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Gallup Poll: Hispanics Favor Democrats 2 to 1

Posted on August 10, 2013

Hispanics in the U.S. identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party over the Republican Party by about a 2-to-1 margin, regardless of whether they were U.S.-born. Hispanics born outside the U.S. do have slightly less attachment to either party, and are more likely to be politically independent, but these differences do little to alter the basic underlying advantage Democrats enjoy across the entire Hispanic population.

Party ID of Hispanics, by Number of Generations in U.S., June-July 2013

These results are from Gallup’s Minority Rights and Relations survey conducted June 13-July 5, 2013, and are based on interviews with 1,000 Hispanics. Overall, 51% of Hispanic adults interviewed in the survey were born outside of the U.S. Another 20% of Hispanic respondents were born in the U.S., but one or both of their parents were born outside of the U.S., and 29% say that they and both of their parents are U.S.-born.

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68 thoughts on “Gallup Poll: Hispanics Favor Democrats 2 to 1

  1. zucccchini says:

    That's ike asking me, an American, whether I would prefer Putin or someone else and then announcing the result to the Russians! Why should I care?

  2. Bob Marshall says:

    Like we should be surprised at this?

  3. cgretired says:

    Gee wizz… really?

  4. sure they like all the free shit under the demograps

  5. And why do you suppose that is?

    'Tea Party and Republican Party: Can't we all just get along?'

    Hypothesis: If the Tea Party fractures the 2014 and 2016 votes into a Tea Party – Republican Party – Democrat Party result, does the entire country lose that election?

    In other words if the Tea Party and Republican Party cannot find a way to work out some of the differences between them, the only result from that fact in the 2014 election and 2016 election will be Democrat Party victory.

    This article explains the reasons why we all lose from that result and why it would be devastating for the future of the United States!

    At The Political Commentator here: http://goo.gl/73V8BE


    Michael Haltman
    The Political Commentator
    2011, 2012 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winner
    New York, New York
    Twitter: @ThePoliticalCom

  6. Why not do a poll showing uneducated and under-educated people favor Democrats 10:1?
    The exceptions are 1) the educated who either want to control everything [which they call "helping" rather than "handicapping" the poor in order to bribe their voters to maintain control]; and 2) the successful who allow themselves to feel guilt over their success which pushes them to "help" the lower-class.
    But, for the most part, I've found most Democrats are just lazy, short-sighted, and irresponsible. They want their god-government to take care of things for them.

  7. Honestly, I think it's a lot of ignorance…and I can say it because I am Hispanic. It's up to us to help enlighten people rather than criticize or say shouldn't care. We should care a lot as one day they Hispanics will be the majority deciding our lives. Hispanics, for the most part, don't understand what made this country great…they don't see the correlation between good principles, financial responsibility and sense of realism. As of late, the tendency is to believe in a culture that "government" has to take care of me! When you take the time to explain to them, some begin to think and ask questions.

  8. Bless2live says:

    Take a poll and ask the illegals who they favor when when there is no more TAX PAYERS handouts and no more America. Take a poll and ask the illegals who they favor when the country is in a revolution.

    Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light……….God Bless the USA of Forever!

  9. That's because they come from corrupt loser countries that have no system of "entitlements". They learn of the "benefits" available here in the US and how to game the system, and the ones who try to prevent them from doing that are Republicans.

  10. profitup10 says:

    If you are interested in learning our History and the Constitutional option open to us to KEEP THE REPUBLIC from sliding into the current DEMOCRACY and then to a DICTATORSHIP . . there are several articles about Conservative without right center and independant right leaners.

  11. profitup10 says:

    I have been in the Mexican border areas all of my life. If you talk with Mexicans they will tell you they are conservative on fiscal matters and all are FREE ENTERPRISE SUPPORTERS. The dream of most is to "MAKE A BUSINESS" they are entrepreneurs so it becomes easy to explain why they should be Republicans.

    They are very generous and believe in help those that need food and housing. They want them to get jobs so they can pay back helping others. The most simple way to end the Illegal problem is to just issue GUEST WORKER CARDS FOR ALL – they pay income taxes, sales taxes but no unemployment, social security taxes and are not entitled to any benefits.

