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Syria, Saddam, and Chemical Weapons

Written by Gary North on August 28, 2013

One of my GaryNorth.com subscribers posted this yesterday.

I was in Intel supporting the Special Forces units that were charged with supporting Kurdish Iraq, taking down the SW desert areas and securing the western borders; during the second gulf war.

The supposed heavy traffic crossing the border in the early part of the war was private automobiles.  If the Iraqis smuggled out their chemical weapons in car trunks, it wasn’t much of a stockpile.

Chemical weapons are easy to make.  Any former Soviet client with a shell factory and pesticide industry can make them.  The Syrians have had chemical weapons since the mid-1970s.

If you read that Saddam supplied these weapons, ask for proof.

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38 thoughts on “Syria, Saddam, and Chemical Weapons

  1. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Why would Sadamn allow his weapons to go to an enemy? It's the ame flawed logic that claimed Al-Quaida and Sadamn were involved in the 9/11 attacks. Not just lies but DUMB LIES!

  2. Nobody should have to read Seymour's rantings this early in the morning.

  3. John Noble says:

    Read "Saddam's Secrets" (pp 258-267) for the answer that our government and the media has chosen to ignore.

    In June of 2002 Syria experienced a natural disaster when a 3/4-mile long irrigation dam, which had been drawing water from the Orantes River in the northwestern district of Zeyzoun, Syria collapsed, inundating 3 small villages and destroying scores of homes. Many people and livestock were killed, and the flood waters covered an area of nearly forty square miles. President Bashar al-Assad asked for help. Saddam used the publicity as cover to ship his WMD's to Syria under the false banner of "humanitarian aid". Ali Hussein al-Majid (Chemical Ali) and Syria's General Abu Ali was a cousin of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. They arranged for the operation to be conducted like a regular business deal, and was paid for, up-front and in cash.

  4. fellow slaves says:

    everything is managed, all is planned, events are just dramas played out for the masses…and the amusement of the elites. syria gas attack was either a false flag or bashar al-assad taking orders from his bankster elites, take your pick. this world is controlled- thats the only conspiracy you need to understand.

  5. Charlotte Juett says:

    I don't believe that this is a rant. Telling the truth is never a rant.

  6. After an 8 year war with Iran SADDAM put almost his entire Air Force in Iranian territory to protect them from Gulf 1. There are pictures of several 18 wheelers and plans REMOVING unknown weapons before Gulf11. Moving weapons to "enemy' areas is NOT unusual for the Middle Eastern Mind . The enemy of my enemy IS my FRIEND> Never under estimate EVIL!!!

  7. It's hilarious to read that Saddam was giving away a chemical arsenal to Syria when Iraq and Syria did not even have diplomatic relations. Keep in mind that Syria had been part of the allied coalition against Iraq during the Gulf War. There was no love lost between those two.

    Most people know better than to believe anything any politician or bureaucrat tells them regarding domestic matters, but when those same government officials tell ridiculous lies about the current ODE (Officially Designated Enemy), most people lap up the BS without question. Folks, you need to look in the mirror and ask yourselves why this is so. You may not like the answer.

    Also, remember the words of Arthur Sylvester, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs during the Vietnam War: "“Look, if you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you're stupid. Did you hear that? Stupid.”

  8. Why would you say there are claims Saddam was involved in the 9/11 attacks? I've seen a video interview with President Bush who said unequivocally Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks.

  9. We are the most lied to people on the planet. Many of us have still not forgotten that whopper about Saddam’s “nukular” weapons that Washington told us 10 years ago to kick off war in the Mideast.

    Now we are expected to believe that Assad — on the very day UN inspectors arrive in Damascus at his invitation — just up and decided to gas Syrian women and children and members of his own army, a few blocks from the hotel where the inspectors are staying? And, oddly enough, not attack the mercenary army that has been trying to depose him for the last two years?

    This is just another false-flag to stampede this country into yet another war to balance the books on Wall Street and force the world back onto the petro-dollar.

