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Who Owns Congress? The NSA or the FED?

Written by Gary North on July 25, 2013

The debate goes on.

The failure of Congress to make a token cut in the National Security Agency’s official budget on July 24 was a green light for the NSA to spy on all Americans, forever. That vote indicated that the NSA owns Congress.

But hold on! Don’t jump to conclusions too fast. Has Congress ever authorized the Government Accountability Office to audit the Federal Reserve? No.

Did it have a chance to do this? Yes: under Pelosi and under Boehner. That was Ron Paul’s bill. It never got to Obama’s desk for him to veto.

Has the United States government ever audited the Federal Reserve to see who owns the gold? No.

Where is the gold stored? In the vault of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Is this a government agency? No, it is a privately owned agency.

Who owns it? That is none of your business — or the government’s.

But what about Fort Knox? Isn’t there gold there? The Federal Reserve System — which is officially owned by the government — says there is gold there, but no one has audited it, either.

But couldn’t the FED have loaned out this gold under gold leasing? Yes.

But has it? It says it hasn’t.

Has this been verified? No. We have already discussed this.

But isn’t the FED audited? Yes, by companies authorized by the FED. But it does not authorize any auditing of who owns the gold.

What happened when the central bank of Germany asked for half of its gold back from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York? It was told that this will take seven years.

Didn’t Angela Merkel scream? No. She remained mute.

But she screamed when Edward Snowden proved that the NSA bugs all Germans, too? She did not scream. She groused a little. This is an election year. Then Secretary of State John Kerry explained things to the world. ” There is nothing unusual about mass surveillance of allies.” That was his diplomatic way of saying: “Kiss off. We own you” So, she has stopped complaining. She has said nothing since June 30, except that such spying is necessary. Here is what she said at a 90-minute press conference on July 19. She said to be patient. “My job is to ensure people in Germany know that German law applies on German soil, and that applies to everyone here. It is not my job to familiarize myself with the details of PRISM. With every day it becomes clear to the United States that this is important for us. Germany is not a nation of surveillance. Germany is a nation of freedom.”

What did she mean by this? She meant this: “Kiss off. They own us.”

(For the rest of my article click the link. I hope the NSA has not blocked it.)

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6 thoughts on “Who Owns Congress? The NSA or the FED?

  1. Rabelrouser says:

    Who "owns Congress?" , Both the NSA and FED; as long as congressmen and senators dont want their world turned upside down by the enforcement arm, the IRS.

  2. The blog said concerning the 'fed' : "Is this a government agency? No, it is a privately owned agency."

    Sorry, but the POTUS appoints the fed chairman, and he is confirmed by congress. That means it's controlled BY GOVERNMENT. The bankers may own the government, but the 'fed' is congress' private piggy bank that will print as much money as THEY want to spend. Get the picture? YOU cannot take out a loan from the 'fed' but the government can because THEY control it! Furthermore, it is the US TREASURY that has the printing presses, not 'the fed'. The government IS THE BANK folks! Wake up!

  3. Read Jon Rappoport on why the NSA owns congress. Assuming the average legislator is actually the slimeball Rappoport things he is, it's a perfectly logical conclusion.

  4. Who owns congress? That is easy anyone who is willing to pay them the most!

  5. Congress is owned by the communist parties millionaires like George Soros .

  6. The Queen of England owns congress and all the gold and The federal reserve.