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No, Dutchess Kate Is Not Jewish

Written by Gary North on August 8, 2013

The World Wide Web lets us see some remarkable theories. One of them is that Kate Middleton was born a Jew, and therefore remains a Jew.

This story is all over the Web. A Google search reveals a lot of articles.

What is the basis of this theory? It rests on these presuppositions:

1. Jewish status is transferred through the mother (correct).

2. Baptism does not change this legal status in Judaism (false).

3. An illegitimate child of a Jewish mother is a Jew (false).

4. Her children are Jews, irrespective of baptism (false).

So, here’s the deal.

Kate Middleton’s mother was originally Jewish by matrillineal birth. But she married her husband in a church. They were not regular church attendees, but they had Kate baptized. She was also confirmed in private before she married William.

Her parents and her mother’s parents were married in churches.

The theories get really bizarre. There is a theory that Princess Diana’s mother, also born a Jew, but baptized a Christian, had Diana through James Goldsmith, the tycoon. This is highly unlikely. Geography was a major factor. But again, so what? His religious status would have had nothing to do with Diana’s legal status. Her status came through her baptism. In the eyes of Judaism, her sons’ legal status comes through her, and her legal status was Christian.

Judaism has been clear ever since the burning of the temple by the Romans in A.D. 70: baptism nullifies a person’s status as a Jew. It does not matter who his or her mother was. Baptism establishes a legal separation from Judaism. The church has always taught this. Judaism has always taught this.

You can safely ignore the websites that claim that the British crown is now Jewish. There is no Jewish conspiracy going on here.

To find out what an Iranian website thinks, click the link. This report is taken seriously by a website in Chechnya.

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71 thoughts on “No, Dutchess Kate Is Not Jewish

  1. Ken Shafer says:

    According to Jewish Law, there is no such thing as conversion out of Judaism. Once matrillineal birth is established, you are Jewish forever.

  2. Peter Gray says:

    There is an old Jewish proverb explaining the matrilineal bit. "Everybody knows who the mother is." Although I prefer the Kenyan version, "Mama baby. Papa maybe."

  3. Why did you even print what you did? First, you are wrong on all counts. If the mother born Jewish, she passes the Jewishness on two all of her children. Whether they chose later to become of another religion has nothing to do with their heritage of Jewishness. To deny why is smells of a bit of anti-Semetism. And, why would you think it necessary to defend the religion of Kate or Diana or the children thereof? They have made their religious choice, but and it does not negate their Jewish roots.

  4. donna sherwood says:

    you are completely wrong kate middleton is jewish even Hitler had this right Mischling first degree. She is fully capable under ancestry laws of Jewish tradition to be recognized as such and made a full israeli citizen. by orthodox rabbis. I agree with man above your analysis seems somewhat anti semitic.

  5. Gloria Sterling says:

    Gary North needs to speak to Jews for Jesus personnel; he'll find out the truth. Cory Ten Boom called a Jew who believes in Jesus a "completed" Jew. One who embraces Christ does not give up his/her Jewishness; it is enhanced. Jesus, the Jew advocated baptism. Read your Bible, Mr. North.

  6. I totally agree with your reply! While i found the article interesting, it does come across with a tinge of anti-semitism which I, too, find offensive. Bigotry and prejudice should have nothing to do with or be a part of the Tea Party movement or anyone's mindset–we need to be above this kind of stuff. So my question to the author of this article is "So what's your point?". We should all be proud of our heritage and not writing an article that try's to get affirmation from people who dont agree with that viewpoint.

  7. WatchTheBirdie says:

    Okay, WHO CARES? We fought a revolution against tyranny and kings and queens over 230 years ago to GET AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE and their ideals that you get your power and wealth just by being born into the right family. WHO CARES if she's Jewish or Christian unless that is a problem for you. If it is, move to England and then you can worry about this irrelevant crap.

  8. Theophilus says:

    I find it odd that Dr. North wrote this article to combat anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jews trying to dominate Britain, but the commenters have completely missed this. They accuse Dr. North of being the anti-semite. Bizarre.

