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Tax Haven: Russia

Written by Gary North on July 26, 2013

Russia has set up regional zones as tax havens. Factories are taxed at low rates. How low? This low.


What if Detroit were allowed by the U.S. government and Michigan’s government to offer this?

What if Detroit had been allowed to offer it in 1960?

If it works in one region temporarily, why not all regions permanently?

Most Russians pay 13% in income taxes. What do you pay in the USA? Add Social Security and Medicare. Add state income taxes.

Pity the Russians. They live under tyranny. Right?

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3 thoughts on “Tax Haven: Russia

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Russia is proving the Laffer. their rates were exorbitantly high, and they were collecting almost no tax. Everyone worked for cash, nobody reported.

    Now, taxes are lower. It's not worth the inconvenience. Banks are flourishing and people are paying.

  2. If taxes are too High for one, they are too high for all. For governments to preach against discrimination and then discriminate against existing taxpayers (who have been paying all along) makes me sick to my stomach. Who makes up the difference in tax collections when the special selected ones get the breaks? Those that have always paid, of course. Government is too big, too expensive, too intrusive. Whether the politicians are all aware or not, the goal is to have everone a slave providing them with the fruits of our labor. Enough already!

  3. I think the basic rule of thumb is that when taxes go about 25% of income, the population begins cheating. Considering that with federal, state, and local taxes, plus registration fees for everything under the sun, Americans are paying much more than 25%. It is only the ledt-over population from the law and order generation that is not cheating. We won't live forever.