation, you can deal with adversity on your own – you've sold your soul to the devil and that's about where we stand as a nation right now. It has nothing to do with political parties or ideologies; it has everything to do with using your head and heart in tandem guided by your conscience to act with a bigger purpose in mind than just one's self. You may lose everything in a blink of an eye; but don’t lose faith because God never blinks.

  35. What has happened? The big stick has been handed over to our congress to beat us all with it. 91% are against attacking Syria. We need an American revolution similar to the french revolution complete with guillotine to separate Obama and the other traitors heads from their bodies.

  36. Obama may even be trying to get Russia to retaliate for Syria. His ego is big enough to think our military can stand up against the Russian Bear. with our military having been deplete and battered with many wars in foreign lands and very few new volunteers. Also Obama has already pushed us into $16 Trillion dollars in debt. God knows what this is going to do to our debt.

  37. Dale Alber says:

    Boehner is an Obama lover! For the good of America there must be a change in the leader of the House. He is a weak Rino. Has caved too many times. Time for new leadership ASAP.

  38. "…The power to declare war is a serious responsibility. Why were the framers so vague in defining the parameters of war and the conditions under which it could be declared? Section 8, Clause 11 is the only place of significance where warfare is mentioned in the Constitution. Little wonder this power has been abused. Luther Martin [one of Maryland's delegates to the Constitutional Convention] protested:

    '…the congress have also a power given them to raise and support armies, without any limitation as to numbers, and without any restriction in time of peace. Thus, sir, this plan of government, instead of guarding against a standing army, that engine of arbitrary power, which has so often and so successfully been used for the subversion of freedom, has in its formation given it an express and constitutional sanction….'

    "John Quincy Adams predicted the consequences of America’s international military entanglements:

    'America … has abstained from interference in the concerns of others, even when the conflict has been for principles to which she clings…. Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions, and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.… She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy and ambition, which assume the colors, and usurp the standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force; the frontlet on her brow would no longer beam with the ineffable splendor of freedom and independence; but in its stead would soon be substituted an imperial diadem, flashing in false and tarnished luster, the murky radiance of dominion and power. She might become the dictatress of the world: she would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit.'

    "Because the framers provided no Biblical parameters, unbiblical warfare has been the rule ever since…. From 1945 to the present, the United States has bombed nineteen different countries under the guise of defending America’s sovereignty and promoting democracy. But America is none the better for it, and not one of these countries has become a legitimate democracy – not that this would be anything to celebrate. Something is amiss. Wars fought for political gain or financial profit can only be classified as ungodly acts of aggression…."

    For more, see online Chapter 4 "Article 1: Legislative Usurpation" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/BlvcOnline…. Then take our Constitution Survey and receive a free copy of the 85-page "Primer" of "BL vs. USC."

  39. Also, don't miss Dr. North's book "Conspiracy in Philadelphia: The Broken Covenant of the U.S. Constitution," available on Amazon.

  40. Doesn't any of these "hawks" remember how this Syrian problem started? WITH MUSLIMS TRYING TO TAKE OVER SYRIA AS THEY DID IN EGYPT! If we go in and fight Assad, we are helping these overrunners get their way. It seems like much of Fox News and every senator and congressman has jumped on the bandwagon, the STUPIDITY bandwagon.

  41. Why can't we get rid of this drunken, tobacco drooling, cry baby, moron John Boehner? He always sides with Obama. The Republican congress follows him. Why bother to have a Republican party? God Damn John Boehner to hell.

  42. I'm with you…. "Old Botox Palosie had more cojones than he has. They had a chance once to get rid of him and didn't, I hope they don't make the same mistake again when the time comes… I had such high hopes for this (I'm going to say person as I consider him less than a man). Anyone off the street would be better than him. He is nothing mor than Obummer butt licker. If Obummer made a quick trn Boehner would break his nose, he has it so far up BO's butt….

