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Jim Wallis: White Liberal Protestantism’s Al Sharpton

Written by Gary North on July 16, 2013

Rev. Jim Wallis, the far Left, self-styled evangelical for high taxes on the rich, wealth-redistribution, endless federal programs, and all in the name of Jesus, has once again proven that he is the master of guilt-manipulation. He cries out against white Christians’ acceptance of the jury’s decision in the Zimmerman trial.

The prosecution failed, he says. It did not play the race card. It owed it to black America to play the race card.

It was a political, legal, and moral mistake to not put race at the center of this trial because it was at the center from the beginning of this terrible case.

Now, don’t you go around saying that Rev. Wallis believes in racial profiling. In court, yes. Play that race card! But not on the street. Never on the street.

And racial profiling is a sin in the eyes of God. It should also be a crime in the eyes of our society, and the laws we enact to protect each other and our common good.

You may conclude that Rev. Wallis is suffering from a bad case of intellectual schizophrenia. But he has an excuse. He’s a liberal. He’s a white liberal. Also, he gets paid $197,000 a year by his non-profit organization. He earns his keep.

The jury could not possibly have understood what went on, you see.

What exactly happened between Zimmerman and Martin will never be known, because the boy is dead and the adult did not have to testify and be cross examined.

That’s the trouble with murder cases. Someone was murdered. So, he cannot give his side of the story. Therefore, jurors have to Do The Right Thing. They have to look at the victim’s color, as if it were 1955 in Mississippi, only with colors reversed.

Testimony? Useless! Cross-examination? Irrelevant!

How a black boy responded to a strange man who was following him, and what the stranger did with that, is a story we can never really know. But regardless of the verdict that rests on narrow definitions of self-defense and reasonable doubt, it is absolutely clear that racial profiling was present in this whole incident.

So, the verdict is irrelevant. We must look beyond the verdict.

But while the legal verdicts of this trial must be accepted, the larger social meaning of court cases and verdicts must be dealt with, especially as they impact the moral quality of our society.

Yes, sir, what is important is the Larger Social Meaning. And what is this Larger Social Meaning?

White Christians cannot and must not leave the sole responsibility of telling the truth about America, how it has failed Trayvon Martin and so many black Americans, solely to their African American brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s time for white Christians to listen to their black brothers and sisters, to learn their stories, and to speak out for racial justice and reconciliation. The country needs multi-racial communities of faith to show us how to live together.

When a jury said O. J. Simpson was not guilty, I accepted it. The jury was responsible. The jury heard the evidence. The jury system is the last major barrier between this society and the bureaucratic tyranny of the administrative state. My view is this: do not second-guess a jury. But, then again, I am not a white liberal. I am not being paid to import white political liberalism into evangelical churches. Wallis is.

If you are white, he says, it’s all your fault. You are blind.

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36 thoughts on “Jim Wallis: White Liberal Protestantism’s Al Sharpton

  1. Patriotic Christian says:

    This is a bunch of hogwash! This person needs to be in a mental institution! There is no logic or sanity in his message, rather it sounds like the mutterings of a paranoid schizophrenic!!

  2. Suzyshopper says:

    What a pile of crap, there's more black on white crime, than white on black crime, but don't confuse the blacks with the facts. In this last year white ppl have died, killed by blacks just because they were white, but the blacks don't want too hear about, because then they can't scream racism, and riot, so they can steal a few tvs.How-come when oj Simpson verdict came in not guilty, when everybody knew he was, whites didnt riot?What kind of mentality, says that because something doesn't go my way,I can beat up innocent ppl, only savages act like that, if you don't want too be called a savage, then don't act like one.To bad for the black community that the race card didnt work this time, better luck the next time!

  3. branded969 says:

    What funny farm did this guy escape from? Is this MORON Serious? Has e forgot that Martin was a gangbanger wannabe? Why is it when we have so many good black and white children we always try to make out that the bad ones are better? They didn't get a fair break, the world was against them, that is all BS and you all know that! The reason these kids go bad is because they are easily persuaded to the bad lazy side, they don't want to work, they don't want an education, they don't want to be told what to do, so they end up stealing and hurting people! The sooner we realize this the better off we'll be! These kids want to blame everybody else because of their shortcomings, Just like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Eric Holder and Bama! The American people need to wake up to the lies that these people are telling us, we know better! The reason these bad kids don't make it in our society is because they DON'T WANT TO! Semper Fi.

