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Facial Profiling. First, Oprah. Now This!

Written by Gary North on August 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty opened this season with the largest audience for a non-fiction show in the history of cable TV: almost 12 million viewers. But the show has not made it into certain circles in New York City. Jase Robertson had a run-in with a facial profiler. He tells the story here.

You will also learn about why father Phil, 40 years ago, turned down an NFL contract. His college back-up quarterback, Terry Bradshow, did not.

Also, if you want to learn about precocious entrepreneurship in action, Phil tells the story about Willie, who is now the CEO of Duck Commander.

This weekly story of one family’s resistance to yuppie culture has captivated millions of people. These are Good Old Boys. They are also entrepreneurs. Anyway, Willie is. And Phil was. Now he just gets that monthly dividend check. So he goes hunting.

With guns.

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6 thoughts on “Facial Profiling. First, Oprah. Now This!

  1. You will all find that this 'racial profiling' was to bring it forward for the next election. That along with 'trayvon' WILL be an issue.The gop learned about birth control with the aged 'college student' 'Flukey', so the left won't have that issue.
    so obama and oprah will make race an issue again, even though switzerland is not part of the U.S. – but WE get the blame since the swiss are 'white'.

  2. elections are no longer relevant to the white population anymore, it does not matter what zionist puppet is elected, whites are oppressed either way. We make our own way now, we will forge our own new nation from the dystopia , dictats form the oval office will be ignored, the talking heads on talmud-vision, laughed at, statements by bernanke, irrelevant. duck dynasty and the tebow phenomenon are evidence of whites grasping for what is wholesome and good. Truly the remnant consists of racially aware whites, all others will be left behind and absorbed (destroyed) by the zio death cult.

  3. wayn01 I do not what you are talking about. The one i am commenting is the Duck Commander interview I thought it was very good showing how people don,t have to change because of success .The show is very good and something the whole family can watch because this is a God loving family

  4. If one can not use caps to emphasize a point, then why don't your comment options offer bold print? Not everyone who uses "caps" is yelling. Besides, too many of these articles just keep the pot stirred – it's time to get serious about what it is Constitutional We The People must do to ignore this crap and move on to preserving the Constitution and what it stands for or this Nation is going down! I for one am very tired of all the "reports" about such nonsense; these type people will always be out there, so "why" do you want to sensationalize these realities? Let's get on with the business of getting the bad guys out of office and concentrate on saving America!

  5. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    The top reality show in Afghanistan? Taliban Dynasty. 🙂

  6. If the liberals would let their politics go and look within themselves there are some of the Robertson's in each of them like with all us conservatives. They just live their lives their way and allow you to do the same. That's not to tough is it? Well progressive wants you to live your lives as they dictate and there is the problem between us in a nut shell!!!