    To the neocon chicken hawks of both parties: if you feel that strongly about invading Syria (to complete encirclement of the main prize, Iran), here’s my advice: get out your rifles and parachutes, watch your heads as you board that transport, I’ll call Assad and tell him you’re on your way to personally kick his butt!

  10. Marc Jeric says:

    As a former refugee from a communist hell I am well qualified to write the responses by this far-left creep "Seymour Kleerly". Al-Qaeda not involved in the 9/11 terror attack? One must really be a low-IQ bloviating gasbag to say that.

  11. As a "former refugee from a communist hell", how do you feel about the current Sovietization of this country?

  12. Agreed, except I do not for a minute believe Assad gassed his own people and soldiers. Especially when he has been winning against the US-and-Israeli-financed-and-supplied mercenaries (who are the ones committing the real atrocities against the Syrian population). It also defies reason that he would risk invasion by the US (that wants it sooo bad) and condemnation of world opinion by doing something that stupid on the day UN inspectors arrive at his own invitation.

    This is merely a repeat of the lies about Saddam's WMD's. Incidentally, the only WMD's found once we had invaded and lynched Saddam, were chemical weapons the United States gave him in the 80's to fight Iran.

  13. Great fictional novel by Georges Sada. I really enjoyed it.

    I am looking forward to the sequel, where Iraq's WMDs next magically transport themselves to another country from Syria…you know, whichever country the White House decides to invade next.

  14. Seymour is a loon, as are you.

  15. If it doesn't agree with your pre-fab agenda, just call it fiction. Priceless.

  16. "If it doesn't agree with the facts, just call it fiction. Priceless."

    I fixed your typo Pendy.

  17. "Our ally Israel"? The "ally" that attacked the USS Liberty, tried to sink it and blame on the Arabs, and then pretended it was just a mistake? The "ally" whose level of espionage against the US is second only to that directed against its immediate neighbors? The "ally" that intimidates and bribes US politicians? The "ally" that has made the US its "be-yotch"? With allies like these, who needs enemies?

    When I see that some people still cling to the myth of WMDs in Iraq (that magically disappeared), I think of this excerpt:

    In the mid-1950s, the social psychologist Leon Festinger devised the term "cognitive dissonance" for a psychological phenomenon that is so universal and commonplace that it's remarkable no suitably scientific-sounding term had been invented before then. Cognitive dissonance applies to the conflict between what a person believes and what he knows or learns is true. Strangely, Festinger discovered, the believer usually resolves the conflict by intensifying his discredited belief.

    – I invite any chickenhawks to send their own butts and their own kids to Syria at their own expense, and to arm themselves with weapons they bought for themselves. Being played for suckers by liars, warmongers and war profiteers must come to an end.

  18. Really, Mr. Sunstein, don't you have underlings to do your trolling for you?

  19. Let's also not discount the possibility of Israel attacking any US assets in the Gulf area, then blaming it on Syria and/or Iran. These allegedly "limited strikes" coming up are intended to provoke a military response from both countries, and lure both Syria and Iran into a larger war. When that happens, it will draw in Russia and China too, and we will be off to World War III, people!

    Memo: unlike Syria and Iran, Russia and China really DO have nuclear weapons and will not hesitate to use them since we have psychopaths (of both parties) running the asylum in Washington. This is the endgame, folks; just as the US got out of the 1907 depression with WWI, the 1929 depression with WWII, they are going to set off WWIII to get out of the depression of 2008.

  20. John Noble says:

    You have aptly described the neo-Libertarian mindset. (1) Ignore credible witnesses. (2) Maximize any perceived failure whether real or imaginary. (3) Trumpet antisemitism because (of course) everything is the fault of the Jews. (4) Repeat the hysterical finger pointing as if there were no credible witnesses to refute your position. (5) Truth doesn't matter. (6) Use your deluded view of reality to characterize the entire nation of Israel and its policies.

