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Concealed Guns Are Now Legal in Illinois (But Not Chicago)

Posted on August 1, 2013

If you have a gun and want to carry it without being bothered by local law enforcement, you will have to travel a bit outside of metro Chicago. But not too far.

Even though Illinois’ new concealed carry law is on the books, the actual state permitting process is not ready to go and won’t be for months.

Regardless, the I-Team has identified 14 counties where authorities say you may not be arrested for carrying a gun.

With this week’s override action by the General Assembly, Illinois was the 50th state to allow concealed carry.

On Thursday night, state police officials said troopers will still arrest anyone carrying a gun because no conceal carry applications have been processed and no permits have been issued under the new law.

But some county authorities in Illinois are ignoring that.

“I’ve already made clear to the state police that those prosecutions will go nowhere. Those folks will not be prosecuted as long as they’re following the guidelines that I laid out,” said Thomas Gibbons, Madison County State’s Attorney.

Madison is one of 14 downstate counties where prosecutors or sheriff’s officials have said that gun owners with state firearm owner’s cards will not be arrested for carrying in public.

Gibbons, attending a county prosecutors conference in Chicago on Thursday, issued seven criteria that gun carriers must meet, including carrying for self-defense:

    • Must be issued and possess a valid F.O.I.D. card or, if not an Illinois resident, a valid concealed carry permit from a state that performs a background check prior to issuance of the permit; and
    • Must be carrying the firearm for self-defense; and
    • Must not be prohibited from possession of a firearm under another statute or court order; and
    • Must keep the firearm concealed on their person or in their vehicle, and not visible to the public; and
    • Must not be engaged in any criminal conduct; and
    • Must be in compliance with all other federal, state and local laws and ordinances; and
  • Must, when asked, inform law enforcement officers of the firearm when in contact with an officer in the course of their duties. It is essential that individuals cooperate with any police officer and inform them of the presence of the firearm prior to removing it from its concealed location. Displaying the firearm at a public location or without the request or knowledge of an officer could constitute a violation of the law.

“Criminals carry firearms and they use them to hurt people. And so anyone, any person in our society has the ability to keep a level playing field as long as they’re otherwise law abiding-to carry a concealed firearm to make sure that if they’re confronted with a deadly threat that they have the ability to make sure to defend themselves,” said Gibbons.

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5 thoughts on “Concealed Guns Are Now Legal in Illinois (But Not Chicago)

  1. Never lived in Illinois, but my understanding is that the rest of the state is MUCH more conservative than Chicago. The rest of the state should vote to expel Chicago. Let all the big liberal metro areas become their own states, and suffer under their own laws.

  2. ncbill12 says:

    So you can carry w/o a FOID card as long as you have an out-of-state CCW permit (that included a background check)?

    Looks like a nice loophole for new IL residents who don't want to get a FOID card…

  3. stray cat says:

    That's NOT correct! The new Illinois law requires that non-residents have an Illinois-issued non-resident CC license at the cost of $300.00 pluss Illinois State Police approved training. The application system is not yet in place & won't be until Jan. 2014. There is no reciprocity provision in the law. Beware! Illinois State Police FAQ's regarding concealed carry: http://www.isp.state.il.us/firearms/ccw/ccw-faq.c

  4. stray cat says:

    For those of you who's like to see the full text, here ya go: http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/publicacts/98/098

  5. Huapakechi says:

    This is the scariest line in the whole article: "Must be in compliance with all other federal, state and local laws and ordinances;"
    Now ya got to carry federal, state and local law libraries and a semanticist with you to translate the laws into comprehensible English whenever you're armed.
    There's some debate about the number of 'gun laws' and ordinances, but the total seems to be somewhere around 20,000 overlapping, sometimes contradictory, and mostly useless 'gun laws'