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Greenwald Uses Pre-Russia Snowden Data to Hammer the NSA Again.

Written by Gary North on September 3, 2013

Expatriate journalist Glenn Greenwald is conducting what Americans like to call the Chinese water torture on the NSA and the U.S. government. (Actually, it was invented in Italy 500 years ago.)

Snowden is in Russia. He is under Putin’s gag order. But Greenwald keeps releasing more juicy and highly embarrassing information. This is making the NSA gag.

This time, it is on NSA’s spying on Latino political leaders: the president of Mexico and the president of Brazil. This officially is seen as an affront. The only excuse is the one the NSA has invoked, and Obama has silently accepted: “Everyone does it.” It is true, of course. Governments spy on their people all the time. As the digital technology of surveillance gets ever-cheaper, more spying is demanded by governments. But there is supposed to be a kind of professional courtesy shown to heads of state. Governments are not supposed to assassinate heads of state, to avoid a tit-for-tat escalation. They are not supposed to spy on the heads of state for the same reason. The NSA has violated this professional courtesy.

Greenwald lives in Brazil. He writes for the British Guardian. He gives interviews in Brazil. So, he can get his material published. Gone are the days when the New York Times could spike a story on behalf of America’s entire media. “If it’s not in the Times, it might as well not be true.” These days, the Times is just another way to print information on paper that everyone read on Drudge the day before.

Grreenwald blew Snowden’s whistle for him once again, and it’s all over the English-speaking world. The World Wide Web keeps a leaker, like Greenwald, in front of the world. He is beyond the long arm of the federal government.

The U.S. government wants to try Snowden as a traitor. But what about Greenwald? He is a “mere” journalist. If the U.S. government goes after a journalist, the journalists of the world will protest in the name of the freedom of the sovereign press. In the eyes of a reporter, there is immunity for those people who release stolen documents. Reporters are like an international cartel of fences for stolen goods. “Arrest burglars, but leave us alone.”

Greenwald leaks story after story. When will it end? The NSA wants to know. Obama wants to know. How deep is the treasure trove of purloined evidence of violated rights of privacy, which are no longer rights?

This version of the story was run by the BBC.

Brazil and Mexico have both demanded an explanation from the US over claims that the National Security Agency (NSA) spied on their presidents.

Internet data from Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff and Mexico’s Enrique Pena Nieto was intercepted, journalist Glenn Greenwald told Brazil’s TV Globo.

Mr Greenwald obtained secret files from US whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

Brazil said data interception would represent an unacceptable violation of sovereignty. Mexico called for a probe.

“You cannot allow… a US agency, or someone that has been hired by the US government, to follow what any Brazilian citizen is doing,” Brazilian Senator Eduardo Suplicy told the BBC’s Newshour programme.

Nonsense. Of course you have to allow it. You have no choice but to allow it. A foreign head of state is no better than a common American citizen in the eyes of the NSA.

Both the Brazilian and Mexican governments summoned their respective US ambassadors. Mexico requested an “an exhaustive investigation” to determine who may be responsible for the alleged spying on Mr Pena Nieto’s emails before his election last year, the AFP news agency reported.

In July, Brazilian newspaper O Globo reported that the US had seized web traffic and phone calls across the region.

In short, this has caused a gigantic stink South of the border. The NSA’s spying is comprehensive. Everyone is grist for the mill. Every foreign politician now knows that he is being monitored.

Greenwald is using Snowden’s basket of eggs to cook up fresh eggs for Obama’s face every month.

Obama is reduced to playing Oliver Hardy to the NSA’s Stan Laurel. “Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.”

Snowden’s digital treasure trove is the gift that keeps on giving. It is giving the NSA fits.

Nothing will change at the NSA, of course. Its gigantic hidden budget will not be touched. The spying will go on. Congress will do nothing. But the blowback will also go on. Obama will continue to look like a conniving functionary of the NSA, which he in fact is. The NSA is in charge; Obama isn’t. It’s very bad for creating the image of Obama as the man in charge. He is either out of the loop or low man on the totem pole.

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16 thoughts on “Greenwald Uses Pre-Russia Snowden Data to Hammer the NSA Again.

  1. Obama is the blackmail President. He has always collected informationon those he wishes to control. It has been how he gets rid of all contenders. As far back as his senste race. He blackmailed any who would dare to run against him. He managed to make them drop their run. Now that he is President he simply takes these Chicago tactics to a greater scale. He wants the dirt on everyone. To use as needed and as it pleases him.

  2. Guess what, you sheeple that call us conpiracy "theory" loons are finally finding out that indeed it is really a COSPIRACY afterall! The globalists are winning as our freedom and liberty are being stolen from "US" by the day, by the hour! Will the dumb-downed, drugged-up (new marijuana laws) communist indoctrinated public sch(f)ools ever see the light? – of course not and that is why we are where we are today and that is at the abyss of a Third World Totalitarian Oligarchy that like the old Russia the Poliburo – our priviliged lilliputians and desots in "Moscow West" live the lifestyle of the billionaires they supposedly despise until it comes time for campaign funds and vacations while the middle class is evaporating faster than spit on the sidewalk in Phoenix in July! Really, what are you sheeple waiting for, to be taken out by drones or carted off to FEMA indoctrination camps? America -" home of the free and land of the brave" my ass, you are now " home of the enslaved and land of the 'fraid." Wake up, wise uyp, rise up!

