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Thomas Sowell’s One-Liners

Written by Gary North on August 21, 2013

Several times a year, economist Thomas Sowell gathers together his 3×5 cards and posts a series of one-liners. I am aware of no other columnist who does this. I can tell you for sure that no other economist has ever done this. Will Rogers used to do it. Sowell is in distinguished company.

His statement on White House spokesman Jay Carney is too good to pass up. So, I will pass it along.

Despite political differences, it is hard not to feel sorry for White House press secretary Jay Carney for all the absurdities his job requires him to say with a straight face. What is he going to do when this administration is over? Wear a disguise, change his name, or be put into a witness-protection program?

For the rest of them, click the link.

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8 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell’s One-Liners

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Sowell should have been the first black president. Instead, it was Bill Clinton.

  2. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Either Sowell or Walter Williams.

  3. Not Sowell. He's great on economics but he is a neo-con politically.

  4. Maybe the WITLESS protection program

  5. Thomas Sowell has great wisdom in more areas than economics and he is worth the read.

  6. I'm sorry – did I miss something? I read this article … could not find "the rest of Sowell's 'one-liners'. Was this a "bait and switch"???

  7. AmericanMeltDown says:

    Are you blonde?

    Go to the next to the last line entitled;

    For the rest of them, click the link.

    Then scroll down one more line and click the very next link in blue

    Continue Reading on http://www.nationalreview.com/article/351894/feeling-sor...

    That should do it.

  8. FYI … that "little blue link" was NOT on the Tea Party newsletter I received … and your RUDENESS is very evident! Therefore … YOUR "comment" is the ONE comment that has sealed The Tea Party Economist for "Moi"!! The "head" of the Tea Party also shows his "colors" by his smart a _ _ remarks … the "REASON" Tea Partiers have a bad reputation! He is someone such as YOU – RUDE, ARROGANT and certainly – no longer worth my time to READ!!! I'm logging out and UNSUBSCRIBING!!! YOU enjoy whatever is left in YOUR day!!