  12. Thanks profitup10. I will check them out.

  13. Huh, thats funny I know many Hispanics in the military and civilians and none are demolibs. I think these polls are being set up for the next election voting scam.

  14. victorbarney says:

    It's really SIMPLE Anglo-Saxons! "You" are social "INTERNALS" in personally and just KNOW that you CAN do it, no matter what anybody says! However, most people are "Externals" in biological make-up, believing that FATE means everything good and/or bad! Hispanics are GREAT "Externals," which is WHY they make better Roman Catholics than even Italians do! I'm just speaking biology & culture folks…

  15. Seymour Kleerly says:

    They work very hard.

  16. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Didn't they vote 70% for Obama over Romney? You're far too simplistic.

  17. No they won't. Another fact about hispanics – like other immigrants, after they are here a while, they begin to adopt aspects of our society and culture including abortion, falling away from the church, out of wedlock births, etc. They are on the same road to self-destruction.

  18. Seymour Kleerly says:

    With the Right Wing' racist constant ranting, it's a "no brainer" for them.

  19. Jesse Tomblin says:

    This is a result of the Democrats buying votes either by using Tax dollars or letting ILLEGALS stay here instead of being sent home and made to go through the process everyone else has to. Democrats care nothing for this Nation all they care about is getting and keeping power they do not deserve and should NEVER have.

  20. rodney burke says:

    the only reason hispanics favor the demoncraps is they WANT something for free! Well second reason, they don't want to have to obey US law concerning immigration. They just want to be given everything for free despite the fact that they broke US law. Typical "gimme" mentality. they tertiarily do not, repeat, do NOT want to assimilate into American society. That's why they want to be called Hispanic.

  21. We don't have an immigration problem – we have a welfare problem.

  22. This may be partially true. Some GOPers sound like "Amnesty is an attack on picket fences, little white children and small town America".

    Most do not really believe that or live it. They are concerned with legions of law breakers who drive without ID, insurance or who work in dangerous jobs for poor pay.

    I'm sure that the Poverty Pimps with Spanish accents are happy to promote "GOP=Racism" narrative. All the better to please their Corporate Sponsors, who benefit from immigrant labor.

    The irony being – once "Amnesty" is legalized these people will no longer be "undocumented', which means all of their advantages are gone except for their work ethic and ties to potential undocumented folks back home.

  23. Some do work hard.

    Others are grifters with a latino culture.

  24. Precisely.

    When the ancestors of most of us immigrated here there was no "welfare". We could work or starve. So we worked. We did the jobs that needed doing but that natives would not do for the pay offered.

    Today, it seems, the Progressives like to roll out the red carpet, all the better to expand their private and public sector bureaucratic empires.

    Wealthy Democrats, who invest in businesses, like undocumented labor that will not form a union, will not go on strike and will "do as it is told to do". If in the process people die, a few "environmental messes happen" then they pay their indulgences to the DNC. Kind of like how Al Gore pollutes to his hearts content then buys "carbon indulgences".

  25. Desertbobca says:

    I wonder why? Maybe, it could be because he panders to the Hispanic community by bribing them with the offer of citizenship-instead the the deportation due them under the law-to amass a huge voting base (conservatively, 12 million souls) that will insure nothing but democrats are elected in the upcoming elections and forever thereafter. The communists had name for their fellow countrymen who helped them rise to power and, eventually, enslave them: "useful idiots. If the shoe fits,wear it! I can see from the comments on this page, that mass ignorance, whether willfully or inadvertent, rules the day.

  26. There is so little difference between RINOs and Democrats, who cares. Both parties are authoritarian, war mongering, Constitution killing,Fed supporting thieves.

    I am an Hispanic Ron Paul Republican. People posting here truly sound racist. 60% of Democrats are white. 13% are Hispanic. . I guess those dirty, useful idiot Hispanics have many equally dirty and idiotic white comrades.