  9. Par for the course.

  10. Indeed. The article was written to debunk the Islamist terrorists and anti-semites that are using this, apparently, as more fuel for hatred. I had no idea, nor care that such a thing was happening, but that's what I get from this.

  11. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Why should this matter in Muslim Britain?

  12. AMEN! Remember the Jewish Messiah (Jesus the Christ-anointed One) was and remains a Jew from the tribe of Judah.

  13. Truth about north says:

    is gary north so stupid that he cant see the discussion is about genetic jewishness and not legal jewishness!!! no he is not stupid, so why does he twist the debate?- because far from being an anti-semite, he is a philo-semite, he is a lover of the jews…in fact he is a worshiper of them…as his holy book dictates to him.

  14. gfsomsel says:

    I guess Paul was "Jewish forever." My reaction to all of this is "so what?" The question of his religion came up when Romney was running for the Presidency. While I don't agree with Mormon views, and think they tend to be more than a little nutty, most Mormons are good people (unlike someone I could mention). If their political views are in agreement with mine, I have no problem with electing a Mormon—or a Jew. I do have a problem with a Muslim since I tend to have some doubts about all but a few Muslims. If they can convince me that they aren't like the nut-jobs who are out to kill us and take over the country for Sharia and if their views are conservative, I wouldn't have a problem with them either.

  15. Fred Campbell says:

    Majoring in minors………..
    Who cares what genetic codes she may carry? She is what she is; an apparently thoroughly cultured and intelligent person, free of character defects. William seems to have chosen well.
    I pray the the royal family will be a role model for England and the world.
    Let's get on with addressing the REAL problems of the world.
    Besides, my Jesus was (indisputably), a JEW.

  16. i wonder if all the Apostles realize that once they became baptized as Jesus told them to – if fact HE was also baptized by John the Baptist – they then became NOT Jews? it's like the Catholics who will tell you that unless you are baptized into the catholic denomination you won't go to Heaven which then means NONE of the Apostles are in Heaven. funny that's not what MY Bible says – mentions NOTHING about becoming a catholic just a requirement to have a relationship with Jesus the Messiah.

  17. Fred Campbell says:

    Who cares what Hitler and certain orthodox rabbis think?

  18. spatcher says:

    This should serve as a lesson to the Crown. People should be vetted like they did in the U.S. with the presid…….um, um, never mind!

  19. Is there some problem if Kate is Jewish? There are far more important and pressing issues than Kate Middleton's religion in the world today. Why does anyone give a rat's backside what religion she happens to be?

  20. Many of the replies to this post have the flavor of those who felt (and feel) a need to establish how much Negro lineage you needed to be considered legally "black", so that they could be sold and traded as slaves.

    One might want to consider that Islam says "once Muslim, always Muslim" from property to people – and doesn't care what race you are (although Arabs still considered themselves the chosen people of Allah).

    One of Obama's fathers was Muslim. Obama moved to a Muslim country. As his father's son, he was automatically considered to be and raised Muslim. One does not ever leave the Muslim faith. Baptism or otherwise. Those who try are guilty under Islam of one of the only two capital offenses Islam has. And yet Obama claims he is not Muslim, and his coddling of Islamists is merely a coincidence of political expediency and America's imperialistic guilt.

    Christians can convert to the Jewish faith. As Jesus illustrated, Jews can become Christians. If you are obsessed with some sort of racial or ethnic Jewishness by parts you really have a serious mental and emotional problem.

  21. Nor does the Bible state that being a Jew is a requirement to have a relationship with Jesus the Messiah. As a matter of fact, He doesn't single out one preference over another—and by the way, I never heard one priest or nun EVER say only those baptized in the Catholic faith would enter the Kingdom of God. As a former Catholic, I did attend parochial schools and attended church regularly. I left the church as a young adult due to other reasons, but it isn't fair to make such false accusations.

