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My Site Is Being Blocked!

Written by Gary North on July 25, 2013

GaryNorth.com is being blocked on Firefox and Chrome.  Try it now: www.GaryNorth.com.

It is open to Internet Explorer.

There is nothing wrong with my site.  Firefox users: click the link at the bottom right hand side of the WARNING sign. See for yourself: Ignore this warning.

This image is not live. It is posted here to show you what people see on Firefox.


This is what they see on Chrome.


There were no problems detected on my site by my support staff. I used Malwarebytes to scan my computer. I am the only person who can upload items to my computer, other than technical support. Results: clean as a whistle.


It may be that this has been unblocked by the time you read this report. I hope so!

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88 thoughts on “My Site Is Being Blocked!

  1. On Safari too, have to press ignore buttons couple of times

  2. Works fine with Opera. Why use anything else?

  3. On my Firefox there no "Ignore" option.

  4. It worked fine on my Firefox this morning. Maybe there was a problem with one of the ads on your website.

  5. Rabelrouser says:

    There have been several sites that I have visited for the past couple of years that I have been blocked from viewing recently. Clicking on the links they provide usually will not work and going directly to their home page will not allow connection Some are prepper sites and others are conservative news sites. But hey, they ( admin, gov agencies) wouldnt try to deny the free flow of information would they?

  6. Texas Chris says:

    If you're not taking flack, you're not over the target.

  7. Michael Taylor says:

    You probably have a virus that affects your web server.

    It was probably not spread with conscious intent.

    Have your web tech look into removing malware from a web server…apply the remedy…and all should be well.

    Do it quick, lest Google attach a warning to your search engine results, as well. If that happens, that can be fixed, too.

  8. Natural news.com had reported people getting warnings from McAfee anti-virus software that they were trying to go to a dangerous site if they went to their web site. I cancelled my McAfee site adviser program since I was getting that on EVERY conservative web site I tried to go to. Apparently people on the left are making reports on all the conservative web sites that they are unsafe and these sites are then being blocked on the basis of those reports. That is how Mike Adams reported the process whereby these sites are being blocked. Since I dumped McAfee site adviser have no longer had the problem. Will drop the entire program on the first when I get paid and can buy Norton Anti-virus program. Yeah, I am one of those living from check to check who have not used due diligence with my finances and who will soon be eating what I can grab out of garbage cans. Life sucks then you die.

  9. Goggle is telling me that they are not blocking it at all and it should work. Of course they wanted me to access my computer and even wanted me to give them my password.

  10. Michael Taylor says:

    Actually, on closer inspection, it looks like Google has already marked it as possibly harmful. The Google warning is what triggers the various warning pages.

    This is fixable, though.

  11. Ken Switzer says:

    Have you checked links embeded in comments?
    It would be easy for someone to embed links to malware and that would trigger this mechanism.
    The safest thing is to turn off direct links out of your site from third parties.

    In some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message.

    These are the links they say your site references.

    Malicious software is hosted on 7 domain(s), including laybed.com/, imageszoom.info/, imucarapo.pl/.

    4 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including laybed.com/, zxxds.net/, imageszoom.info/.

    They also say there is no malware on your site.

    I don't think the culprit here is the browsers. You have people or links that your site references that have been compromised or are to intentionally bad sites. That triggers the browser alert automatically.
    You need to find the bad links and remove them and the warning will go away.

  12. Yep, it's blocked on Firefox, though Chrome is now ok with it. Do you have a link we can go to to complain to Mozilla about it?

  13. If You have to buy, please use Kaspersky, It is a super anti-virus program and is recommended by every computer guru I know !

  14. https://www.stopbadware.org/firefox?hl=en-US&…

    Click "get started". They might even tell you what link(s) are (were) bad.

  15. I told them to get stuffed last night ! ! I also threatened to dump every Google product on my computer and ban them from my site 😀

  16. Still blocked on Chrome.

  17. You might start by correcting the syntax errors that conflict with the designated DOCTYPE. Browsers can deal with some misleading information but there are limits.


  18. Using that validator on garynorth.com = 635 Errors, 285 warning(s)
    <a href="http://validator.w3.org/check?uri =www.GaryNorth.com.&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0″ target=”_blank”>http://validator.w3.org/check?uri <a href="http:/…” target=”_blank”>=www.GaryNorth.com.&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0

  19. Me, too.

  20. shellback says:

    blocked on IXQUICK also – which is not surprising since it anonymously mirrors Google. This make them very secure – but limited to whatever Google wants to show on its searches.

  21. I think that "none" and "Kevin" deserve a reply. Conspiracies are always fun to look for, but the answer might be much less ominous than that.

  22. A little suggestion, Gary: if you run your windows box as a virtual under Linux (try VirtualBox, which is robust and free from Oracle), you can take periodic snapshots of the running system and then easily make this problem go away if it ever happens again.

    If your windows server ever gets infected, you just delete the infected running virtual and restore the previous known-clean snapshot. Run a virus checker on any specific backed-up files you wish to restore to catch up contents added since the previous snapshot — and be happy.


