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Snowden Remains in Purgatory: The Moscow Airport.

Written by Gary North on July 25, 2013

There is diplomatic hell: extradition to the USA. There is diplomatic heaven: Venezuela. Then there is diplomatic purgatory: the Moscow airport. That is where Edward Snowden is said to live.

Nobody has seen where he lives. We are never told that. Reporters do not raise the question any longer. They haven’t for three weeks. He has been there ever since June 23.

The media simply say it’s like a forwarding address. “Edward Snowden, c/o Moscow airport.” But who delivers this mail? No one says. Where is it delivered? No one says.

No one asks.

Wouldn’t you think someone would ask? But no one does.

Here is the world’s most famous fugitive. He is hidden in plain sight. But where does he sleep? Where does he eat? Where does he get money to sleep and eat? No one asks.

“Don’t ask. Don’t tell.”

He holds a press conference. No one follows him when he leaves.

“Don’t ask. Don’t tell.”

He shaves. Where?

“Don’t ask. Don’t Tell.

He has achieved what Hollywood stars cannot achieve. There are no paparazzi.

“Don’t shoot. Don’t tell.”

What would Justin Bieber pay for this secret? Enough to live for another month in the Moscow airport. But how would Mr. Bieber get his payment to Mr. Snowden?

Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

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5 thoughts on “Snowden Remains in Purgatory: The Moscow Airport.

  1. ccfonten says:

    Actually, I think it is a just and fitting end to this little twerp. Purgatory….sentenced to life in a Moscow airport and cannot ever leave and have all the freedoms he says the US govt won't let him have.
    Don't get me wrong……..what the NSA is doing IS a violation of our 4th Amendment rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, but this guy is just an idiot.

  2. And I suppose you DON'T see any contradiction in what you just said. The people paying attention have known what the NSA has been doing for a long time, but the vast majority have not. Now, suddenly, the vast majority DOES know, all thanks to Snowden. And you call him a twerp. I'd say that describes YOU pretty well.

  3. Not an idiot … an American Hero.

  4. I know I'm starting to sould like a broken record, but: This is another reason why I think that…wait for it…Jon Rappoport is right when he says this whole thing doesn't pass the smell test. There is no way the NSA would be so naive and incompetent as to allow little twerps like Snowden to just walk in with a thumb drive and get away with all the secrets he claims to have stolen. JR's theory is that this is a turf war between the CIA and the NSA, and Snowden is working for the CIA. That's why all these non-sequiturs and things that strain credibility. Nobody is investigating, nobody is asking questions, and we're all supposed to just accept the stories! Case in point: check out the commentary above…they're accepting all this at face value. Why aren't you guys just a teeny, tiny bit suspicious of the whole thing???

  5. Ccfonten is just one of many government-paid shills who go on the blogosphere as ordered to flog Washington's official viewpoint. Pay him/her/it no mind.