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Obama (Scut Farkus), Europe (Grover Dill), and Snowden (Ralphie)

Written by Gary North on July 9, 2013

We all know Scut Farkus, the bully who pushed the little kids around in A Christmas Story.

Then there was his toady, Grover Dill. He acted tough, because he did everything Farkus told him to do.

Then there was Ralphie, who finally got revenge.

Last week, some bonehead in the Obama administration — the media did not bother to find out who — decided that he would issue an order to France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal to forbid the overflight of the presidential jet of the President of Bolivia.

Did he do this on his own authority? Bureaucrats do not put their careers on the line because some low-level political hack tells them to. They want orders from the top.

They got these orders.

That forced the pilot of the plane to land in Vienna. At that point, the next phase of the bonehead’s plan involved the use of Austrian officials, meaning either the police or the military, to board the plane and search it to find Edward Snowden. The problem was, Edward Snowden was not on the plane.

That immediately caused a sensation around the world. Especially in Latin America, heads of state criticized the U.S. government’s interference with the presidential jet of the Bolivian President. At that point, Venezuela’s President finally jumped off the fence, and offered Snowden asylum. He had resisted doing this prior to the decision of the bonehead to interfere with the Bolivian jet. Not to be outdone, the President of Bolivia then offered him asylum, and then the President of Nicaragua did the same. The President of Nicaragua is Danny Ortega, the Sandinista.

So, before the bonehead made his decision, no country was willing to offer Snowden asylum. But, because the bonehead decided to risk making a fool of the United States government, Snowden now has three places he can flee to.

This is a classic political mistake. The hack had almost no understanding of the potential fallout from his decision. This particular hack never bothered to consider the fallout in Latin America from the decision of the United States to pressure its toadies in Europe to forbid the jet from flying over their air space. Next, the toadies in Europe were exposed as exactly what they are, namely, toadies of the United States, so they are much less likely to cooperate in any further interference with Snowden’s travel plans. Third, the Austrian government looks even worse than the other four governments, because it sent armed officials onto the plane in a fruitless search for a man who was not there.

This makes leftists in Latin American look like courageous heroes, because they are standing up to the United States government. But they decided to do this only because of the bonehead’s decision to make the United States government look bad in front of the whole world. Now they can present themselves as standing tall. But they only stood up because of the bonehead.

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35 thoughts on “Obama (Scut Farkus), Europe (Grover Dill), and Snowden (Ralphie)

  1. Texas Chris says:

    This is par for the course. The US government lives inside the DC Beltway. It understands nothing outside that loop. It doesn't understand Middle East politics. It doesn't understand Latin American politics. It doesn't even understand the depth of the anger smouldering in the population it believes it rules. It certainly doesn't understand economics.

    So, any time the US government it one-upped, and time it doesn't get its way, any time it loses, it is always a surprise. And one day, hopefully soon, when its dominion over us finally collapses, it will once again be surprised. And then gone.

  2. Michael says:

    Bonehead only begins to describe the stupidity of our government……the hubris is unbelievable. They want to prosecute a person telling the truth but allow Wall St thieves and liars to run amok never to be held responsible for their misdeeds. And the thieving congress members who have set themselves up forever and inside deal themselves riches???? Yes I hope the day comes soon the people wake up and revolt against this hypocrisy!!!

  3. Leslie Jones says:

    Great answer- I wish I had said it!

  4. The Austrian violation was perhaps the worst since the aircraft of the president of any country is arguably state territory and would have diplomatic immunity, even if hauling a ton of cocaine.

  5. PolyEster says:

    The bonehead shall remain anonymous, but I would bet her initials are VJ.

  6. If it weren’t for US soldiers being sent overseas to fight everyone else’s wars, Americans would never learn anything about world geography.

  7. My understanding is that all the European governments involved have denied that they refused overflight permission for the Bolivian President's airplane. It is also documented that the unscheduled stop in Vienna was due to a failure of the fuel indication system on the aircraft. Or so the pilots said when asked if they needed assistance. Could it be a case of making a mountain out of a molehill?

  8. beachtennisguy says:

    Very interesting, informative analysis. Anything that makes this regime look stupid is a public service, in this case a thug stunt which backfired. But then every foreign and domestic policy of this jackass regime is a thug stunt which backfires. Five years of this and the head thug is never held accountable. His PD, plausible deniability is a tumor growing out of another tumor, PC, political correctness, on the body politic. Both cancers are fed by the fake media, Statist masterminds, and dependent drones who deserve to live in a third-world cesspool. Since the enemy of our enemy is a friend, it's cool if Snowden gets a break.

