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ObamaCare Is Killing the Full-Time Jobs Market.

Written by Gary North on July 8, 2013

The news on the jobs front was good, the headlines said on July 5. The headlines lied.

The gains were mostly part-time jobs. Full-time jobs are in free-fall. Why? ObamaCare.

Why hire a full-time worker when you can hire a part-time worker who will not qualify for ObamaCare?

An article on the Zero Hedge site explained. Part-time jobs in June rose by 360,000. Full-time jobs shrank by 240,000. Net gain: 120,000. Mediocre.

This chart tells the story.


The economy is barely recovering. Yet the Federal Reserve has to print $85 billion a month to stimulate even this lackluster recovery. That’s a trillion dollars a year.

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6 thoughts on “ObamaCare Is Killing the Full-Time Jobs Market.

  1. The only thing more dangerous than an outright villain is an amateur.

  2. the true intent was always to destroy jobs, not insure america's impoverished… the fact that most americans are too damn stupid to figure out the plot on a sitcom, let alone the shell game he's running on them, which made it easy for der fuehrer to feign concern while he filed government positions with marxist, fascists and moral degenerates… speaking of hilary, her concept of healthcare was far more radical (honest) than der fuehrer's and you can bet if the bitch gets a chance she will finish dismantling what's left of our disintegrating economy…

  3. A business news program was talking about that recently, the purpose of Obamacare is not healthcare, but to destroy American businesses and get more people on government aid. Those people on aid programs vote overwhelmingly Democrat, that keeps a high Democrat voting base to make sure that the Republicans can't get the votes they need. Same with an amnesty program, more new Democrat voters…From that standpoint, Obamacare is succeeding beyond their wildest dreams..

  4. No problemo. Obama will just get Congress to pass a law ordering all businesses to hier 20% more employees. The new bill will prohibit any business with actual employees from filing chapter 7. Back to debtor's prision they go.

    Oh, but I forget. There is no crazy Speaker of the House foaming at the mouth to railroad this new bill through. Now, if we can just get rid of Reid as Senate majority leader, and we will actually be able to do something to help people in this country. Or at least not hurt them.

  5. This is all done by plan… Obama does not care bout people's income except that it stays low enough to keep them dependent of the government for freebies.

    The fact is that if people make less which will be the impact of the Amnesty Bill, then Obama's wealthy friends are a lot richer compared to average Americans. Having each full time job divided into multiple part time jobs means Obama can claim he has lowered unemployment. It will not matter that the individual can not support their family on the part time job.

  6. stuff to think about – getting difficult to find reliable historical BLS hours worked. Is part time work mushrooming if hours appear to be 34.4 & same back to 99?

    Data references:
    WAGES: Data begins with adjusting the 2012 BLS $42,537 wage @ 34.4/hr/wk to $49,462 @ full-time 40/hr/wk subject to 25% employee tax & 30% employer tax, regulations, & fringes (Wikipedia). Government’s illegal alien subsidy is $36,545 (their $402 billion illegal alien cost/11 million illegal aliens). Individual calculated costs are $12,365 employee tax, $14,839 employer tax & fringes, $36,545 each illegal alien and citizen(?) subsidies, and $37,096 lost net pay.

    1) EMPLOYMENT BLS Dec., 2012: Non-inst population was 243,284 million, workforce was 154.975 million, employed 142.469M, unemployment 12.506M, and want job 6.437M. 2) 1997-2008 workforce to population ratios (66.54%) instead of 2012 (63.70%) says 6.896M jobless disappeared in the recession. 3) If 142.469M working 34.4 hours instead of 40, (142.469*(40-34.4)/34.4=23.194M) full time jobs are lost to part time work! The total potential unemployment is 49.033M. (49 million)

    (part time work illustration: 100 workforce: 5 day/40 hr. week 80 people (320 hr work) & 20% unemployment – change it to 4 days 32/hrs – 100 people = 320 hr & unemployment is zero!) Do you trust Obama's CBO, GAO, or the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB)??