  4. Rev. Wallis is a piece of trash. Like myself he will one day stand before a righteous judge and according to scripture, bow down and confess with his tongue that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. He will be shocked to find out that neither Al nor Jesse is Lord of all.

  5. Wallis is not a man of God. He is simply a Chicago gangster wrapped in priest clothing. The man should be taken out back and fed to the alligators.

  6. Wonder why the attorney general is not calling for an investigation of the 50 plus blacks who were killed recently in Chicago? Where is our illustrious president on this issue? Talk about racisim. Wonder what would happen if white people stopped giving to charity, which is redistribution of wealth. Where are the real christian black's on this issue and I do not include Al and Jesse in this category with their money machine.

  7. WhiteFalcon says:

    Zimmerman is Hispanic, and that is not considered "white", but the liberals want to consider it that way now because it fits their warped logic. This was a black on Hispanic crime. The black lost. It was all his fault and not the Hispanic's fault. That is the truth of the matter.

  8. Wouldn't that be considered cruelty to animals? He should be dumped in a septic tank with the rest of the turds….

  9. During the Zimmerman trial , Travon Martin was constantly referred to as a boy, child or 12 year old kid. His picture when he was 12 years old was posted quite often by the news media. University professors in our nation have been teaching for a few years now, that there is no such thing as "absolute truth", that there is no such thing as right or wrong. Christians, black and white, put your trust in Jesus Christ, not Mr. Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or any other man on this earth. It is a fact that "Man" will deceive you and our world is full of deceivers, believing lies straight from the pits of Hell. God is still in control. I believe that these things are being allowed to happen to prepare us for an awakening in the United States to a return to God and our constitution.

  10. who the hell cares what Willis thinks, he is a useless bottom feeder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The way I see it, he is just paving his path to Hell. If POS Holder is going to file charges of racism, etc. he should file it against idiots like this. He seems to be nothing more than another Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

  12. e1313ruth says:

    Black skin trumps the rule of law????? The black skinned president ignors laws and uses executive orders to get his way… The blacks in America ignor the not guilty verdict and continue to persecute a white man….Something about this picture is not right… Blacks are being racist against people because they are white and then they yell whites are racists… That is precisely how satan handles things…
    Meanwhile people ignor the arab terrororist who killed 13 Americans in Fort Hood..
    It very much appears that many in America have given their mind over to the beast…They have ceased to use reasoning but have a gang mentality, a racist gang mentality…Obama has made this insanity much worse and feeds it daily…
    He is the president of blacks and muslims ….Whites are the enemy..especially the white Christians,,,,and I do not mean the tares like Wallace…

  13. e1313ruth says:

    Jesus said the wheat and the tares grow up together until the harvest..Then they will be gathered into bundles and delivered to the fire..It looks like the Wallis tares of the world have been gathered into the democrat bundle and Obama is delivering them into the fire, aka chrislam…A deserving inheritance….
    I bet Obama sits back and laughs in glee at the stupidity of his gang mentality cronies..The Obama deity says the word and his flock carries it to every corner of the world..Pardon me whille i puke…

  14. Holy Shirt says:

    A majority of the nation didn't like the O. J. Simpson acquittal either, which is why the State of California and the nation commenced a vendetta against him. This happened because that majority (which grows everyday) is stupid. It is why they elect stupid lawmakers and presidents to appoint stupid judges. Stupidity (which breeds corruption) rules America. We are Toast!

  15. Ddenney1 says:

    The court system is NEVER fair when white people get off and black people get convicted DON'T you see???? It's the lib mind set ALL black people deserve to get off (UNLEES THEY HAPPEN TO BE CONSERVATIVE) it' only FAIR every one of us are racist! (NEVER MIND THAT 92% of black people that are killed ARE killed by BLACK PEOPLE) That does not matter! 47% of crime comes from 13% of the population does not matter THAT's just because BLACK people WERE slaves 160 years ago because BLACK people sold their neighbors to Europeans! Give it a rest you RACISTYS!!!!