  9. Seems to me that Austria and its politicians have not learned a lesson even after World War 2… It was Austria who allowed Adolph Hitler to come to power and take over without a shot, before WW2.. The Austrian government and the people of Austria saw the German people liked thid guy, so he MUST be ok…
    AND, Europe Never Learns…

  10. Toadies all!

    For these European and South American countries to win back their self-respect and independence…they have to STOP taking money from the U. S. Taxpayers!!

    STOP all Foreign Aid!

    Why do we borrow money to give to the Muslim Brotherhood (weapons, planes, tanks) and Kenya (Money to implement their Voter ID program.! I know this is a silly question..

  11. Boomer8 says:

    the US committed an act of war here.

  12. Poodleguy says:

    Stupid is as stupid does! Never in my 77 yrs have I seen such an incompetent in our highest office. Look all around you @ what has happened to our nation since that no good gob of vomit somehow got there! Everything he touches turns to $hit!

  13. 3rd Stringer says:

    So when is the coup (and not the one in Egypt we officially won't identify) coming? 2014? 2106? Sooner. ala all others?

  14. 3rd Stringer says:

    Right on, DoggyMan

  15. DHS1934 says:

    I am 78 years old and agree with Poodleguy. When I was a boy growing up we were at war to save EUROPE from Hitler. Look what that has given us. We may not survive 3 more years of this inept and dangerous government. Impeachment may be our only only option left to remove the President, VP, House Speaker and Senate Majority leader.
    Also, the TEA PARTY should become the CONSTITUTION PARTY and accept only conservative Republicans. The rest can become the WIG PARTY!! DHS1934

  16. To: Mr. Bonehead

    From: All Americans who love our country, but hate our government

    Message: Thank you

  17. First of all that POS DAN in our White House is ILLEGAL to be in there.He should be arrested,then executed for Treason.Then follow the order down the chain till all are executed and don't forget Hillary and Mrs.DAN!

  18. porterv7 says:

    Could Secretary Kerry be responsible for this? He is certainly stupid enough.

  19. gvsteve says:

    And the forced search of the plane? What cover story did they come up with for that?

  20. My understanding of your reply is that it's a really nice try to spin this thing. Too bad the Austrians had to ruin it by boarding the aircraft looking for Snowden.
    BTW–there are so many "molehills" cropping up lately that it's beginning to look like my front lawn.

  21. SammysDad says:

    Possibly VJ, yes, but Obonehead himself gave the OK.

  22. NoWhereMan says:

    One wonders what would have happened if the POTUS's aircraft was forbidden to fly over countries in Northern Africa receiving Soviet military aid, forced to land etc…….??

  23. The potazz needs a mouthful of hot jizz please feed the F

  24. Yes and the boneheads name is Barack Hussein Obama!

  25. There was a report that the fuel indication system was failing because of a heavily armed islamoph9obic, and homophobic Right-wing Christian hex nut had come loose and was at large in the plane somewhere

  26. Love the analogy but it is Obama who will shoot his eye out!

  27. James Milligan says:

    Would hit "like", but I do not have that option on my iPad or this link…..

  28. Seymour Kleerly says:


  29. Run Eddie, run!! If the pres keeps pissing other countries off, you'll will have your choice of all of them soon!

  30. dman_99004 says:

    This is the kind of thing you can expect when incompetence reigns supreme in Washington DC as it does now.

  31. yep, visit beautiful countries, meet interesting people, and then kill them.

    yep. support the troops.

  32. You are so right, Poodleguy. Many of his actions do seem STUPID and he allows his underlings to act as they see fit. Anything that hurts the USA is part of his basic plan. Turning our country into a huge pile of shit is his goal. BUT, as the chief justice stated, the American voters wanted this muslim asshole in office—TWICE!!!!! They're getting what they deserve. (Assuming, of course, that the elections were not fraudulent – which is also a strong possibility!!) For the first time in my 73 years, I am gravely concerned about the future of my country.

  33. crosscut says:

    When will the drone find Snowden ?
    Don't Mess with the Obummer.

  34. While Obama was at Columbia, University, the bug rage was the “Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis,” to overextend and bring down Government, by overloading the U.S. welfare system and bankrupting the nation. Every factor seems to be falling in place to destroy our government, alienate our allies and cripple our nation. Why? The Muslim Brotherhood was formed five years after the Islamic Caliphate was disolved – for the explicit purpose of restoring the worldwide Caliphate. The national and jihadi Muslim leaders who might object to becoming vassels of a new Caliph are being overthrown or killed. Who's campaigning to lead that nuclear-armed, 57-nation state with over a billion people willing to kill or die at the whim of their Caliph, many imbedded in non-Muslim military governments? Who's helping the MB most?

  35. Snowden? How many Muslims hold Top Secret security clearances in critical Departments sanctioned by the Obama Administration? What does that mean? See the article "An Oath Violated?" at http://www.politicalislam.com/blog/2009/11/ – and be very afraid!!!