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10 Reasons to Choose a Small Family — If You’re a Tree-Hugger

Written by Gary North on August 2, 2013

I think it’s a good idea for tree-huggers to have small families. The big one is this: there will be fewer tree-huggers in 20 years, 40 years, 80 years. Smaller numbers mean fewer votes.

Over time, the zero-population growth proponents achieve their opponents’ goal for them. There are fewer of them. Meanwhile, people who believe in growth multiply.

People who believe that people are the ultimate resource do their best to increase this scarce resource. People who think that raw materials are the greatest resource die off. This leaves more raw materials for creative people who do not die off.

If you want ten more reasons for smaller families for tree-huggers, click the link. I recommend all ten . . . to tree-huggers.

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8 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Choose a Small Family — If You’re a Tree-Hugger

  1. The contra to that, Mr. North, is that we want to encourage larger families for involved citizens who take their responsibilities seriously. The key to large families is "Affordable Family Formation", so that people can get a house, a little bit of space and a not terrible commute. Would you say our elites have been providing this type of environment over the last 20 years so we can encourage the better citizens to raise families?

  2. There's a hole in Dr. North's reasoning (not one, I'm sure, he wouldn't agree to): As long as the larger, reproducing families are sending their children to the Public (tree-hugger) Education system, the tree huggers will prevail!

    Christians, to send your children to be educated by the heathen is equivalent to Israel of old sending their children to the Canaanites to be educated and tantamount to sacrificing them to their gods:

    "Christian parents send their children into the judicially and self-consciously pagan environment of the public schools. Parents are not acting faithfully as representatives [of Yahweh] when they do this. They are tithing their children to the State." (Gary North, Political Polytheism: The Myth of Pluralism (Tyler, TX: Institute for Christian Economics, 1989) p. 601)

    "The law requires education in terms of the law [Deuteronomy 6:7-9, 20-25]. Anything other than a Biblically grounded schooling is thus an act of apostasy for a believer: it involves having another god and bowing down before him to learn from him." ( Rousas John Rushdoony, The Institutes of Biblical Law (The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, 1973) pp. 21-22.)


  3. the people with political power, & the power of numbers, will actually govern the size of the population, eventually… people who have come here illegally are building large families to hold onto that power… suggesting that people have small families is suggesting that they relinquish the power of numbers to a cars that is intangible… While you’re being sarcastic, the importance of this subject is far greater than you think…

  4. Bingo. Left wingers, tree huggers, and statists get to live their selfish, self-centered, hedonistic, hypocritical lives without any effort or need to care for children and still get to propagate their 'religion' by brainwashing all of the children. We home educated our sons and the contrast between them and their public school educated peers is stunning. I don't just mean academically, but ability to reason, work ethic, manners etc. I'm not taking all the credit here, as it is only by God's grace we were able to do this, and far surpass the results we hoped to achieve.

  5. I've observed homeschool kids for quite a while and found your results to be normal. The homeschooled kids are NOT unsocialized, contrary to claims. They are socialized WAY better than their state school peers, most of whom can only operate within their Beavis and Butthead peer groups. The homeschooled kids can operate within Beavis and Butthead, but also within the larger society. That in addition to being literate, articulate, thoughtful, and informed. Bravo to you.

  6. Don't worry about Tree hugging Euros because Europe will be an Islamic region by 2100.


    We put millions of skilled workers on manufacturing jobs building 500 to 1,000 Nuclear power plant of a low cost standard design. This will provide all the energy to accomplish a full restoration of our industrial base. How will this happen you ask?

    First we "MINE" the oceans for gold, silver, copper, uranium, methane, manganese and other valuable minerals and metals. It has been estimated that it will be profitable to mine gold from the seas at around $ 3,000 per ounce. Second we use cheap nuclear power to extract these metals which could make a profit to pay off the national debt. Third we use the byproduct "WATER" to farm the huge vacant dry south west feeding the entire planet with low cost food.

    Finally we use the cheap nuclear power to build factories to manufacture everything the entire planet needs and we return to zero unemployment and can pay good wages because we have free energy that makes a profit in it's creation.The money generated can payoff all debts, build nuclear reprocessing plants, research and develop a system to render nuclear waste harmless.

    Just think, full employment, no energy crisis ever, gold to make money valuable, make the dollar the strongest currency on earth, end inflation, end government debt. Just imagine "AMERICA REBORN AND THE DREAM FULFILLED!!!

  8. Our current government policy is to reduce the number of native-born, educated American citizens, who understand balance , and replace them with influxes of foreigners who now no loyalties, and understand nothing other than desperate subsistence life. Pressure for birth control and abortions for Ameircans, plus absolutely free obstetric care and delivery for illegal aliens pretty much says it all.

    Politicians, including American ones, prefer unarmed peasants who are so desperate that they'd sell their own mother to the NSA for a bowl of rice, a taco, or a soy-bean-and-filler fast-food burger. Our immigration laws and our health care laws are set up in such a way as to proclaim this loud and clear..