    I hire Hispanics whenever I can because they are more reliable and work much harder than whites.

  27. Are they sure about the 2 to 1? Seems more like 20 to 1.

  28. First of all if you want to know who I would trust more, Putin or Obama, it would be easily Putin. He is what he is and Obama says he is not what he is.
    Important questions ask Obama if he is a Muslim! Then ask what organization his 1/2 brother got tax exemption for. As k if the senate and or congress are still exempt from insider trading laws and why they were ever exempt. Ask the congress and senate and Obama why they are exempt from the rotten ss health insurance they are forcing on everyone else. Ask why a president of the united states is allowed to have his records sealed and then brag about how good they are. Ask why I am worried about my security when I send comments like this.
    I enjoyed seeing Obama stand and lie for a solid hour about what he is doing. When you catch someone doing something and then much later they go on television and say well, I was going to tell everyone but Snowden beat me to it. Personally I have much respect for Snowden, it took a lot of courage to do what he did and I wish him all the good luck in the future. I am worried about posting on the internet and that is nothing compared to what he has done.
    When someone volunteers for the military and put their lives on the line and receive as little as they do for the dangers they face compared to the politicians who keep them in harms way at a extremely high salary and extremely better pension and shorter time to get it, that makes me know where to look for our real politicians. Public servant doesn't even begin to describe what they do.

  29. Fleendar the Wise says:

    Who didn't see THAT coming??? Apparently, the Republicans didn't.

  30. If that is the case , they are not Christians but emissaries of SATAN , Christians do not murder infants , do not support sexual perversion like homosexuality and beastiality , and do not put their government over their GOD . If they don't know all that then they are some of the low information voters that put OBam-ass back in office . Low information voter , by the way . is a politically correct way of saying ignorant moronic FOOLS .

  31. To Frank Z and everyone else. frank has it correct there is no difference and that is how they keep the voters running around chasing their own tails. We have been led to believe a vote for third party candidate will be a wasted vote. That is not true especially now. *** Have you heard any of our "honorable representatives" screaming that they don't want to be exempt from the health care they force on everyone else? Have you heard them say they will definitely defund Obama care and fund the other things? I have heard one say he will not vote to defund because it will shut down the government, like that would be the worst thing that could happen. That is first of all not true and second of all an excuse they have come up with. That was by the way republican, not that there is any difference. They are like rats squirming to make sure they stay on the pile.
    If the defunding of Obama care were to shut down the government the politicians would make it hurt the most vulnerable, Obama can do that while he is on vacation. that would be a good time for him and Jay Z and Oprah to get their lines ready for the new civil war. Those are three poor black people who have been so oppressed they had a hard time making their first ten million. We don't want to leave out Mat Damon because ge really likes the public education system so he sends his children to private school. His mother was or is a teacher so he knows about poverty. No there are some poor ignorant people out there who do not have an education other than the public schools, which they quit in thhe third grade so they could hang out andrun numbers or sell drugs on the corner of the public housing that is furnished by the tax payers. Don't forget the food stamps and health care and all the other assistance. yes they have been treated unfairly, but in which direction.

  32. Doug Rodrigues says:

    What differences…the fact that most so-called "Republicans" are Conservative in name only? Boehner and McConnell are two perfect examples: Nothing but talk, talk, talk. Get rid of the worthless RINOS and replace them with true Conservatives. We don't need DNC Lite in the form of worthless RINOS. There is no two party system. It's just Good Cop / Bad Cop being played upon the unsuspecting public. The Big Money interests and power mongers pull the strings of both parties via campaign donations and other perks, and offer "suggestions" of how things should be in government.

  33. And if the current crop of RINOs succeeds in granting amnesty to illegal aliens, they will merely add to the Democrat voting base by 3 to 6 million. And for the RNC true believers–tell all of your Republican heroes to read the Constitution and abide by its principles. Whether it is Obamacare, aid to Al Qaeda, the abusive agencies like the NSA, TSA, ATF or the FBI! Don't expect us to march in lock step with geldings like Rove, Christie, Flake, Prebus, Armey, Romney, Boehner, McCain, Hannity, Rubio, King and the other sellouts. If you are no different from the Democrats, shut up and deal with your status as losers!!!

