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FDA’s Rules Will Shut Down Organic Farms

Posted on August 26, 2013

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Some California farmers are voicing concerns over the FDA’s proposed implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act. They say the rules are excessive and may put small farmers out of business. Judith Redmond, the co-owner of Full Belly Farm in Guinda, sells her organic fruits and vegetables locally through farmers’ markets. She worries that family farms like hers will be burdened by costs and regulations, and may have trouble staying afloat, leaving all food production to the largest producers.”We think that the rules will be very difficult for organic and biologically diverse farming systems because they show a bias against the use of grazing animals and the use of compost,” Redmond declared.The FDA estimates the new rules will cost a mid-sized farm about $13,000 to comply. Redmond believes this could result in less consumer choice at the farmers’ market and grocery store, as growers stop raising crops likely to come under stricter regulation.

Ken Kimes of New Natives Farm in Watsonville has been a small farmer for more than three decades, and switched from growing sprouts to microgreens after enduring multiple FDA inspections.”You talk to any farmer who’s dealt with the whole food safety thing, anything less than the large corporate farm, and they’ll tell you it’s just over the top with all the requirements and so forth,” he said. “Some make sense, and some don’t make sense.”

The FDA has extended the public comment period on the proposed changes to November

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11 thoughts on “FDA’s Rules Will Shut Down Organic Farms

  1. Only ODUMBA can screw up growing a tomato ,,,,,,

  2. The government’s attitude very clearly is, “You will not grow your own food; you will not eat your own food. You will not eat anything that comes from unapproved small farms, from an animal or plants coming up out of the ground. You will buy and eat USDA-approved ammonia-soaked pink slime with the FDA minimum daily requirement of aspartame, monosodium glutamate, bovine growth hormone, high fructose corn syrup, wood pulp, fillers, coloring and YOU WILL LIKE IT!”

  3. Phillip the Bruce says:

    And don't forget Soylent Green!

  4. Boxerbuddy says:

    All these left wingers wanted the government to get involved in our lives and now they're mad because the government is in their lives. Note to Libs……be careful what you wish for.

  5. Molon Labe says:

    Putting small organic farms out of business is precisely the point. As with gun control they won't outright ban it, but rather regulate it out of existence. Don't be surprised if big agriculture is colluding on this.

  6. The FDA needs to be totally ABOLISHED and restarted with the clear goal of a constitutional mandate to protect Americas food supply without interfering with farmers , it is not the farmers , but the agribussiness , chemical companies and the other corporate enterprises that tamper with it , what the farmers do is between them and mother nature , except when the corporate enterprises sell them poisons to add to natures bounty .

  7. I am not a fan of 'organic' food, but I whole heartedly support their right to grow and sell it without government interference. As long as I KNOW whatever I am buying hasn't been 'approved' by the government, I should be allowed to make the choice to risk eating it. Frankly, I trust dissatisfied customers putting the producer out of business to protect the food supply more than I trust the government to do so.

  8. I agree with the FIRST part of your comment. We got along for more than 100 years before what became the FDA had any regulatory authority, and we can do it again.

  9. *shrug* Did anyone expect anything different from a "Food Safety Law" that was written by Agribusiness Lobbyists?

    Well, OK, maybe they expected that "Progressive Democrats" are not really "Corporate whores". Guess again!!

  10. Remember freedom? I don't but I've heard stories about it.

  11. Larry Zimmerman says:

    I grew up on a farm from 1941-1959, when I graduated. I have seen the small farmer ruined by big ag., but mostly by the Gov. We did not poison people and we were clean. Food was a hell of a lot more healthy then than it is now. I still like fresh milk, when I can find it, and it's better than Gov. controlled junk. BOXER BUDDY, I'll bet the politicians, left wingers, vote to exempt themselves from all the Gov. rules. We need less Attorneys and more people with common sense to run the Gov. These idiots think they are so smart, but lack the brains of a mule. The only way I can explain this situation is: Congress and the dumbass Pres. do not care about American people. Only about votes and advancing the Commie and Muslim agenda.