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Ron Paul’s Internet Channel

Written by Gary North on July 9, 2013

It will start later this summer.

I am not sure how many hours a day it will be available. But it won’t cost us anything to find out.

Click the link to sign up to be notified.

Continue Reading on www.ronpaulchannel.com

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6 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Internet Channel

  1. Carol Brennan says:

    Rand Paul is positioning himself for the Presidency. His direct common sense approach is refreshing and much needed. What a contrast to the buffoon with an agenda to destroy our beloved America.

  2. Here's my prediction, and I'm not willing to put even my non-existent reputation on the line, so take it for what it's worth: Rand Paul will be elected in 2016, because the oligarchy will decide that they need to placate the rising libertarian tide in America. He'll be elected, libertarians will believe that now everything's okay, he'll be given some modest victories that don't actually change the structure of power in DC, libertarians will go back to minding their own business and not paying attention to the national stage, and in 8 years he'll be gone and nothing will actually have changed.

  3. Your prediction's validity is born out by the responses of both the right and left to the presidencies of 'their' guys – Bush 43 and Obama respectively.

  4. Victor Barney says:

    Obama, the predicted "forbidden foreigner"(Only NON-ANGLO-SAXON IN HISTORY to rule over them & of their women's only accord & that's 6,000 years folks) of Deut. 17:15 and also the RIGHT self-disclosed "Anti-Christ"(Marxist) of Revelation, chapter 11! Yes, folks: men are held equally accountable, just as he was in Eden, but now we're talking the earth itself! You just can't make this stuff up; now that the "gatherer's," or our 74%er's, are our SUPER MAJORITY VOTER! Men, welcome to Eden ALL OVER AGAIN! WATCH!

  5. Seymour Kleerly says:

    You're right! A serpent just said hello to me this morning!

  6. Victor Barney says:

    You're alright Seymour! p.s. It's going to get a lot worse too. Watch!