    These factors comprise the essence of detachment from reality, also known as truth-suppression, i.e. 'creating your own reality' after having believed and embraced falsehood. Then just keep on ringing the "propaganda" bell for secular humanism, the root of bitterness and essence of divorcement from reality.

    This discussion started out about whether we should be involved in Syria to which I emphatically believe that we should not be. But then you throw in antisemitic trash talk, which puts me hot because that is so Satanic and evil. Discipline of the Jewish people is God's business, not ours (Gen 12:3). I have utter contempt for the self-destructive stupidity of anyone who engages in that kind of conversation. There are only about 13.5 million Jews in the entire world, yet they are blamed for all the world's problems. How utterly perverted and anal!

  21. You are a raving lunatic. If Israel doesn't want condemnation, it should stop feeding phony intelligence to the US that will be used to send AMERICAN kids to fight and die over Israel's enemies.

    "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." ~ late Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

    I too have utter contempt, disgust and indignation for US elected officials who have been suborned by Israeli spies in this country that don't give a tinker's damn what happens to this country.

  22. Perry Mason says:

    John, you are the first person to bring up the Jews. Nobody brought them up but you. As a person of Jewish heritage myself, I am offended at your obsession. You have equated the political body of Israel with a people. Like a collectivist would.

    If we are going to psychoanalyze, and assuming you are not a Cass Sunstein troll, then I see a lot of projection in your comments. You have no facts and you moronically cling to discredited and ridiculous stories peddled by politicians that lie all the time. And then you project this failing on your opponents.

    Sad. I truly hope that the fog becomes lifted for you someday. Your citation to Christian scripture is a great start. You might turn the page to the Sermon on the Mount and actually seriously apply those words to your war-making worldview.

  23. Assad had thousands of new Shia allies from Lebanon, Palestine/Israel and Iran serving alongside of his forces. He was winning. His allies were sending him many new weapons. The Russians and Chinese were supporting him in the UN.

    Assad had nothing at all to gain from using any chemical weapons.

    The Salafists had everything to gain from using slime. They were already using terrorism and even indulged in cannibalism. What's a few hundred casualties from nerve agents compared to losing this uprising and being shot in the head in some cellar?

    I smell another "Gulf of Tonkin", "Babies in Incubators" or "Remember the Maine" incident. America is a bit more sophisticated these days. We're sick of being lied to.

  24. From your keyboard to God's ear.

    I think Hanoi Hotel John McCain ought to lead the first stick of troopers. If he's convinced enough to send others he ought to put his own tired old butt on the line too.

  25. Why? Money honey…..same reason the Libyan Al Quada we put in power sold (per Debka back in 2011) Gadhafi's stockpile to their Syrian based affiliates plus Hezbollah and Hamas.

  26. what about the satelite photos of truck convoys leaving Iraq and heading into Syria during the ramp-up to our invasion of Iraq "because of the WMD in Iraq… the ones that were "never found" inside Iraq? I saw those photos, hundreds of trucks, of a type not normally seen in Iraq, originating in the area where the WMD we had given Iraq years before, known to have been there by the UN, and never destroyed per post-Gulf One terms? No one ever stopped them to see what was inside them… but they ended up in some region of Syria that never had gotten any significant cargo shipments…. the theory at the time was that, during the interval between when we said we'd invade Iraq to seize the WMD and establish "democracy" and the actual invasion, due to endless delays from Congress fretting about this and that, Sadman Insane had the chemical and other WMD loaded onto THOSE trucks and transported into SYria. Sure Iraq and Syria were not best of friends… but given the choice between becomding friend with, and beholden to, the US or Syria, any moalsm worth his prayer rug would choose Syria in a heartbeat. Made sense then, still does….. any bets the chem weapons recently deployed were from the stores known at one time to have been in Iraq, that were "never found"? They WERE there, just not where we looked… convenient. Note well, even WITH Iraq having WMD in their possession, I still thought invading that nation was a stupie diea. Still is. Further, invading Syria is far more stupid. World opinion then allowed us to go where we oughtn't have done. That is NOT the case in the scenario instant. Invading Iraq was stupid and wasteful. Invading Syria would be insane…. and insanely costly.