  43. MORE TEA PARTY IN 2014
    That will be the only thing to defang Boehner's treachery

  44. To make things even worse it turns out it was SODIUM FLUORIDE….like they put in our water

    Bombshell: Syria's "chemical weapons"
    turn out to be sodium fluoride, the same
    chemical dumped into municipal water
    supplies across the USA under "water
    fluoridation" schemes.

    Or to be more clear: Sarin gas is a
    fluoride compound. Sarin has been
    found in hair samples among the Syrian
    victims of recent chemical attacks.

    Could this be the reason why the US
    Government has NOT been thoroughly
    forthcoming about their hard "evidence"
    about the chemical attacks in Syria?

    Video (about 11 mins):

    Bombshell: Syria's "Chemical Weapons"
    Turn Out to be Fluoride

  45. Seems to me like the Tea Party are the main objectors…..try voting that way next election

  46. Boehner is circling the drain now

  47. The vast majority get re-elected because Americans are mostly idiots….low information voters. It's up to us to talk to our friends & family or else things will get much worse

  48. BRAVO !!!

  49. Philip Short says:

    You tea party people are just like the ink without the sheets over your faces. You are just mad because the American people elected a Black man as President if this country. You people want to go back to the good ole days where slavery was the order of the day. Most of the followers of tea party politics are nothing but sheep following a few idiots who think they are intellectual geniuses. President Obama is one of the most scholastic educated presidents we have had in a lot if generations. President Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, President Obama was a Harvard law professor. This man has tried to fix this country that the dear republicans screwed up. Everytime President Obama says yes, you people say no.

  50. If Obummer wasn't a' good Muslin and use his left hand for toilet paper , he would use Boehner.

  51. I love it when he cries…. the more often, the longer ,the better. HE is no friend of liberty OR prosperity. Should be deposed as "speaker", as he does NOT speak for we normal non-elite Americans.

  52. Both British and Russian news sources have carried stories of Syrian rewbel operatives fessing up that it was THEY who, through carelessness or ignorance, accidentally released the poison gas.. also lamenting they managed to kill a few of their own. SO.. it was, in essence, an "industrial accident".

    But what I can't riddle my way out of is this: so, suppose Assad DID use the gas to kill a few hundred rebels? How many innocents, rebels, and loyalist individuals will be killed when WE launch those missiles? And can SOMEONE please explain to me the difference between a dead Syrian killed by rebels releasing nerve gas, a dead Syrian killed by Assad's forces releasing nerve gas, and a dead SYrian killed by a US missile illegally sent to them?

  53. Is Syria’s civil war a serious threat to US interests? Is the US unilaterally responsible to enforce the Geneva rules on chemical warfare? If so, why are we members of the UN? Why would a country that claims “separation of church and state” want to involve its self in a religious war 7000 miles off shore. After all, the mess in Syria – and throughout the Middle East – is a religious conflict, is it not?

  54. Get a clue.. if the kinyun were PURPLE, we would ALL still oppose this insane and egregious act of war. Your harping on about "you hate him cause he's black" is racist drivel. Obama is preclsely as white as is George Zimmerman. there are a number of prominent and well known "negro" men whom I respect, and read avidly, agreesing with most of what they have to offer: THomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Ben Carson, Alan West, William Norman Grieg, Alan Keyes… if the kinyun OR Boehner had half the brains and integrity as ANY of these I'd support them and campaign for them. But they do not.

    My challenge to YOU, sir: find and read the above named BLACK men. By the bye Obama was never a Harvard Law "professor".. there is no record he ever TAUGHT at Harvard, or anywhere else. He may be "one of the ost scholastic educated" presidents we've ever had… (I heartily disagree with that premise, but let it slide for now), but he has NO integrity, NO common sense, NO loyalty to WE THE PEOPLE, and is a disgrace to all America has stood for. And I don't care WHAT his level or melanin pigment happens to be in his skin. Look at the messes he's got us into, THEN come back and tell me how inteliegnt he is…. he's a chicago street thug that learned how to manipulate power and money to make a place for himself.

  55. SHAME ON HIM!!! The people in his state should be ashamed that they voted for him.

  56. I will gladly be in the second wave of an attack on Syria….when the sons, daughters, nieces and nephews of all the US congressmen, senators, presidents, their advisors, defense lobbyists and staff who want war, are in the first wave!