  16. Immigration is dead – it has been killed by Obama, Holder and Harry Reid causing a HISPANIC man to be falsely prosecuted. The Administration forgets that 1/2 Black and 1/2 white makes Obama Black but that does not work for Hispanics – what a sad media presentation – NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, LAT, USA Today – all called Zimmerman white and Obama Black.

    Do the Progressives have no sense of FAIRNESS or FAIR PLAY? I guess not.

  17. barryguy says:

    "…the Lord's bond-servant must not be quarrelsome, but kind to all, able to teach, patient when wronged, with gentleness correcting those who are in oppositiom, if perhaps God may grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth , and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, having been been held captive by him to do his will" (2 Timothy 2:24-26). Watch yourselves. Venting and name-calling are fruits of the flesh, not fruit of the Spirit. They gratify the flesh, but grieve the Spirit.

  18. alamarque says:

    how much money is wallis getting from GODLESS george soros bill ayers wright code pink pelosi lying reid or the GODLESS corrupt lawless murdering lying democratic regime of bhobama code pink pelosi reid bill hiliary clinton eric holder alinsky ayers soros durbin clyburn newsmedia entertainment industry etc.–check their records backgroungs activities action–the GOD of IAM HIS SON JESUS CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT has is and will protect and grace HIS people–check HIS background activites actions

  19. awkingsley says:

    Affirmative Action and Civil Rights Legislation needs to be overturned because it has not helped Blacks (Many fewer Blacks are employed now than prior to Affirmative Action.) Blacks are insisting on the right to beat, maim, and kill Whites with their fists. Jim Wallis encouragement of this behavior is insane.

  20. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Zimmerman is a hero to Righties! That's sad.


  22. Old Vet Marine says:

    Seymour Kleerly that has to be a totally stupid statement there are NO "Righties" as you put it saying George Zimmerman is a hero. What is sad is you stupid statement ASSume a statement like that.

  23. Re: Seymour Kleerly,
    — Zimmerman is a hero to Righties! That's sad. —

    What's sad is that nincompoops who have no clue of what they talk about can still find a way to pay for broadband.

  24. In a perfect world , Eric Holder would make sense . But as we are not in that perfect wold , Eric Holder is full of crap . Zimmerman was by his account returning to his vehicle when he was confronted by Martin who had circled back to confront Zimmerman . After a few choice hostile remarks Martin proceeded to sucker punch his victim and knock him to the ground pin him down and pummeling him . Some place in the attack breaking Zimmermans nose and numerous head injuries as he pounded Zimmermans head on the pavement . Fearin for his life Zimmerman used the only option availabe seeing he was pinned to the ground . He got his firearm out and fired a single shot .
    I defy Eric Holder , or anyone else for tht matter to say they would not have done exactly the same thing . If he says no , well he is a damn liar . Self preservation is an instinct , one does what is needed to survive in those situations and , not always by concious thought . Zimmerman was not standing his ground , he was pinned to the pavement . He was acting in selfdefense . If anyone was acting on the "Stand your Ground" principal it was Treyvon Martin and he paid the ultimate price thinking that he could beat hell out of this little (5'9") fat guy . Had he killed Zimmerman would he have been brought to trial ? Would Sharpto , Jackson , Obama , Holder or the NAACP be outraged ? I dare say most f not all of them are protected by guns and bodygards .
    Dispite what Hollywood tells us via TV and films , the wild west was not all that wild in a time when the majority of the men were armed in some manner . There were perhaps a half dozen showdowns in the street at highnoon and this at a time when firearms were common and men , women too had them . People were civil and polite , they thought twice before confronting someone over so imagined slight or for someone following at a distance .
    As usual , Holder is cherry picking his fights , do we hear of his gun smuggling to Mexican Cartels . of investigations into IRS improprieties ? No we hear of a shooting of a 17 yr old kid who was hostile and jumped to confront someone a half foot smaller and out of shape . We also hear nothing of the punks that shot a baby in the face , or the driveby shootings in Chicago . The violence in Detroit , the Black on Black shooting that account for 93% of shoot deaths in the Black Community . Get real Eric Holder , You helped foster this outrage among The Black Community as did you boss , Barry the Fake . Had the situation been reversed would Martin have gonr to trial ? Both local police and the FBI found no willful intent , no racism no wrong doing . Only self defense .

