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“You’re Fired. Want to Work Part-Time?”

Written by Gary North on July 19, 2013

Three-quarters of all small business owners say this will be their response to ObamaCare.

As Nancy Pelosi famously said: “Are you serious?” They are serious.

They will fire people. They will make part-time workers out of full-time workers. They will do whatever it takes to get out from under ObamaCare.

This was obvious from day one, but it was not obvious to Pelosi.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce summarizes what the situation is. “Small businesses expect the requirement to negatively impact their employees. Twenty-seven percent say they will cut hours to reduce full time employees, 24 percent will reduce hiring, and 23 percent plan to replace full time employees with part-time workers to avoid triggering the mandate.”

Thanks, Nancy. Thanks Barack. You have just created the new normal for low-paid workers: lower pay!

This is why the government decided to delay implementation of small business rules until 2015. You see, there are Congressional elections in November of 2014.

But businessmen like to plan ahead. They understand calendars. They now have an extra year to prepare. They will begin making adjustments this year. They will start implementing them next year.

Subsidized health insurance? Only if you have a full-time job. Oops. Sorry about that.

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32 thoughts on ““You’re Fired. Want to Work Part-Time?”

  1. America is being gutted by a dedicated Marxist.

  2. People working for the government don’t know jack about running anything. The only thing they know is how to meddle in everything. They meddled in housing, they meddled in banking, they now meddle in healthcare.

    Nothing government employees have stuck their fingers into ended up on a positive note. The only winners always seem to be the crooks in politics like Nancy and her husband. This not a Democrat -vs- Republican thing, both sides suck, both sides can’t keep their noses out of anyone else’s business.

    They meddle because they can….

  3. Gee! I think anyone with a sound mind could have figured that out from Day One!!

  4. May the fools who voted for this POS be the first ones to get canned.

  5. And what is to stop said employers to post a notice that if legal, they will be hiring new legal occupants of the U.S.A. after they fire the existing employees, because it appears that there are rules that make the new healthcare regulations that favor the employer for hiring said occupants.

  6. Holy Shirt says:

    As a youngster, this dedicated Marxist was brainwashed to hate everything that made most of the world idolize America as the Land of Opportunity, the one with streets paved with gold, like most Middle East Muslims were brainwashed the last 100 years. But this Marxist is abetted by officials who cannot think effectively, hampered by ego, greed and a severe epidemic of DUMBTH!*

    *Allen, Steve – "DUMBTH! The Lost Art of Thinking" c. 1992, 2002

  7. 2-part time jobs, maybe- 3…..we have to make decisions that are of positives for America, and Americans.
    We have to become- HIGHLY innovative, and make it work – and it can…we must use our – own individual, personal,- 'smarts'.
    In China, families live together and share-costs, and such.
    In this, they can afford more, and they also are on hand to assist each other.
    This would help those of us who have not considered this, yet.
    We also need to elect goodpeople, and make it a law that anyone voting must at least have a high school g.e.d. – to qualify to vote.
    Uneducated people must become- educated, for many reasons, to be a help to society, and a help to themselves; the educated, must enforce this to become a rule.


  9. Larry Lunts says:

    There are two easy solutions to this problem. One is to require employer participation, on a pro-rated basis, for part-time workers. (i.e., if a worker works 30 hours per week, the employer funds 75% of his healthcare, if he works 20 hours per week, the employer funds 50% of his healthcare, and so on.) This would eliminate the incentive for employers to cut hours, and would actually ENCOURAGE full time employment, as employer contributions would top out at 100% for 40 or more hours. The second is to reduce the age of Medicare eligibility to birth, which is what should have been done all along.

  10. LOL. You seem to think that Marxism is a bad idea. Capitalism is what's destroying this country.

  11. Not just capitalism, but UNREGULATED capitalism. That's the key word.

  12. Mr. Smith says:

    There’s a website that has the by-line: “Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out.” I thought about this idea and have come to the conclusion that it is a perfect description of the liberal psychology; the idea that the world would be perfect if you simply obey me, and if there’s something wrong with my world it’s because you (or someone else) isn’t following my rules!

  13. Mr. Smith says:

    Freedom, true freedom is a complete non sequitur to liberals, it just doesn’t compute. To a liberal the idea of less government, less rules, less regulation is madness! Most liberals believe that everything should be subject to their regulation – even truth. Want healthcare? Well then we can just pass a law to make employers purchase healthcare for their employees. And if businesses try and wiggle out of paying for healthcare by making their employees part-time, then we’ll just pass another law to fix that. And if the businesses say they can’t be profitable then they’ll just pass a law to make all businesses profitable! Before the fall of the Soviet Union there was a saying among the workers, “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.” It came about because the Soviet Union thought that they could dictate the true value of everything, and found out the hard way that they couldn’t. Truth WILL prevail!

  14. shorewater says:

    Capitalism is simply a large auction. Nothing more, nothing less. It is what made this country so wealthy. Obama is draining all our wealth and ruining thousands of lives in the process. When all the capital is pooled in Washington DC, crooked politicians like Obama can tap into that and go on their million dollar junkets, wasting money and resources, while at the same time causing a sequester that causes legitimate services to be stopped. That is the democrat way!

  15. Seymour Kleerly says:

    This began long before Obama! Was Bush a Marxist?

  16. "You seem to think that Marxism is a bad idea."

    And that sentence in a nutshell, shows just how thick of a skull Shane has.

    Marxism murdered about 110 million people between 1917 and 1987. That is just more than 3X the amount of people killed in all foreign and domestic wars in the 20th century(about 35 million).

    But Shane is of course, oblivious. The number is too large to mean anything to him.

    "Capitalism is what's destroying this country."

    What does Shane know about capitalism? He knows how to spell the word, and that is all he knows about it.

  17. More regulation to counteract the unintended consequences of regulation. This process goes on ad infinitum. The government can't seem to grasp the idea that people are not inanimate objects. People are smart, and can work around regulations and maximize their own benefit. All regulations do is increase the nonproductive workload as people devise their workarounds. Go to the internet and google the word "clover" as it relates to those who see salvation in the state.

  18. "would actually ENCOURAGE full time employment"

    ….or even larger layoffs. It all depends on if the worker is more productive for the employer then the costs of paying those healthcare bills

    "The second is to reduce the age of Medicare eligibility to birth, which is what should have been done all along."

    Medicare is on its way to bankrupting the federal government, expanding it now would do that even sooner. Do you want to make us drive off the cliff faster?

  19. No, he was a crony capitalist, which is no capitalist at all. Just like all the presidents since Harding and including Wilson.

  20. The Republicans could have stopped this illegal delay in Obamacare. The handwriting is on the wall. 2014 is a wash.

  21. Larry Lunts says:

    Why is it that "true conservatives," who claim to believe in less government, believe that they have to right to regulate everyone's sexual and reproductive life?

  22. Ceritus Paribus is a phrase, not an operating parameter in an economic experiment.

    AKA – I guess we really did have to pass the damn fool law to see what was in it.

  23. No, they couldn't…. no more than they could stop a lot of other "Executive Decisions" that Mr. Obama has foisted upon us.

    The fact that Obama decided to do this PROVES that the law is half baked non-sense.

    The GOP doesn't need to lift a finger. They didn't want Obamacare, they fought Obamacare but the Democrats and Big Pharma and Big Insurance wanted Obamacare. By fighting Obamacare they squander political capital, needlessly.

    Mike Dukakis laws like Obamcare "Partnerships between Government and Industry". In a less innocent age we called it "Fascism".

    It will not end well….. and Obama and the Progressives are SOLELY to blame for it.

  24. The reason capitalism is safer than Marxism is that a capitalist knows he can't sell anything to dead people. Since Marxists think that the state is some self-existent god, they have no idea that there is such a thing as profit and loss.

  25. That is how the Republicans became pariahs in the South. They disenfranchised anyone associated with the Confederate government (read: all the white people) and only newly-freed, but uneducated black men and Carpetbagger yankees could vote. Half or more of the legislatures of the former Confederate states were filled with illiterate former slaves who may have had good intentions, but with educated yankees there to "help" them, things only went awry. All the white people were pretty much the same way Obama treats them right now. But that was on a state-by-state basis. With the federal government in charge of the Democrats, they may be able to screw everything up permanently.

    Reconstruction, with a totally disenfranchised white population (disenfranchised by Republicans) led directly to Jim Crow laws as soon as the white people got the vote back. They didn't want a repeat of Reconstruction. The Obama Administration is merely nationwide "Reconstruction," operated by the Democrats.

  26. Oh, so the solution is to tighten up the law so that the employer can't avoid being screwed.? Sort of like taking Obama(care) from icehole to iceberg and sinking everything.

  27. The welfare rolls are full of people on permanent total disability for that very problem, because they are unable to work. Thjey have been diagnosed as bipolar psychotics; because they cannot work anywhere where they are not the absolute boss. That's why so many liberals are attracted to politics. One can obtain sweeping powers with no education, no real sense of responsibility, and no equity sweat or financial.

  28. Pelosi said that Obamacare was like a stool sample — that we'd have to pass it to find out what was in it. I didn't cre what was in it. I knew it was a stool sample, and I didn't want any.

  29. Suzy5555 says:

    That is a myth perpetuated by the liberals.

  30. Rabelrouser says:

    Because we allow them to; If only more American Citizens would speak up and not elect "party" would they finally see our disgust.

  31. John Newman says:

    what is the name of the electronic device purported to cure CFS and kill Epstein-Barr virus?

  32. Yes, i agree 150 % I agree with everything u said . So when and how are we going to stand up and make change in this total corrupt environment that our Government is trying to force us live in !