  22. This is a non story. Seriously, there is nothing to see here one way or the other. Does this nonsense impact the life of anyone reading this tripe? She is a young woman who just had a child. Leave her out of this geopolitical BS and let her enjoy her new life with her firstborn child.

  23. Why does it matter anywhere?

  24. Will-I-Am says:

    Seems North has gone South in intelligence. DNA cannot be changed. Once a jew always a jew in YAHWEH God's eyes, baptism can never change one's genetics!!

  25. The Jewish race is the only race that is also known by that term ethnically and religiously. If one is born a Jew, it does not necessarily mean that they automatically inherit the religion although they are ethnically Jewish as well. Yes, it sounds a bit complex, but that's just the way it is. There are many Jews who are Christian or muslim, but are not of the Jewish faith. But, really, who cares; what difference does it make?

  26. What you claim about Gary North may be true, but so what if he adheres to the Jewish faith and follows the Torah instead of the Bible. Where did God or Christ ever say that no Jew will enter the Kingdom of God? Thank God it is only He who will judge man at the final stage because man would do all a disservice to Him.

  27. Benjamin Johnson says:

    Source please.

  28. Racially and ethnically, that is true; it is not true of the religious aspects.

  29. Truth about north says:

    all you morons who say "who cares, what does it matter"
    race is reality, so anything in the physical world matters, I could go further, but its pointless trying to inform morons who ask such a low level question to begin with- they have all swallowed the politically (semitically) correct party line that race doesnt matter, or doesnt even exist, and idiots like North ignore the words of his own jewish holy books that emphatically state that race and bloodlines are of the utmost importance.

  30. I, too, disagree with Gary North. Kate is Jewish. Becoming Christian makes one a completed Jew. Was not Jesus Christ Jewish?
    Did he ever forsake Judaism? No, He was a practicing Jew. He is a Jew and will return a Jew. But in Muslim Britain, that's scary!

  31. They want to protect the new prince. Jews are hated all over the world and Muslims are vicious animals wanting to kill them.

  32. I have heard that in the case of Jews who have accepted Jeshua as their Messiah, Israel does NOT grant right of return. I'll have to check into this, but I think it's true.

  33. Stuart Shepherd says:

    Very well said, Bette. The author may be wrong on more than one count. I am a non-Jewish (Christian) man, now 53, who had an "illegitimate" daughter with a Jewish mother when I was 24, who was raised Jewish and chose to remain in that faith as an adult and is now raising HER children in that faith. I agree with you that it actually does "smell" a little-bit like anti-semitism to be framing this whole discussion as if it even matters!!

  34. Let me stand counted as one who loves the Jews, and is a worshipper of the One Who came into the world to a young Jewish woman to become my Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. And also let me affirm that Gary's Holy Book is mine as well, the only rule for faith and practice, "God-breathed" from start to finish.

    As for the Jews: "I will bless those who bless you, and he who curses you I will curse" (YHWH's promise to Abraham and his descendants). Who are his descendants, legally? "In Isaac (not Ishmael) your seed (descendants) shall be called". If I were you, I wouldn't stand on the wrong side of God's promise to Abe. Jesus Himself said, "The Scripture CANNOT be broken".

  35. Ben Pincus says:

    The problem is that in attempting to prove that Kate and Diana were not Jews, Mr. North clearly is indicating his sentiment that were it to be true it would be a bad thing. By the way, as others have stated here, Mr. North's understanding of Jewish law is very flawed. ALL of the statements he made should be answered as TRUE. A Jew who willingly follows another religion is considered a sinful person and may not be included in certain rituals, but their status as a Jew cannot be changed. Frankly, as a Jew, I am laughing up my sleeve. No matter how you slice it the next royal to sit on the British throne will be a Jew.

  36. terry208 says:

    It's the Tea Party, you think they just hate blacks

  37. Obama's biological and adoptive fathers were Muslim.The former from Kenya,the latter from Indonesia.In any event.they would be proud that their son is destroying this country,its Constitution and its laws.