    Apart from lower cost of operation and greater backup security, one of the reasons cloud services are so widely used by real businesses is that infected servers can be similarly removed and restored from prior backups. You will pay a bit more for running Windows IIS (resource hog) rather than Linux, but either way you have the same advantages of virtualization. Anyone today running their own hardware and non-virtualized software should really be wondering why. Paying more to gain only greater pain and suffering makes no sense at all.

  23. May I please borrow that phrase? 😉

  24. David Parker says:

    Would you consier ZoneAlarm to be as good as Kaspersky? The Germans are very thorough.

  25. David Parker says:

    TOR works.

  26. I just tried on Safari and got thru on my iPad but Firefox on my laptop shows the Warning page.

  27. Admiral_America says:

    All sites test your site as safe including http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/http%3A//garynor….

  28. SheepdogDev says:

    Use Avast! or. Comodo. Both are completely free, and 1000% better than either McAffee or Norton (or Kaspersky for that matter).

  29. HowardRoark says:

    Working fine now on FireFox

  30. James Lick says:

    According to the google report it is blocking by IP address. Since most server IP addresses host hundreds of websites, it might not even be your site which is infected. I would suggest you ask MemberGate to move your site to a different server and/or check all sites on that server for infection.

  31. DoctorBob says:

    Works fine with Opera. AVG didn't alert, nor did Malwarebytes or SpywareBlaster. So, it's pretty apparent that the site is being blocked due to political intervention by Chrome and Google, both of which refused me entry.

  32. DoctorBob says:

    Sorry, I made an error. I said Google and Chrome. I meant to say Firefox and Chrome.

  33. As a webmaster I can tell this is very annoying. But, once clean you have to submit it google to take it off the sh*tlist. I don't agree that they should do this since it is relying on bots and not humans and people that don't deal with this on a day to day basic freak out. Kinda like what you are doing…thinking you pissed off a liberal. :-)Another issue you have to deal with is all the anti virus programs that react and block quickly to google's sh*tlist but respond slowly once the site is clean.

  34. Victor Barney says:

    OCTOBER 5th 2013 will display exactly what our "women alone" did to u.s. men! Watch!

  35. William Harvey says:

    I am using Mozilla FireFox (as I have dumped Microsoft long ago, for Ubuntu Linux) and am able to Log on to http://www.GaryNorth.com, no problem.

    I only see the "Site Blocked" Message when Clicking on your "Read More" Link, not when directly Logging on to http://www.GaryNorth.com with FireFox.

    Longmont, Colorado

  36. Teeny tiny little button on my FF that says "ignore this warning".

    Shame on you, Mozilla, you're open source, you're not supposed to be the bitch of government and corporate interests.

  37. I can certainly see it as a tactic those on the left would use – report conservative websites as malicious to get them blacklisted.

    These are the same sorts of people who will go into bookstores and hide books by conservative authors.

    Google (Chrome) and lovers of the open-source Firefox tend to be heavily and fanatically left-wing. Microsoft is no friend of conservatism, in spite of their success in the free market, but their not blocking in this case is at least one reason to prefer IE.

  38. Nadine Anderton says:

    I just opened it on both Firefox and Chrome. Thursday, 10:25 a.m. pdt

  39. Wrightclick says:

    Always check your system with more than one anti-malware! Someone one misses what another catches.

  40. Just got a phone call from Google when I tried to access website through Chrome. Didn't answer fast enough . Will see if they left a message. Never got a phone call from Google before!

  41. When I try with Firefox, it says the warning is provided by Google. I know Chrome is distributed by Google. At least that should say WHO doesn't like you.

  42. I use Chrome, I got the malware warning, bypassed it and got to his site.

  43. I use firefox and got the warning.
    I clicked the button that said not attack page and was directed to this: <a href="https://www.stopbadware.org/firefox?hl=en-US&url=http%253A%252F%252 Fwww.garynorth.com%252F” target=”_blank”>https://www.stopbadware.org/firefox?hl=en-US&amp;…” target=”_blank”>Fwww.garynorth.com%252F

  44. LOL. It's not that you "made someone angry", you're just getting malicious code brought through via the advertisements you're displaying on your pages.

    BTW, scanning your home computer for viruses isn't going to fix malicious code on your website.

  45. My Firefox has an ignore option.

  46. “advanced system care” is the best I’ve seen, always works

  47. I agree with Ken's diagnosis as far as trusting what Google Safe Browsing said. This is what I thought after clicking "Why was this page blocked?" button on the alert page. I tried some of those links listed by the Google's warning and they were blocked by Google.

  48. I'm a Chrome user, & had no warnings nor problems.

  49. I recently got a Chrome warning block re: malware while on Ebay looking at one sellers ukulele !

  50. i use chrome and just got in a minute ago with no problems if your banner says Gary North, Specific Answers Wealth-building strategies plus Q&A Forums. if that isn't it then i got redirected w/o being told.

  51. James Lick says:

    It's no longer being blocked for me.