  25. There are something like 30,000 “Christian” denominations worldwide. I put Christian in quotation marks because it’s doubtful they all truly qualify. This is the best explanation for Rev. Jim Wallis I can think of.

  26. Wallis would look great with his decapitated head gutted hanging from a flagpole.

  27. He is as sick as Sharpton,Holder,Jackson,all the rest that is using their race card,it is always poor me look what the whites are doing to us ,when it is always the blacks doing the protesting,rioting,because it did not go your way,George is Hispanic,so stop the blame game ,all Holder is doing is playing the game that Obama wants played for the guns for his agenda,he could not get the gun law passed to suit him,now he is using Trayvon for this next step."Stand your Ground law" is a good thing and Gov.Rick Scott should not give into them morons,this law was put in by the State and it should stand it ground on that ,and if Stevie Wonder,don't want to come back to Florida,all I can say is stay out that is your choice how cares. Holder should go back to Washington ,even though he don't do his job there,he can wipe Obama's nose

  28. TD Jakes is scarier than this. He tries to come across as a colorblind preacher. However, I think he has really exposed himself this week. He tweeted something right after the verdict that I called him out on. He actually responded, but would not clarify what he meant. He implied that I was reading into it something that wasn't there. 2 days later he gives a sermon and quotes his Twitter post almost word for word before ranting on how Trayvon Martin was just an innocent child who did nothing wrong. I guess slamming a person's skull into the pavement is alright in his eyes. Jakes not only revealed something about race, he revealed he is something less than honest. And he did it from pulpit. This is amazing.

  29. This is the sort of thing you are goiog to hear more and more from mainline churches. You see, since the early 1900's, the Community Party tried to infiltrate and turn America's churches into unsuspecting tools of Marxist "liberation." They finally succeeded with the National Council of Churches, which is basically a communist front organization. As long as Christians believed in orthodox Christianity and the equality of all believers, America was safe. But get America to beleive that there is a "black" America and a "white" America, and that the government should get into the religion business and tax people to promote "Christian charity," alarm bells should go off. One main marxist principle is to destroy the wealthy and the middle class by outrageous taxation. It doesn't care what the money is spent on, as long as the people are deprived of it.

  30. Yes, the delusional liberals are comparing the "injustice" of the Zimmerman verdict to "To Kill a Mockingbird," which was fictional to begin with.

  31. He will, with Obama quietly hiring members of the Muslim brotherhood for bureacratic federal positions.

  32. TD Jakes is the guy who "counseled" President Clinton during his "ordeal" with Moncia Lewinsky. If he had preached repentance to Clinton, the latter would have resigned. We know that Clinton did not do that.

  33. I am sick of the articles aout "profiling". Profiling is a normal act of those who are able to think. It must be used if we are to handle any situation the first time we encounter it. All reactions are based upon a previously encountered sityuuation.

    Profiling is the application of history to a current situation. Those who oppose profiling reject learning from history. This is a gauranteed method of failure. They are unable to explain why we should refuse to learn from history.

    Ask yourself if you make decisions without any knowledge.

  34. Suzyshopper says:

    Yeah and Trayvon the wannabe thug is a martyr to lefties!!!!

  35. James B. says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. "The Prosecution owed it to Black America to play the race card". That is so much BS and you can probably smell it from here in Ethiopia. Blacks always want to play the "race card". But God forbid a white person try to play that same "race card" when blacks display racism toward whites. For some idiotic reason, blacks seem to think that only whites are capable of racism. Yet the average black person is far more racist toward whites and blacks who don't toe the line of the average black viewpoint than the average white person ever conceived of being. Unfortunately, Obama and his regime of thugs is using this reverse racism of blacks toward whites to try to generate a race war so that he can step in, claim martial law, and become dictator of this country. If they want to talk about "oppression", they need to think about what it would be like to live under an Obama dictatorial regime. Once he became "king", the handouts would stop and their so-called "plight" would be hundreds of times worse than they perceive it to be right now.

  36. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I just saw a picture of a battered Zimmerman with a hero's tribute on a Right wing site like this.