  57. Drifanwulf says:

    Philip, shut the hell up!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. You paint all Tea Party members as racists yet there are not a few racists associated with your beloved Democratic Party. Only an idiot plays the race card, BOY. Grow up!!!

  58. Dale left coast says:

    Barack O'bomber and his cabal leftist anti-war loons . . . now want to bomb Syria?

    This is beyond crazy . . . as Sowell says . . .
    Key people in positions to shape our foreign policy during the Obama administration — the President, the Vice President, two Secretaries of State, and the current Secretary of Defense — all have a track record of grossly misconceiving the issues, our enemies and our national interest.

  59. Bryan76016 says:

    You don't understand. B.O. WANTS our military to be beaten. He hates our military. He hates our constitution. If we are hammered by Russia b.o. will still be ruler and suck all the funds from the treasury leaving the hated Americans in poverty which will please him but not hurt him.

  60. I agree with all of you re this stupidity but you MUST understand this has mostly to do with the geopolitical dynamics of natural gas exporting ( a new pipeline) and the allegiances that go with it.
    Quatar is the largest NG exporter in the world. Syria said no to it going thru Syria ( upon Russian insistence) to provide NG to Easter Europe , which the Russians have monopolized and have held Europe for ransom,withholding gas to a desperate continent.It has spent $ 3 billion supporting the Syrian "rebels" ( who had messed up the storage of the sarin gas by accident ).It goes on from there "
    Saudi Arabia supporting one side;Iran the other;Iraq the other,etc.etc. and America supports the Saudis !!

    "It's about the money, Stupid !"

  61. I don't want him either (I'm the sex who physically has no balls)~

  62. We have no business fighting for the brothel-hood! We absolutely need a war on liars, thieves, and traitors within the US executive-legislative-judicial officers of the USA.

    Bottom line, why would any rational person go to war on the words of liars, They won't, but Liars, thieves, and traitors will! Let that be a reason to0 vote for or against in the next elections

  63. more importantly, all are pathological liars who hate the USA!

  64. Impeach my ass. Those scumbags are guilty of treason and deserve the hot seat.

  65. boehner never caves, he just pretends to want to get along. he is a leftist progressive and always votes with them.

  66. Judas Iscariot was the only formally educated apostle – look where it led him.

  67. ForrestHorn says:

    Yesterday someone told me that "This is really going to hurt Boehner's career." I said, "WHAT career?"

  68. Igor Karbinovskiy says:

    I'm always amazed, Dr. North, that you seem to believe that Boehner is somehow going to stick to principles. Give it up, he doesn't have any. Every time, he does the predictable thing, and every time you're shocked, shocked! Boehner caved on war? Republicans caved on war? What are you even talking about? Republicans are "always" in favor of war! That's their default position! It's like saying that Obama caved on socialized healthcare that then just happened to become associated with his name.

    In politics, scum rises to the top. Decent persons do not succeed in politics – just look at Ron Paul who in decades in Congress accomplished nothing. Because he stuck to principles. Isn't this the whole point of Hayek's Road to Serfdom, that the worst rise to the top? Ergo, the ones who are on top of the political heap are the worst of the worst. Boehner and the Republicans didn't "cave", they are complaining (a la McCain) that the attack being talked about isn't enough.

  69. Edward Rambo says:

    The only bombs that need to be launched should be sent up Obamas ass

  70. Boehner should step down and be replaced by someone with guts!

  71. Seymour Kleerly says:

    You defense of not being RACIST begins with calling Obama a "kinyun"! Why?

  72. Richard Cancemi says:

    When hasn't the Speaker caved? He has been as much a traitor to his Country and to his party as he has been to his constituents. He has shown himself to be an abject and cowardly failure as Speaker of the House! We don't need RINOS; we need American Conservatives.

