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“Don’t Run, Willie!”

Written by Gary North on August 13, 2013

There was slick Willie. He ran for President. Twice. He won. Twice. Now his wife is thinking of running.

Then there is unslick Willie. Washington insiders want him to run for Congress.


Yes, it’s Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander, the nation’s largest duck call company. He is one of the stars of Duck Dynasty.

Do I watch Duck Dynasty? You bet. I said why months ago.

It turns out that the Congressman from his district in Monroe, Louisiana has had enough. He will quit next month. That will force an off-year election. Some political activists want Willie to run.

Why? He would have to expose himself to the pressures of a political campaign. What if he wins? He will have to give up the family business. He have to will leave Duck Dynasty. To do what? To be the lowest man on the totem pole in Congress. He will have to learn about sitting in obscure House committees.

Also, no more duck hunting.

If ever a man should skip politics, it’s Willie Robertson.

Tell them no, Willie.

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15 thoughts on ““Don’t Run, Willie!”

  1. Razorgirl says:

    Forget Willie. Elect Si!

  2. Willie can be Si's intern.

  3. MaranathaMark says:

    I think Willie might do well, but of all the Robertson's, Willie is the most impressionable, which worries me. Unless he has an Iron will and constitution, he could be corrupted by one of the most additive substance known to man – power! I would hate to see the crud of Washington to infect Willie and his family. Good men should get contamination suits when you get elected to congress or executive branch!!!

  4. It is easy to vote for the typical politician who promises everything and delivers nothing to the people who elected him.
    Somehow if anyone could deoliver it would be Willie. But…I am not sure if he could put up with the political BS.

  5. Surely Willie wouldn't run as a Dem…? Nah, Willie, an honest, 2nd Amendment supporter, Christian …. nope, he doesn't fit the Liberal, Anti-American, PETA-loving, Gun Control, Athiest, Gay profile.

    He did attend some Dem gala hoo-ha-ha though.

  6. Amen, but I also think it would be quite wonderful to have alot of Willie's in Congress, gee wiz………..honest, God fearing people, wow what a great thing that would be. I also think Willie has a very strong constitution. Just saying…………

  7. Always vote for the absentee drunk. The Hillarys, McCains, Napolitanos (Janet, that is) and Bushes are the ones who will really screw things up for everybody else. They’re the “true believer” types that are always needed to implement the demented visions of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mussolini or .

  8. Maybe Willie should run for President instead.

    Just think. If Willie became the next Democrat POTUS, when the first teenager got shot in a street fight during his administration, Willie would say on national TV: "If I made a duck call, it would sound just like that young man screaming for help."

  9. Willie was on Fox News Channel, "The Five" yesterday. He said he heard he may run for Congress. He said he is too busy for that! He talked like he is a Republican. They asked if he would pass all the vetting. He said he has a lot of weapons and has to be checked out for each, so that is not a problem..he would pass! We do need more congressmen with the values that Willie and his family have.

  10. I agree,Forget Willy….ELECT Si ! He will fit right in…

  11. Phil should run, but he would never move to DC where he could not hunt or fish every day. So Jase should run, oh, but he would never move to DC where he couldn't hunt every day of the season.
    Willie is too busy and we don't want to lose him from our area.
    Si would never run if it meant he could not nap every day.

    That leaves Jeb ( known to all as Willie's other brother). Not as crazy as the rest of the family, but with all the right values. And the show and the company could make it without him.

    Jeb for congress!!!!

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