  38. Really who gives a d***! So what does it change anything that she is a lovely young lady that is doing wonders for the Royal image much like her deceased mother-in-law? Leave them alone for God's sake and stop trying to find reason to bring them down. Do something worthwhile with your life so you can have something important to talk about. If we were to dig deep enough most of us have some Jewishness in us or any other mix. Get a life people. Stop trying so hard to fling dirt on something good.

  39. msjallen says:

    According to the Bible…
    When a Jew becomes a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ they are no longer a Jew; they are Christian, the New Spiritual Species: we have been given the responsibility to spread the gospel.
    Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

  40. msjallen says:

    They are not "enhanced" — When a Jew becomes a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ they are no longer a Jew:
    Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

  41. msjallen says:

    The genetics are true however; when a Jew becomes a believer in the LJC they are no longer a Jew: Galatians 3:28There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

  42. If Mr. North wrote this article to combat anti-Semitic conspiracy theories he could have attacked the theories themselves and not focused on trying to negate the Jewishness of either royal. The anti-Semites have continuously tried to accuse Jews of taking over the world even the notion is absurd. They point to Jews who happen to be rich and indite them as a group for being successful, each in his own right. There has never been any conspiracy or any proof of conspiracy. These same idiots, while continuing this fabrication about Jews, have nothing to say about the Islamists who are actively murdering, beheading and terrorizing people around the world in their quest for a Caliphate to actually rule the world. The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the government both in the White House and Homeland Security, Saudi Arabia is financing the building huge mosques all around the US and schools throughout the nation are being given textbooks that emphasize and glorify Islam and minimize the Judao-Christian foundation of our country. Its time to face the facts. If you're worried about a conspiracy trying to take over the world, focus on the ones actually doing it.

  43. She is a lovely lady– and so smart.

    She has been raised so well.

    At last the Royal Family has found a spouse that is responsible, hard working, and beautiful.

    She has it all and is a huge credit to them. Usually they choose someone irresponsible (think Fergie, poor Fergie)

    So I think it is amazing that William found someone so responsible.

    The word to me that describes Kate is not her religion, it is that she is above all, a very responsible, hard working, healthy in body and mind, person.

    She was a great choice and will do very well.

    They are lucky to have her in the Royal Family. I think she will bring honour to them.


  44. LiberalsRCommies says:

    It doesn't matter what the religion is now. She was born with jewish blood in her veins and Christ said to the jews in John 8 vs 44 "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."
    Jews cannot be of royal blood. Not by birth and not by marriage.

  45. ncbill12 says:

    No, once a Jew converts to Christianity there is no longer an _automatic_ "right of return" (citizenship):


  46. the windsor and tudor royals could stand some highly intelligent genetic transfusions. kate middleton fills the bill quite nicely. her husband is happy and since he will one day be king–it will do england well to have this highly intelligent life partner.for the future king.

  47. kunta kinti says:

    I C obama written all over this reply.

  48. lukasiwicz says:

    Except for those of you who are overt or covert anti-Semites, what earthly difference does it make one way or the other whether whether, Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is Jewish?

  49. Don't we have anything worth uncovering? What difference does it make? Jew, Gentile, Christian? This method begets this that or the other. The Jews had hard hearts and turned away from God. Enter Jesus to present salvation and redemption to the gentiles all over the world. As "adopted" children of God, who's tribe do you belong to? After all, god did tell Abraham his decedents would be as numerous as the stars in the heavens. Does that mean we are decedents of Abraham? Taking into consideration those that believe and don't believe in the living God.

    A very interesting article. Now to ponder in what niche I belong. Am I a Jew because of a paternal tie and on the gentile side is that presented as a negative and nullifies that fact and lowers me to some other station in life? I don't know. I believe in God and Jesus as my Savior and redeemer. Am I an oddball with no place to call home? After all, Jesus had no home.

  50. madmemere says:

    To "paraphrase" someone else "What difference does it make", IF Kate Middleton does, or does NOT have Jewish blood? Absolutely NONE – -now, if she happened to be an "avowed communist", THEN I'd pitch a fit and Queen Elizabeth II would NOT have allowed the marriage. So, to all those trying to sit in "judgement", I say "GET OVER YOURSELVES"!!!

