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Darwininsm? 79% of Americans Say No.

Written by Gary North on July 24, 2013

In a recent poll, about 21% of those polled said that they believe in Darwin’s view of evolution: no God directed it. About 17% were not sure. The rest believed that God created life all by Himself, or else He directed evolution.

CBS News reports that a YouGov poll in early July found that 37% think that human beings were created in the last 10,000 years. God created mankind. From the point of view of Darwinism, these people are hopeless.

Then another 25% said they believed that God directed the evolution of mankind. These are the “intelligent design” folks. These days, Darwinists hate them more than they hate creationists. Darwin was reacting against intelligent design, not creationism, in 1859. Intelligent design was the reigning view in England. Today, 40% of Americans think intelligent design should be taught in tax-funded schools — twice as many as believe in Darwinism.

More Americans favor creationism — the hard-core kind — being taught in tax-funded schools than those who oppose. Furthermore, 40% believe that intelligent design should be taught in public schools, compared to 32% who oppose this.

The Darwinists have controlled tax-funded education, K-12, for half a century. They have controlled higher education for over a century. After spending all this tax money, they have persuaded one-fifth of the public.

This does not say much for either Darwininsm or tax-funded education.

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17 thoughts on “Darwininsm? 79% of Americans Say No.

  1. ex-ghetto nurse says:

    45 years in three 'inner city' areas. SOCIAL Darwinism flourishes. Reading, math, communications scores don't. They continue to wither. Crime flourishes (in the various 'hood's) as does hatching more baby Thugell's and Felonisha's qualifying for their EBT cards, Section 8 [taxpayer paid] housing, and, by adolescence housing with their friends at Correctional facilities.

  2. Robert Hutchinson says:

    Since when has the acceptance of a matter by a majority of the population been the determining factor in your analysis? You so often argue the opposite; that most people are confused and a little ignorant thinking only of short term benefits to themselves. I happen to agree with the latter and so I share your views against the orthodoxy of Central Banking, deficit spending, credit creation, labour unions, minimum wages, free healthcare and the climate etc (although as you say in your article below, the sceptics are perhaps beginning to win on the climate). Anyway, I contend that the results of a survey over belief systems is not evidence of anything which, for someone as evidence driven as you in your otherwise excellent analyses, probably has not escaped your notice.

  3. Stuart Shepherd says:

    How 'bout BOTH are true!! Anyone ever consider that? the Bible distinguishes between creation and special creation. Humanity could have been created through progressive evolution if god saw fit- He can do whatever He wants- remember? The creation story in the Bible was probably LITERALLY true- special creation where God brought forth His special Holy people to deliver His Son. the "world" referreed to in the old Testament always referred to the Jewish people! There were already people around when Adam, Eve, cain and abel were "created" or begotten, as Cain feared them when he was banished after killing his brother. Makes sense to me. Why does everybody have to take an "either/or" position. It seems pretty simple and doesn't negate God's creation of the Universe or mankind, including His special holy people in any way!!

  4. You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time — P.T. Barnum. It is also a fact that the longer a fraud is perpetuated, the more likely it is to be exposed as a fraud, i.e. Ponzi schemes. What these figures "prove" is that after 50+ years of total saturation of a population with lies and half truths parading as science, only 1 in 5 have bought in to it. So I contend that the survey of our "belief system" is evidence of something: There are still 80% of us unwilling to be brainwashed. Halleleujah! The king has no clothes — now we should proclaim it out loud!

  5. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I'll bet that 78% of the 80% you say are "unwilling to be brainwashed" were religiously INDOCTRINATED as little innocent children. That's the DEFINITION of "brainwashing"!

  6. JBrigham says:

    I certainly hope you are right!
    But I think you meant to say 98% of 80%…

  7. Those innocent little children spend 30 to 40 hours a week in public school sucking up Darwinism and only 1 or 2 hours in Church (if any at all). So where are they getting their indoctrination? Clearly parents can't spend 30+ hours each week on indoctrination. And yet, they still seem to reject the pseudo science. Strange! What's wrong with these children? Also, refer to "the longer a fraud is perpetuated, the more likely it is to be exposed as a fraud" — why has the Judeo-Christian "theory" withstood 7,000 years of scrutiny while Darwinism can't hold up for even a century? Maybe because one is the truth and the other is a fraud.

  8. Teach “intelligent design” in government-run schools? Are you kiddin’ me?
    The last thing our politicians and bureaucrats want “out there” is that there may be something more omniscient and omnipotent than government.

  9. As God is omnipoten, omniscient, and omnipresent, who, what human, is in a position to state that God could not have chosen whar Darwin has discovered as God's method to populate the Earth?

  10. The majority is not always right!
    As little as 2000 years ago the majority including Jesus believed that the earth was flat, the majority were wrong.
    The majority believed that the sun revolved around the earth, the majority were wrong.
    The majority believe that the universe was created by a ghost in the sky, the majority are wrong.
    The majority elected a Muslim for president, the majority is wrong again.

  11. The ironic thing is that nobody on the cutting edge believes in Darwinism anymore. That's for pop sci publications. The scientific establishment has moved on from Darwin's theories to saltation, punctuated equilibrium, et.al. (without giving up on evolution–that's a non-negotiable). Darwin has been relegated to a figurehead for the evolution movement.

  12. Seymour Kleerly says:

    School teaches Scientific facts and theories. The church teaches things that could not be possible in the real world. They take the Biblical Metaphors as Literal events. Protect the kids from this. They're supposed to learn to THINK!

  13. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas are just two of many well-known scholars and philosophers from history who believed many things in the Bible to be literal events while also knowing how to THINK!

    So clearly you are incorrect in claiming there is a negative correlation between the two.

  14. No doubt a lot of scientists are floundering these days because they can't prove the theory of evolution, which is just a theory and that's all it ever was, dreamed up by Darwin during his stay on the Galapagos Islands with all of its varied species of animals. Of course we'll never prove Creationism either, and someone can only come to accept this concept after they believe that there is a Higher Power and a spiritual world beyond ours. Evolution conveniently fills in the gaps of our understanding of our origins and existence if there is no God and only the physical universe exists. Check out Ben Stein's movie "Expelled" which really gets to the heart of the matter in the world of Academia. In the secular university setting, you don't speak out against the theory of evolution unless you want to lose your job as a professor. Amazing how the liberal mentality is purported to be open and engaging of all kinds of ideas, but agressively shuts down the concept of Creationism. Of course, liberals understand that once you acknowledge there is a Creator God of this universe then you must acknowledge His power and judgement and that His word is the final authority, not the word of any man, government or human authority.

  15. I will believe in evolution, as I once did, when someone explains to me the existence of a beehive…

  16. I believe that you are absolutely right. If parents want their children to be taught religion instead of science in schools than the parents should enroll their children in religious schools. Public schools should be teaching science.

  17. So does this mean a majority has to believe in a fact for it to be true? I don't think so, there are mountains of evidence to prove evolution true, which is why it is a theory instead of a postulate. I mean it is still a theory that the Earth is round instead of flat, and how many people try to disprove that???? Religion has relented so much as science has proven so much of religion false it is time we threw away the fairy tales and embraced reality. Let's stop with the bronze age fairy tales and embrace the truth of modern science. However if you want to believe in fairy tales that is your prerogative, just don't try to shove that crap down my throat.