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Free Luches for All Students in Boston

Written by Gary North on September 4, 2013

The federal government has taken a chunk of taxpayers’ money and handed it over to Boston’s tax-funded schools. The money will be used to supply free lunches for all students.

There will be no means-testing. Rich kids will get free meals.

Why? So as to avoid the sense of shame in the hearts of poor kids, who might see their families as charity cases, which of course they are.

Reality is painful. Self-awareness is painful. Politicians spend their careers trying to find ways to shield voters from reality.

A student might think this: “My family has not been successful. That’s why I get a handout. My friends’ parents are being taxed to give me a handout.” In other words, the student might be confronted at a young age — say, 16 — with a realization that there are winners and losers in life, and the welfare state uses force to get winners to subsidize losers. So, every student will get free lunches, which will run up the cost of the program.

Agribusiness sees the economics of this, and rejoices. The senior managers of a handful of giant firms that use federal intervention into food production to rake in profits by selling food to the USDA at above-market prices know who butters their bread: politicians. It is all in the name of helping the small farmer, who disappeared 60 years ago, and helping the poor, whose children have sensitive psyches.

Don’t call them food stamps. Call then SNAP cards.

Failure must be subsidized, you see. This must be concealed from the voting public and also from the children of the failures, you understand.

Eventually, the bills come due. Eventually, reality intrudes. Eventually, the free lunches end.

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14 thoughts on “Free Luches for All Students in Boston

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Unsustainable. It cannot go on forever. And then what? These giant firms that depend on continued and increasing government redistribution will finally collapse, and what? Take the government with them?

    It's gonna be a bumpy ride…

  2. economics9698 says:

    I experienced this in the 70's, shame from having my free lunch card punched everyday. Made me determined to get a job and stay employed. Worked 50 to 85 hours a week for 25 years doing construction.

    The Fed and Greenspan killed that employment gig.

  3. economics9698 says:

    My sister realized the same thing and became the welfare queen, moving to California where the freebies are flowing like free love and five kids from four fathers.

  4. No one in Washington D.C. listens to the Legal American Citizens anymore, they just Spend, Spend, Spend!!! Sorry to say, you cannot fix STUPID! I sincerely hope these mentally challanged, self-serving Representatives lose their positions in the next Election!!!!!!!!

  5. When you give people everything free, you kill self respect and create a career

  6. rusureuwant2know says:

    It is not a "failure" to be poor; it's certainly not the kids' fault. My father worked hard all his life; he was handicapped but he had a skill and he still worked; my mother ruined her back picking apples and my brothers had paper routes while my sister and I cleaned a special ed. building – and we still needed help. Not everyone is a welfare queen.

    The ones that should really be ashamed are those who are getting the free meals and don't need them. That is truly "freeloading". "Whoever oppresses the poor to increase his own wealth, or gives to the rich, will only come to poverty." Prov. 22:16

  7. rusureuwant2know says:

    They didn't have free lunches when I was in school. My sister and I worked in the school lunchroom doing dishes to earn our meals (and we DID eat them). It was my experience that those who actually could afford to pay didn't eat half of what they got – so you can imagine that much of the food on the plates of the wealthy is ending up in the same place: the trash can. What a waste.

  8. END the "free lunch", not on my dollar ! " CANT FEED THEM, DONT BREED THEM !"

  9. I don't think 'public education is good… it is >govt indroctunation< I shouldn't have to pay for them being brainwashed, surely not to pay to transport them to brainwashing classes, let alone driving them to 'sports' events..END the "free lunch", not on my dollar ! " CANT FEED THEM, DONT BREED THEM !"

  10. Had to look up the term "luche" used in the headline, "Free Luches for All Students in Boston." It's Spanish, best I can tell. Luche means fight or wrestle.

    How the heck does that get by a spell check? Or do they now accept Spanish terms? .

  11. Rewarding poverty and taxing prosperity creates more poverty and less prosperity. This results in fewer producers and more moochers. Eventually, we will find that there is no free lunch.

  12. This practice of serving breakfast and lunch has been going on in deep south Texas for at least 15 years now. The teachers have to serve students their breakfasts in the classroom because the students weren't picking them up in the morning before school. Now they are serving them supper in south San Antonio. They also have summer lunch programs. Most of this food is thrown in the trash. But the dems. want their votes; to hell with taxpayers money.

  13. "Luche I'm Hommmmme!!"

  14. "My friends’ parents are being taxed to give me a handout.”
    "…the welfare state uses force to get winners to subsidize losers."

    Hmmm…Don't you get more of what you subsidize, and less of what you tax? This doesn't look good for America.