  73. BRAVO!! Well said … Philip, you NEED to educate yourself! "Slavery" was a long time ago! Those who continually harp about it or yell "racist" are they themselves, perpetuating their OWN slavery! Regarding the "Black" living in our White House? He's as much WHITE as he is black! So, get over it! He Is, however, TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED to be in the position he holds … he got there NOT by being eligible for the job, but by illegally maneuvering his way through the process with corrupt financial powers supporting his every move with their unlimited wealth! HE is a PUPPET! THEY are the puppeteers! Eloquent speaker? No, … without his prompters or writers, he can't even converse! He has NO RESPECT for America yet he robs from her DAILY! He ABUSES the position by executing his every whim at the expense and suffering of the America People. There isn't any good I have observed from this usurper and fraud KNOWING his goal is to destroy our Constitution and all it represents to this Nation! Worse! Congress has become one and the same with Boehner leading the pack!! SHAMEFUL and DISGUSTING!!!

  74. I would love to have an honest, principled black man as President. How about Congressman West? Or maybe you, like the elitist left, dont understand the where a democratic tyranny, unfettered by leaders who refuse to follow the law leads.

  75. Jay Leno: the only time Democrats & Republicans co-operate is when it's time to bomb.

    Another few 'interventions' and I guess we all will get to see what it's like to pay European prices for diesel & gasoline.

  76. Do you think Bonehead would know what the spine and cajones are for?

  77. it was buried with Ronald Raygun.

  78. Lets try another tactic.

    Hey Mr. Boehner, we will definitely need more fuel to use these airplanes and ships. I suggest that you use a brgaining chip.


  79. boehner and mccain are the benedict arnolds of today. constantly selling out of the AMERICAN people for their own profit.

  80. Bomb Bohner out of Washington along with rest of the Rino’s
    A Rino to the Republican Party is no different than the Libs are to the Democratic Party. The both have destroyed respectable party’s

  81. historianMI says:

    I live in MI, but I'm inclined to support whoever might be a primary opponent of Boehner's, and I intend to call his DC office to that effect. I am sick and tired of old-guard lap dog me-too Republicans just going along with the Dems, right down the road to oblivion for the U.S.—-and my children and grandchildren. My Congressman, Mr. Walberg, is too new in the House to have a lot of influence. I only hope that Mssrs. Amash, Upaton, Miller, et al can help stop this lunatic notion of attacking Syria with missiles and almost certainly,later, troops and another war, when, yes, Obama IS cutting back on our Defense establishment. I DO NOT believe that O has, at anytime, the best interests of our nation in his intentions. And, I believe that "Secretary of Defense" Hagel is just one more Republi-crat eager to kiss up to Barack Hussein Obama Jr. and his dubious motivations.

  82. We have to understand, any person that could stand in the way of ovomit is told> You do it our way or you will die of a heart attack just like Andrew Breitbart or Stevens who was murdered by ovomit. America we MUST TAKE OUR REPUBLIC BACK. OVOMIT WILL START A WAS JUST TO GET A THRID TERM.

  83. cropdusterdoug says:

    We no longer have a govermnet of the people. The self-serving politiicians will do whatever they want to do. The Military Indusstrial Complex are rubbing their greedy hands.

  84. he hasn't cried as much as he will when this is over. because he can join the unemployed group.

  85. please stop saying we. it is not we it is obama and the ones that side with him. we the people have better sense. these people hate AMERICA AND IT'S PEOPLE AND THEY WANT US ALL DEAD. even the ones that voted for obama. you got that. these people want you dead AS IN DEAD NOT BREATHING ANY MORE NO HEART BEAT NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

  86. agree. and this group use children to no end for their own gain. obama, obama he don't care blood is flowing every where.

  87. people are not forgetting these scandal's .

  88. Robert Baker says:

    Today's political leadership is likened to a boiling pot, the scum boils to the top. Boner is on top.

  89. richeyrich says:

    Boenher is a wussy. He is a useless as most of the other politicians up there.

  90. richeyrich says:

    Get real Philip. Talk about blind.. You are an obvious idiot if you think obummer has done good and is the "most scholastic (sic) educated president"…. It is and always has been the Dems who screwed up this country. Read your history, then come back and comment.