  52. Just tried via posted link and got thru; no problem. Good to go.

  53. Chrome is working now; thanks for the heads-up notice. Gotta keep on top of these things.

  54. Retired USMC MSgt says:

    Why buy an anti-virus program when AVG (Free Edition) gets the job done very nicely? A really good anti-malware program is of immense benefit also, look into Malwarebytes, it's also free and works just fine. Another benefit to these programs is that they don't slow down your response times by any measureable amount.

  55. http://safebrowsing.clients.google.com/safebrowsi

    Your hosted account is on a shared server. That shared server is sharing the same IP address between multiple sites. One of those other websites has malware on it. garynorth.com is a casualty. Pay the extra and switch your site to a dedicated IP address.

  56. Thank goodness, I just tried your site on chrome and firefox, both Now work!

  57. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    I got the same thing on Amazon.com too. So it's not just conservative sites that are blocked. Remember that the next time you go on Amazon.com to buy a book.

  58. Working fine on Firefox now, just tried it.

  59. deusvult1 says:

    maybe turn about is fair play?? the lefty sites are pretty open and really some of em should be shut down because of the violence they call for. look what they said about Palin and her families. or Romney etc

  60. I clicked on your site given above and google says int to visit the site now as there is bad malware there and that firefox uses google's black list

  61. sorry about typo int should have been not

  62. William Harvey says:

    Plis, I am using IXQuick with FireFox – again, no problems with accessing http://www.GaryNorth.com.

    Longmont, Colorado

  63. If the liberals don't block my site or make it dark, your site will probably see daylight again.

  64. Works on Chrome now for me… 7/25/13 8:00 p.m.

  65. Robert Pegram says:

    When I used Firefox 22.0 on Windows 7 it went to the site fine. However, a warning popped up asking if I would allow change to the system. That indicates an infection me.

  66. kalamawashington says:

    none on mine

  67. pkeyrich says:

    Look under Chrome's Settings under Privacy, and you'll see a few web filtering assistant options. Try deselecting them one at a time to see which might be the cause. If one is seen as causing the blockage, let us all know so we can report the issue to Google at the same time. Your site s not currently blocked from my view. Safari and Firefox also have similar filters.

  68. chamuiel says:

    I don't like opera's!

    Hee HEE Hee!

  69. Holy Shirt says:

    With my Firefox your website works fine. Maybe it is the Email carriers: mine sucks!

  70. Myron J. Poltroonian says:

    It's from WWII. "Borrow away.

  71. Myron J. Poltroonian says:

    Two things leap to mind; "Coud?" = NSA, and "Wintel?" = yer problems. "Got Mac?"

  72. Go ahead and do it. You can't trust them, particularly with their colluding habits.


  73. It's now fine with Firefox.

  74. It's not being blocked on my firefox

  75. Azrielle says:

    Agree wholeheartedly–been using Opera since 2009. Why use anything else, unless a page refuses to load, in which case I resort to Firefox. And, Gary North's site works just fine in Opera.

  76. Gary, sorry but your support staff need some work. The problem is not on your computer, unless you are hosting your website at home. If that is the case don’t not good business.
    Now if you look at the details a little closer firefox and chrome tell you what the problem is. More than likely, your site is tired to another site that has malware on it. I severely doubt it is done conspiracy, you are actually nothing to Google. You tripped an alarm I have done it a few times.

  77. lablvr87 says:

    Has worked just fine on firefox 22.0, for past two days.

  78. I'm using Firefox, no problems for me. Facebook on the other hand….

  79. miscott57 says:

    I have Firefox and it worked fine for me just now.

  80. I'm a Firefox user and had no trouble opening your site.

  81. phaedrus says:

    I always use Chrome to view your site and have never seen this Warning. Think you've pinned the tail on the wrong donkey.

  82. It's been unblocked on Firefox …

  83. Firefox V. 23 and DuckDuckGo show no signs of problems. I rarely get a blocked site on FF but I keep auto-update on so I stay with the latest version.

  84. You are both an idiot and a jackass.

  85. You are both an idiot and a jacka$$.

  86. deusvult1 says:

    repetition just makes you seem slower than usual. and a dem on top of it. but then again that is redundant eh? or you could use intelligence and realize that attacks promote the same. nah you're obviously not bright enough to realize that. so just have a nice day 🙂

  87. Wayne Kander says:

    I took the advice from the Natural News.com site and became a McAfee site adviser and reported the site as safe. I also took the time to comment to McAfee that if this sort of nonsense repeated itself I would cease using their products and suggest others do the same. All these companies, providers, security companies need us to use their software. If we are vigilante and willing to take the time to apply pressure, they will find a way to avoid false or maliciously based warnings against safe sites. Any reports of false warnings against sites other than alternative news and health sites? I would be interested to know if someone with the know-how could produce stats to indicate if this is a focused harassment or general tightening up of security standards.

  88. phaedrus says:

    I suspect it has to do with which anti-malware is being used on the client-side. I use Ad-Aware provided by LavaSoft. LavaSoft has a list of sites that will receive this type of blocking that it controls. Fortunately you're not on it. Unfortunately I found a good site that was on it and was being blocked; something like a pro-Christian ACLU. Perhaps needless to say the ACLU itself wasn't blocked. After complaining the good site was taken off the blocking list.