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NSA to Microsoft: “I’ll Still Respect You in the Morning.”

Written by Gary North on July 12, 2013

The story is all over the Internet. Microsoft rolled over to the NSA without a protest.

I am sure that stories about other giant Internet-based companies will follow. But Microsoft is the company we love to hate; the company that gave us Vista and now Windows 8. “Take it or leave it.”

That was what the NSA told Microsoft. Microsoft took it, good and hard. It did so on our behalf. “You want this information? It’s all yours. But please respect us in the morning.”

It is not going to stop. There is a phenomenon called the technological imperative. It is almost a social law. “If it can be done, it will be done.” If the federal government can spy on its citizens, it will spy on its citizens.

The government lied about all this. Then Edward Snowden released the stolen documents that proved that the NSA did exactly what the Bush and Obama administrations crossed their hearts and swore they had not done.

“Get Snowden! Try him! Convict him! The !@#%$ traitor! And let’s stick it to that Bolivian Commie Morales while we’re at it, just for fun.”

NSA has betrayed Americans’ trust. Microsoft has betrayed their trust. So, Feinstein wants to get Snowden. Phil Ochs had a song about this 45 years ago. “Love me. I’m a liberal.”

People shrug it off, of course. They know there is nothing they can do about this, other than to vote in politicians who will cut NSA’s funding. But this is hard to do. Like the CIA’s budget, NSA’s budget is not available to anyone in Congress. It’s a black-ops budget.

Nancy Pelosi famously said of ObamaCare’s provisions, “You’ll have to pass the law before you can read it.” But in NSA’s case, there is no bill to pass. It’s automatically the law. Congress has nothing to say about it. Neither did Bush. Neither does Obama. “I could show you the budget, but then I’d have to kill you.” Ha, ha. Except it’s not a joke.

To shut down the NSA, we would have to shut down 90% of the federal government. Maybe 95%.

It sounds good to me.

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4 thoughts on “NSA to Microsoft: “I’ll Still Respect You in the Morning.”

  1. Bryan76016 says:

    Governor Perry could not remember the third government organization to eliminate, but obviously We the People would be better off with several more could be eliminated. IRS, NSA, the Executive Branch, …………….

  2. Cutting – actually cutting (not just slowing the rate of growth) the IRS's budget is a good first start, if the Republicans can follow through on their proposals.

    There are entire departments of the federal government that are nowhere enumerated as powers granted to them. Close them. Now. No "gradual phasing out" (which never happens).

    Enough of the "off budget" budgets. The trouble is, both presidents, bureaucrats, and legislators love to dodge being accountable, so they invent ways to escape, by creating shadow organizations that no one seems to control.

    Which is bull. The Congress is ultimately responsible, and they are ultimately responsible to us. If they really wanted to roll this stuff back, they could do it. If enough of us push back and make them do it, they will.

  3. 'Love Me, I'm a Liberal!" I thought it was a Jello Biafra composition. I laugh everytime I hear it. Thanks GN, you always open my eyes to events before my time.

  4. So if you use Outlook, you should start your emails with "Good morning NSA, hope you are having a nice day" ?