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How to Retire Gracefully in Your Own Community, Not Sun City

Posted on August 9, 2013

Twelve years ago, a handful of older residents living in a tiny section in Boston gathered to figure out a way they could “age in place” in the neighborhood they so dearly loved.

After months of meetings and fundraising, they launched the Beacon Hill Village, a nonprofit membership organization that provides free or low-cost services to seniors who have chosen to live in their own homes.

The services include social clubs, weekly exercise classes and lectures, transportation to doctors’ offices and grocery stores and access to reduced-fee home medical care and home repair services.

Beacon Hill Village now boasts 400 members and the concept has spread to other communities across the country. There are about 100 “villages” to date, with another 200 in development, according to the national organization that helps establish these networks. Each one is formed and governed locally, tailored to the specific needs of that community.

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3 thoughts on “How to Retire Gracefully in Your Own Community, Not Sun City

  1. Rabelrouser says:

    People working together for their future, imagine that!
    Good idea that can be taken to many levels; that of a third economy of trade and barter. Services for services, materials for assistance; this should create food for thought in an economy that is slowly sinking and stagnating.
    The only way to survive this mess is by working together .

  2. ms. jarvis says:

    this sounds like a novel idea. does anyone have information on how to do this? the only concern for me is ; how do you keep the people out that will start trouble? like drunks, fighters, using horrible language, etc. if someone has some good answers, please write me at ms. jarvis 435 catamaran drive merritt island, fl. 32952.
    i have talked to some people and told them that if i had ever hit the lottery that i would have a large home and we could all contribute to the expenses and the work. we could garden and have our own crops. oh, well, this isa dream. we could have a week for cooking, washing clothes etc. and help each other.

  3. A news story noted that those residents were in remarkably good health compared to their peers.

    Few walkers, no wheelchairs, no one with dementia, so the "Village" needs were more like assisted living, not the skilled nursing care needed by so many at that age.