  34. Maybe they just don't like giving out freebies to everybody. That and they're tired of being relentlessly taxed. Not that the hypocritical Republicans are any better but that is probably what they're thinking.

  35. Yes they do and still want the Democrats? Although I don't see why anyone would vote for EITHER party.

  36. James Bernard says:

    Yep! you said a mouth full!

  37. James Bernard says:

    Oh well, lets get devastated!

  38. James Bernard says:

    What is a Hispanic?hmmmmm! Don't know that one!

  39. James Bernard says:

    Real good point! Most of my friends are Cubans since I grew up and lived in a Cuban Community for most of my life! But this Hispanic thing i'm not sure?

  40. Mexican

  41. James Bernard says:

    I'm guessing that when people come to America for freedom they insist on bringing there baggage along! So it makes me wonder why in the hell they came here in the first place? It's like New Yorkers moving to Florida! We'll you know the story!

  42. I totally agree. Stop all the freebies for Illegal Immigrants, send their leaching axes back to wherever they came.

  43. James Bernard says:

    And if you hire them illegally you just pay them enough to get by! Frank you make no sense and you are a Racist!

  44. WhiteFalcon says:

    Hispanics that vote Dumbocrat are idiots. They are voting for the very thing that they ran away from in their home countries, which is ultimately slavery and oppression, not freedom. They should pay attention to what is going on and not to what the politicians are telling them. They are like Jews voting for Ovomit, or the mice voting for the cat. If they are voting for free stuff, it will all come crashing down on them in the end and the Dumbocrat party will care nothing about them. Same is true with blacks who vote for Dumbocrats.

  45. I’ve watched the Illegal Alien problem from my teens and a small problem because they worked in many hard jobs. Over the last 50 yrs I’ve seen this go from Black Americans move to states with easy regulations, and now we have maybe up to 12 million Illegals that learned how to play the system and have No desire to work if they can get it free. The more babies they have the more benefits they get. Unemployment used to be 12 weeks and you had to show you were trying to find work. Now Obummer has extended to 99 weeks and took away the proof of searching for work requirement. When Obummer was elected it was found that the Only reason he qualified was thru petition fraud. He didn’t qualify for senator or running for pres. He and entitlement programs, waste and fraud in gov offices, and the Billions of Our dollars in aid to Terrorist Muslims will take us down. My last comment is you are Not African Americans, Hispanic Americans, or Muslim Americans you are an American or you or not.

  46. SEABEETOM says:

    The poor Hispanics are too stupid too realize they are only being used to further the communists in the white house.

  47. White Man, this ain't your world no more..you fucking blew it!!

  48. Seymour Kleerly says:

    What % do you think work hard?

  49. This just proves again that the Rino establishment is wrong worrying about pushing "another" Amnesty to get the Hispanic vote. The number of Hispanics voting for Obama in the last election had no impact in the swing States, and Romney lost because of Republicans staying home & NOT voting, or, voting for another candidate.

  50. Like California and Texas they will continue to breed and proliferate like cockroaches across the land. Turning all major cities into mini Detroit like lib meccas for Democrats and social services. The truth is Its all about the free sh_t extracted from the paychecks of the middle class by Democrats for over 50 years. .

  51. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Was Reagan a communist?

  52. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    Yep! They give them more stuff! Why, because they are marxist/communists, both the progressives and the hispanics. They all came from the south, where they lived in poverty, but what they had the gov't gave them, they think that's the way it's supposed to be. They have no training in economics, nor are they industrialist, nor are they rocket scientist, etc. they are just poor communist people who vote. That's all!

  53. MAKAHAYAN says:


  54. Probably because Democrats are more radical than Republicans usually and most like the country they are from or their parents are used to. Who knows for sure, but is kind of odd.

  55. Daniel from TN says:

    I noticed the poll statistics did not reveal which Hispanics are US citizens, which are legal immigrants and which are illegal aliens.