  27. I was in the intelligence community during gulf 1. I saw the photos of dead Kurds in their villages. Women dead in the street still holding on to their infants. During the war there were 12 missles found that were loaded with enough satin gas to kill a large population of Israel. This was the same gas used on the Kurds. I don’t know what others believe what a WMD is but that is good enough for me and the others who know this info.

  28. Seymour Kleerly says:

    That video was years after his administration and their mouthpieces Talk Radio and Fox News wove the two together every day and night. They also called dissenters "Upatriotic" and it sadly worked!

  29. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I meant they BOTH were not connected to 9/11. Of course it was Al-Quaida. Sadamn used to give Muslim Religious Fanatics like Bin Laden acid baths when they were crazy enough to enter pre- invasion Iraq.

  30. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Criticizing Israel should not still be VERBOTEN in the USA.. They're ignoring International treaties by still expanding and angering all they are aware (all earthlings but our Righties). We are desperately trying to keep Egypt and Syria from going Islamist, so our 51st state can survive.

  31. "I was in the intelligence community during gulf 1."

    FYI, Gulf 1 was in 1990-1991 Mr. "Intelligence Community". Not 2003.

    "I don't know what others believe what a WMD is but that is good enough for me and the others who know this info."

    Unfortunately for you, between 1991 and 2003, the chemical weapons in Iraq were almost entirely destroyed. That is why Bush came up empty and now everyone but a few neocons and morons knows that justifications for the second Iraq war were a lie. That you would try to confuse the issue by pointing to the wrong decade shows just how much of a joke people like you are.

  32. "any bets the chem weapons recently deployed were from the stores known at one time to have been in Iraq, that were "never found"?"

    Did you even bother to read the article you are commenting on?

    Chemical weapons are easy to make. Any former Soviet client with a shell factory and pesticide industry can make them. The Syrians have had chemical weapons since the mid-1970s.

  33. Syrian rebels have admitted they mishandled Saudi supplied chemical weapons.

    You lost the best Tionico.

  34. That is not what Gen. Georges Sada, one of Saddam Hussein's top Air Force commanders said:

    Hundreds of miles of border; how do we know all the vehicles that crossed it?

  35. HolyShirt says:

    Do you believe Basher Assad invented jealosy? Were their ignorant subjects not brainwashed with hatred, they would have revolted decades ago. British comedian Pat Condell has dozens of YouTube videos exposing Useful Idiots for what you are.

  36. Bob Marshall says:

    Interesting that you should mention babies in incubators because of that lie by the majority of women in America called for bombing Saddam's Revolutionary Guard and thousand of men, women and children without waiting to find out the real story. Trained by Hill & Knowlton, a public relations firm in New York The Kuwaitis Ambassador to the U.S. Nayirah was given between $12,000,000 and $20,000,000 as reported by 60 minutes and 20/20 for services rendered. One year before the Gulf war the U.S. invaded Panama and killed 7,500 Panamanians. One year after the gulf war the U.S. killed 10,000 Somalians in Somali. ' America buys war like children gobble candy.' Henry Kissinger.

  37. Jacob Steelman says:

    This is just another fight about energy or more correctly the transportation of natural gas by two competing pipelines seeking to serve the European market, one sponsored by Russia and its Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi allies and the other sponsored by the USA with its allies, Qatar, Saudi Arabia et al. The chemical warfare argument (WMD) is just a pretext to bomb the competition. It is the same pack of lies we heard from the Bush administration who wanted to take over Iraq.

  38. You said it, do you also remember the chemical weapons attack that was stopped in the Jordan Capitol? I received an email about this, from a friend that works for a radio station; she said she found a web link to this story, but it was pulled, never to be seen again.