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TTFN: Orange County, CA Has No Tax Software

Written by Gary North on September 2, 2013

The tax code of Orange County is so complex that the documentation for an useless computer program to run the tax system is 6,000 pages long. The program did not work.

The county then hired another firm to produce the needed program. Original bid: $8 million. But there were cost overruns: another $8 million. The county says the second program does not work.

The company is part of the Tata conglomerate, the giant Indian firm. Orange County has fired Tata.

So, the county is still flying blind.

Is there a room full of old men with green eye shades, all smoking Camels?

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2 thoughts on “TTFN: Orange County, CA Has No Tax Software

  1. Old-Gringo says:

    Perhaps they should go bankrupt again.

  2. AD Roberts says:

    Are they all Democrats?
    Maybe they are MB, the radical muslims who are INCAPABLE of governing Egypt
    So is this a surprise? Detroit democrat officials just kept spending and spending. And when they finally figured out they were in trouble, they spendt more. That is the definition of INSANITY.

    So what are they going to do. The DEFINITIVE answer is to SIMPLIFY the tax codes. Even better would be to REDUCE THEIR TAXATION substantially.