  56. Republican party has not had a good candidate to get the whole party between. They usually refrain from trying to get a candidate to run just because of color, good looks, or radical thinking. Nowadays that kind of a candidate is hard to find. Thats why we end up with what we have now. And lets face it, a candidate is going to say anything he/she thinks will get them elected. Then you throw in the invalid voting and wallah, we have lift off! Until you get the voting process fixed it wont matter who the Republican party has as a candidate………

  57. Poodleguy says:

    You have the 'low info voter' & the 'low IQ voter'. Add them together & you get the obamaliar!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. I agree. I know many Hispanics who are friends and they are all republicans .As a note the fact that this poll was done with Hispanics kind of sounds a little like racest. .Remember as far back as the founding fathers this country was built on immigrants from all over. The only real American is the indian all the rest of us are, or decendents of imports. Therefor let us stop the blame game and unite to take back our rights as United States Citizens

  59. The term Hispanic has been coined by mainstream. This goes along the same lines as African-American, irish -American ,greek-american and so on .Enough we are Americans.either be proud of this or leave. It seems a lot of this is caused by the media to stir things up. A sad fact good news does not really sell. Bad news does sell and grab more interest. Make up your own minds, get out and vote , fill out petitions. Tell the politicians they work for Us.Do not be swayed by media or celebreties trying to convince you otherwise

  60. It's no surprise that Latinos prefer the Democratic Party. One hundred percent of illegal aleins, 100 % of Islamic terrorsts, and 100% of welfare recipients prefer the Deomcratic Party. Why not write a story about those figures instead, and what that says about the Democratic Party.

  61. In a related story…..Gallup Poll: Hispanics Buy The Big Lie 2 to 1

  62. Michael4yah says:

    Its not 2-1. Its 12-1. and thats been proven by many polls along with sampling of the last election. Dont ever let anyone tell you that hispanics vote 2-1 for Demoncrats.

  63. Many that come from outside Americas boarders usually interpret the term Democracy with the Democratic party and because of this Ignorance vote Democratic and intern receive many freebies at the tax payers expense. The more freebies the more votes. Buy America, Vote Democratic!

  64. cbanalyst says:

    Of course they do, who gives them all the free stuff? Never mind that they didn't work for it and we, the taxpayers who did work for it don't want this given out without others that receive benefits work for them. Roosevelt and the old Democrats established the CCC & the WPA and everyone had to work to receive a check to pay their family's bills. That's long gone. Now, it's vote for me and I'll give you benefits and you don't have to do anything for them.

  65. The guilt from a "rich" exploitive capitalist and/or entrepreneur like Michael Moore doing something to "help the poor peaple" comes strictly from his promotion of the theft of other people's tax dollars to pay for his own absolution. All these rich people, including Obama, who said, "I really should pay more in taxes," are totally full of it. If they think they should pay more taxes, all they have to do is file on a 1040EZ form, and they'll pay more taxes. I'm sick of the ersatz social conscience of these thieves and con artists..

    The Roman Catholic Church has been corrupt for some time, but even the Church would not ask a penitent to pay a certain amount of money for absolution and allow him to pay it by steaing the money from someone else. That doesn't bring absolution, that just brings on another deadly sin.

  66. The first poll to be taken shoul be whether illegals prefer General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana or General Sam Houston.

    Houston was a rugged individuaist, but Santa Ana invented affirmative action. Santa Ana killed all the white men at the Alamo so that the female and black survivors would have less competition in the job market.

  67. The lower class prefer the Democrats because they like free stuff.

    Why do you think that Obama bought a house in Hawaai to retire to? He wants to be somewhere that all his consituentws in Chicago and L.A. and get to when the food riots start. The U.S. government is running out of money. All the politicians promoting the giveaways are like con artists. They have already planned their exist strategies.

    Like Louis XIV, their motto is: "After me — the deluge."

  68. I find it impossible to tell what anybody is by looking at them. Hispanics aren't "white?" That's news to me.

    Anglo / Latino is not a racial thing. Never was. It has always beden political.