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“You’ve Got Guns!” A New Smart Phone App

Written by Gary North on July 15, 2013

A new app has just been released. It lets people identify you as a gun owner. They can mark your address on a map. The app lets anyone find out where you live.

It’s “Guns R Us” at a touch of the screen.

The app lets anonymous people identify anyone as a potentially unsafe gun owner.

You may think this is invasive. Too bad for you.

You may think this lets anyone create a threat for you. Too bad for you.

The age of digital information is here — anonymously provided.

Zip your lip.

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26 thoughts on ““You’ve Got Guns!” A New Smart Phone App

  1. ncbill12 says:

    Also check about your state's policies before applying for a concealed carry permit.

    My state currently places the above information into the public record.

    So I'd never apply for a CCW permit until that changes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we need to create a new smartphone app called "You've Had An Abortion!".

  3. This appears to me to be a tool for criminals to use to avoid potentially lethal criminal activities in homes that are occupied by armed citizens. The joke is on those who are creating the data base because they don't like others having the ability to employ the right of self defense. Those contributing to this data base are welcoming criminal activities into their own homes with open arms and the best payout with the least risk to the criminal elements that surround them. They will reap the rewards of their works and wonder why me.

  4. It also give the criminal addresses to steal weapons from when no one is home !!!

  5. Hossmiester says:

    OPSEC people, No one needs to know what you have. Keep your mouth shut. No on the other hand if you live in an idiot state that broadcast or publishes names of gun owners. Looks like you get a gun safe, live with it, or move.

  6. geneww1938 says:

    Great, Now intruders know what to expect and they will go to my liberal neighbors who should be pleased to be invaded.

  7. Rattlerjake says:

    Or how about an app that shows where libturds live. When the new revolutionary war starts we will need to know who the targets are!

  8. Rattlerjake says:

    Funny, I never have anyone trying to break into my home; I have a 14ft python plus a slew of pit vipers and other snakes and everyone in my area knows it. I keep an enclosure on my porch near the front door with a large rat snake in it, seems to be quite effective; even Jehovah's Witnesses won't come in my yard.

  9. Texas Chris says:

    Get a gun safe, hide whatever isn't in the safe, and buy some convincing decoys to leave around the house.

  10. We need an app called: "UnArmed — Easy to Rob, Rape & Pillage"

  11. Ken Danagger says:

    No Problem. Someone now needs to write an app that identifies people who oppose guns, who are unarmed, and their homes undefended.
    Anonymous submissions to that app database also – of course.

  12. when they show where the gun owners are they also show where the unprotected libaturds live

  13. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Now THAT is a great idea! The people responsible for the present condition of the nuttyness in society should become the first targets in the event a bloody revolution starts!

  14. This will be very easy to make useless. Just get the app and start adding addresses for every liberal you know. If we put in enough useless information the app is useless.

  15. Don't forget to add all the criminals in Washington, all the American haters, and every other lib you know.

    Libs will be adding every conservative they know…so, make that app useless.

  16. Holy Shirt says:

    Since only law-abiding citizens may legally own guns, the app identifies and locates law-aiding citizens. Waiting for an app that identifies and locates convicted felons? Their confidentiality and right to privacy is protected by law. Don't hold your breath!

  17. Someone should write a “Your neighbor may be a liberal loon” app.

  18. A fantastic idea. Needs to be done ASAP

  19. It would be nice if, instead, they showed the location of everyone with an ILLEGAL gun. But it is easier to persecute the law abiding. The Obama Adminstration leads the way in that.

  20. I'm kinda thinking this could be a good way for people to get even with people they don't like, submit their names as an unsafe gun owner, even more fun if they don't own a gun and have a criminal record that makes owning a gun illegal. I would think people would be highly non-inclined to break into an unsafe gun owner's house as I presume unsafe gun owner would mean someone who might be a bit unstable, and thus a criminal would REALLY have to worry about getting blown away. If people submitted the name of everyone in their neighborhood, you would either have a whole lot of break-ins or be the most crime free neighborhood in the country. If enough false submissions were made,it would quickly make the app useless like Steve said above.

  21. Anything that keeps Johavah's Witnesses away must be effective. I would try but then even I wouldn't go into my own home.

  22. Maybe what needs to happen is the App makers get sued for all they have – for liability in providing a path for largely unverified information that could result in robbery or other crimes of opportunity, as well as possibly being libel if the information is not correct.

  23. Darrell Russell says:

    This goes much deeper than an app on some ones cell phone. The phone company has no use for such information and the privet sector could care less. The place I would put money is that some one within this current administration has requested the app be developed and it will be for their strict use. NSA ring any bells.
    This government has become obsessed with the idea of gun control for only one reason. They fear those that have guns because they know that those that do have guns will use them.

  24. “I’ve debated a lot of gun control advocates over the years, and I’ve never met someone who has been willing to put up a sign in front of their house indicating that their home is a gun-free zone,”

    Turnabout is fair play, make an app that shows all the non gun owners, the same as placing that sign in their yard and see how they like it.
    Also include locations for known libtards, those with 0bozo 2012 bumper stickers on their cars and who had yard sings in their yards at election time. Call it the Fool Finder or Libtard Locater.

  25. tazz7859 says:

    Yea don't they know that breaking into homes of armed citizens can be as dangerous as stopping in the middle of the street during busy traffic to lick yourself, lol

  26. XQ dreamer says:

    This is just the impetus I needed to get my concealed weapons permit. Regardless if I buy a weapon or not, I want to be on that list, so the bad guys think twice when my address pops up on their Obama phones.