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Surf’s Up! Food Stamps Are Free! Life Is Good!

Written by Gary North on August 16, 2013

Work hard. Take risks. You need to do your share to give Jason a better day.

And he’ll have fun, fun, fun ’till Obama takes the food stamps away.

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9 thoughts on “Surf’s Up! Food Stamps Are Free! Life Is Good!

  1. Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless (to the tune of Neil Young’s “Helpless”).

  2. Must be nice not to have work, drive a high dollar vehicle, and sponge off of friends and family for a place to live and the taxpayer for food. If he buys food like he did in the video, his $200.00 a month will not last long. Then what will he do? Sponge off his friends and family. How does he pay for insurance on his vehicle, how does he he pay for gas? Sounds like a lot of fraud going on to me.

  3. Molon Labe says:

    People like him are the reason why it is important to have firearms and be proficient in using them. There is a bigger economic crash than 2008 coming for this country, and when it does, social programs like Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, welfare, . etc. will collapse under their own weight. And that is when animals like this guy will try to take what is yours. They'll mug you in a parking lot, or worse, invade your home. And that is when you can exercise your God-given right to protect your life, liberty, and property.

  4. wgaryjohnson says:

    I have no problem with Jason taking food stamps, and here's why: He is not "sponging off the taxpayers". He is sponging off the government. The government sponges off the taxpayers. That $200 a month was already stolen from me, and I'll never get it back. I'd rather see it go to a surf bum than some "hero" who sits at a computer and launches missiles at children in Yemen. The more people follow Jason's example, the sooner the system will collapse, and the sooner we can get started building something better.

  5. This guy is surrounded by enablers. The $200/mo from the feds is probably the smallest portion of his benefits. Free rent in California is worth how much?

  6. Larry Cates says:

    He's probably selling drugs to make ends meet after he wastes his food stamp allotment. It's ridiculous that people like this can get away with abusing the system and the people that really deserve the help can't get it. I hope this guy has been reported to the proper authorities for abusing the system.

  7. I wonder how he votes. Any guesses?

  8. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    Daffy Duck said it: "YOU'RE DESPICABLE!"

  9. ALL AMERICAN says: