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Bounty for Shooting Down a Drone

Written by Gary North on July 18, 2013

A small Colorado town has a good idea: a $100 bounty for shooting down a drone. It will charge a $25 hunting license to make the whole deal legal.

There are restrictions. Shotguns only. No drones above 1,000 feet.

Can you shoot down a drone with a shotgun? The odds are against it. But as the proponents say, it’s a symbolic gesture. I like the gesture.

The ordinance has not passed yet. But it’s the thought that counts.

Would the federal government arrest you for shooting down one of its drones? Maybe. But it would be really bad publicity.

What’s next? Maybe a Scouting merit badge for building an anti-drone drone.

How about a drone-communications scrambling device?

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6 thoughts on “Bounty for Shooting Down a Drone

  1. Texas Chris says:

    While I was studying at TX A&M, some UT students used a series of ham radios to bring down military drones at a local air base. $1,000 in equipment > $1,000,000 drone.

  2. Don't Drone me Bro!

  3. We need to have more people get their ham radio license and a drone schedule. Hackers need to get the schedule of fly over and the ham operators go to it.

  4. Forget the schedule. The drone operators won't follow any published schedule. Concentrate on detection, and set upi monitors that can automatically alert interested parties when there is a drone in the area.

  5. Ken Danagger says:


    Nobody is going to shoot down a military drone with a shotgun – there is ZERO chance of that. Military drones such as the predator fly too high and too fast to be even touched by a shotgun.
    The only thing a redneck with a shotgun is likely to shot down is a hobbist rc aircraft with little propellers on it – a toy. A lot of people in the RC hobby are flying these things called "quadcopters". They are cheap and easy to fly. Sometimes it's a father/son hobby. Sometimes people put a GoPro on them to take cool aerial videos.
    But, I have NEVER heard of a case where one was used for nefarious purposes – for "spying on someone".
    That doesn't mean that someone couldn't… But it's NOT A PROBLEM RIGHT NOW.

    Traffic cameras, and other ground based government surveillance cameras are recording HUGE numbers of people on a daily basis. And yet – nobody seems to care… They are more fixated with blasting some kids little radio controlled helicopter out of the air.

  6. If I shoot a drone without a license, am I a poacher?