  3. It says it all – we have the most corrupt and evil government imaginable – "progressively" worse at each level from bottom to top. Obviously only the best at their craft move up the ladder.

    Atop that ladder we see and seem to admire the success of Obama as great for crawling to the top of the pile. How can it be, that a mere human can play so much golf, attend so many gatherings of faithful admirers, vacation endlessly, and sort out all attendees to eliminate any detractors, while simultaneously composing endless speeches, complex legislation, and mysteriously know all dirt on everyone?

    Simply concluded – he does nothing concrete. Who pulls the puppet strings and amplifies songs of the mythological Sirens? Who's the data miner…? Blowing the whistle on Howdy Doody would certainly change the wind, tide, fortunes, and records of history as never before

  4. Blackmail and Bribery & Intimidation are Obama's tools of the trade.He is an activist who learnt his political trade in the trenches of activism. He fights dirty as do all activists. It is all they know. The only reason Obama is still in the presidency is one or all of the above three techniques. The only technique he does not have is Management Experience. That is why he is making such a screw up of the job. FEMA camps will be his last resort to keep in the presidency for as long as possible.

  5. As disgusting as the snooping of the government has become, it's entertaining to see them looking like the fools they are.

  6. Edward Shick says:

    It is a Shame when we can trust Russia more than our own Government , but with a Foreigner for President and a Girl from Iran as his Chief adviser , and His half brother as one of top Positions in Muslim Brother hood and a mental man running Congress what do we have like over 90 communists caring a card and the Presidents real Father Frank Marshal Davis ,, Card # 47544and he was with Obama as A teen and then he went to Chicago where he was with Ayers Family!!, Then another Communist , Alice Palmer who ran for Illinois state senator and won with Obama's Voter fraud at work!

  7. As much as I hate the NSA spying on every citizen, reading our E-Mail etc, we are not the most tyrannical or corrupted government. We are indeed becoming as corrupted and tyrannical as countries like China, Russia, Mexico, instead of setting an example of freedom.
    Brazil wasn’t the only country to complain about their sovereignty, Mexico did too. And with Mexico, a corrupted POS country this is some irony since they have worked hard at destroying our sovereignty; encouraging and supporting illegal immigration, their ethnic supremacy invasion and movement.
    IMO the drug cartels and Mexican government and law enforcement are one of the same, and as our leaders talk about WMD in Syria; Mexico has been importing and profiting from chemical weapons (drugs) that has killed more U.S. citizens and destroyed generations of our people and Mexico has also sent in invading army.

    I’m against NSA and their tactics but IMO Mexico is an enemy nation more bent on our destruction than any Islamic terrorist, Russian president or China. So I’m ok with spying on Mexico and it’s drug cartels leaders, ah, government,IMO.

  8. And to think they tax us for all this spying they do. Maybe they should get themselves checked out , they may found out how big of scum they really are.

  9. Jacbo Steelman says:

    This is what governments do and what governments have always done. Government is a criminal organisation engaged in fraud, theft, violence and murder. The answer is not replacement of individual Congressmen or even the President because the replacements will normally be worse than their predecessor. Governments all become more tyrannical as they continue in power. The answer is to withhold your vote and your neighbor to withhold their vote and ….. etc. and rid ourselves of the government predators. When citizens stop voting for governments the Ponzi scheme is over.

  10. Is Obama gone yet !!!!!!!

  11. I've said that for years, but maybe now people will listen, you think!

  12. "Greenwald leaks story after story."

    No, Greenwald _publishes_ story after story. He's a journalist, not the source of the leaks.

  13. if you think its bad now, just wait until they elect Hillary… There is no difference between one dirtbag an another…

  14. Are you covering for Obama. Of course, he is NOT a puppet of NSA. He is just like Clinton was when it came to illegal activity. The instructions are MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT I AM CONNECTED.

    The is SOP of criminal organizations, corrupt CEOs and high ranking government officials.
    They MAKE sure that there is NO link that will BURN themselves.

    Is there ANYONE anywhere who will stand up and take a stand to call these people to account? Where are the men with backbones. The ONLY one I have seen lately has been Sarah Palin. And even she bailed at the last minute, probably under threat of death by the Bilderbergs.

  15. Obama's got to be a puppet. No one with his lack of experience and credentials could be in charge of anything. He's been carefully groomed and placed by the real PTB where he is, to do their bidding. It's obvious when you look at the doors that have magically opened for him all his life. It's a mistake to think of him as the prime mover in all this.

  16. "Every government is a criminal conspiracy against the people."