  51. Guppy1957 says:

    correct a Jews is and will always be a Jew

  52. maxinegridi says:


    As Rabbi Saul (also known as Paul) said (AFTER he met and came to know his Jewish Messiah: "I AM a JEW … [emphasis mine] of Tarsus … [etc]" … [and he never said that 'I am NOT a Jew' … or that 'I WAS a Jew; that or 'I USED TO BE a Jew' … but now 'I've turned into a Christian'].

    Like it or not, the Biblically-based faith of our Jewish Messiah Yeshua is … and always will be, the one and only true Biblically-based Jewish faith. That's just the truth!

    Moreover, it is also true that, when a Jew receives his or her own Wonderful Jewish King Messiah Yeshua, he or she has NOT 'converted' to some alien faith. Rather, he or she has finally 'come home' … and returned to the one true Biblically-Jewish faith of our forefathers. That is the faith that is authentic Judaism (i.e., Biblical Judaism) … rather than merely a traditional form of man-made Judaism that has led us away from the truth.

    p. 1 (continued on p. 2)

  53. terry208 says:

    It's not just religion it's ethnicity and race people seem to not understand this, a German can't turn into a African

  54. terry208 says:

    Christ the 12 and the vast majority of the early church were Jew's just how stupid are you?

  55. Green Mountain says:

    There is nothing special in being a "Jew", plus, good luck proving any connection genetically to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

    Oh, and by the way, there are 12 tribes not just the "Jewish" tribes, Judah, Benjamin and Levi. A Jewish name has no special significance or genetic proof.

  56. Oh, shut up with this old and relentless "anti antisemitism" crap.Any time some of you people run out of rational arguments, are using the magic word to silence the debate or your opponent.

  57. Green Mountain says:

    And Jonah said he was a "hebrew", derived from the the descendents of Eber http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eber (Jonah 1:9). In Esther, the people are called "Jews" while actually they were Benjamites (Esther 2, etc.)

    I look forward to the day when preposterous assertions over the "Jews" being special, unless there is a very specific rationale for such gets rejected.

  58. Without DNA testing, this conversation is moot.

  59. Carl Benander says:

    Who cares?

  60. What the HELL is the point here? Is there something wrong with being a Jew? Kinda' like the stupid Liberals and their hatred of the T.E.A. party. What the HELL is wrong with wanting smaller government and less taxes? Thanks to the clown-in-chief, I lost 20 percent of my pay (furloughed for six days). If you don't know what it is, go to your bank, withdraw 20 percent of your last pay check and burn it. I AM fortunate, though. I still have a job. God bless you (us) all.

  61. Whatever else DR. North may be accused of, ignorance of scripture isn't really viable. He's written hundreds of thousands of words summarizing and commenting upon scripture in detail.

  62. Were I Kate Middleton, I'd be proud and thankful to have a mother who is Jewish! I'm an Evangelical Christian who believes the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, Word of God. As such, I believe the Jewish people are God's "chosen people," because He said so! I believe Israel is God's specific chosen place for His people, and that despite the false teaching of some denominations that because of Israel's sin, God is through with Israel and the Church has become the "New Israel". No where is this confirmed in Scripture. God will fulfill His promises made through the Prophets to the forefathers of the Jewish people. And today, Israel is back in the Land after 2000 years, just as God promised! He is not through with His people Israel by a long shot! Kate, your Mom was Jewish, and in God's eyes, you are one of His chosen people, but you have to know your Messiah Y'shuah in a personal spiritual relationship by asking Him into your life and accepting what He did on your behalf on the cross to remove your sin! I remember the children's song we used to sing, "Jesus loves me, this I know . . ." but the other side of that is, "Jesus knows me, this I love!"

  63. Uncle Ben says:

    Josie said it right! None of this is anybody's business. North, you and everyone else who wrote this is an idiot.

  64. Stuart Shepherd says:

    You're the one without a rational argument. What exactly did YOU have to say of any substance except some queenly dismissal of well-stated comments by others, including me. Why don't YOU sut up? Huh? Why don't You shut up? Do YOU have a daughter that's Jewish? Have you spent 28 years of your life immersed in Judaism when you're not even Jewish (like me)? Do YOU know more or have seen more?! SHUT UP yourself with your vicious little no-brain comments like some vicious woman. Who is "you people"? Who exactly is "you people"? Shut the hell up! If you don't think there is anti-semitism out there you are either from another planet or one of the stupidest people that ever walked the earth!

  65. Baptism does not mean anything for a Jew. Jews do not recognize Christianity, or any of its principals. Baptism therefore is just some water touching the head of a baby. If Christianity is meaningless (as a religion, not from a moral point of view or as a huge influence) then how can its ceremonies have any religious validity? So Kate is Jewish, and we Jews have infiltrated British royalty, and the next king After William is Jewish. And as a Jew, I have to admit, I find this mildly amusing, but not a source of pride. One Noble prize in Physics is worth a thousand royal parasites.

  66. Ben, hi!

    Ken is right, of course both Kate and her son are Jews according to Halakha:

    Gary North doesn’t have to know the Halakha, but shouldn’t mislead his readers!

  67. maxinegridi says:

    Respecting your extremely forceful and overly-emphatic declaration that: “[t]here is nothing special in being a [Jew]” … along with quotations marks isolating and surrounding the word “Jew” … [meaning what?], my response to that declaration is that you are certainly entitled to your opinion.

    That opinion however, does not comport with Rabbi Saul (aka ‘Paul’) … who, inspired by the Holy Spirit, first asks an obviously rhetorical question, and then follows that question up as follows:

    [Question:] “What advantage then has the Jew, or what is the profit of circumcision?”

    [Answer:] “Much in every way! Chiefly because to them [the Jews] were committed the oracles [Scriptures or Written Word] of God” (Romans 3:1-2) [emphasis mine].

    Besides, was it not the King of the Jews Himself Who unequivocally declared that: “…………. salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22b) [emphasis mine]? Hint: Yes it was!

  68. maxinegridi says:

    Actually, the Jewish Bible (consisting of the Jewish Older Covenant and the Jewish Renewed Covenant) does not say anywhere that "[w]hen a Jew becomes a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ they are no longer a Jew; they are a Christian"!

    Inferring that Galatians 3:28 means that a Jew is no longer a Jew makes as much sense as claiming that: if you are (e.g.) a woman who becomes a believer in Yeshua, then you are no longer a woman. After all — men and women have all become "one in" Yeshua!

    Really? Just try entering (e.g.) a men's room if you actually believe that you are no longer a woman … and see how far you get with that one!

  69. maxinegridi says:

    … (continued) …

    In other words, that is not what Galatians is saying! What it is saying is that (in Him) we are all equal before the Lord — whether we are Jewish or not; whether we are female or not; and irrespective of what stature we have on this side of the grave (e.g., slave-free; employer-employee; handsome-ugly; white-black; rich-poor; etc., etc.). And that is how we are 'one' in Him. It doesn't mean we cease being who we are (or lose our identity) on this side of the grave.

  70. I agree and my statement did not infer biologically Jewish but spiritually a new spiritual creation as being born again in Christ. Your illustration doesn't make sense since we can't change our sex — unless one does in their stupidity. However, I do not believe the Church is the renewed covenant since God still has plans for His chosen people in the Millennium.

    Ezekiel 11:17-20 -Therefore say, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “I will gather you from the peoples and assemble you out of the countries among which you have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.”’ When they come there, they will remove all its detestable things and all its abominations from it. And I will give them one heart, and put a new spirit within them. And I will take the heart of stone out of their flesh and give them a heart of flesh, that they may walk in MY statutes and keep MY ordinances and do them. Then they will be MY people, and I shall be their God.

  71. maxinegridi says:

    And I agree with the clarification you just provided. It is indeed a spiritual oneness my brother — and not a mere physical one!