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New York Gun Manufacturer Moves to Pennsylvania. “Catch Us if You Can.”

Written by Gary North on July 5, 2013

New York passed the SAFE law on gun manufacturers in January, after debating for one day. That sent a message to one gun manufacturer. It bought 600 acres — almost a square mile — of land in Pennsylvania. It’s moving out.

The Kahr company’s vice president of sales explained: “One of our big concerns was, OK, the SAFE Act was passed in the middle of the night. You wake up the next morning and boom, that was it. “We just felt like, gee, if they can do this, what can they do next?

It will not matter to Kahr what they do next. The company will be gone. It will simply remove itself from the jurisdiction of the government of New York.

This used to be called “voting with your feet.” If you get tired of living under a government’s taxes and regulations, you move.

State lawmakers think they can trap businesses. They are wrong. Business owners and voters can move. Most choose not to, but over time attrition takes over.

The Northeastern states, except for New Hampshire, are noted for their high-tax, high-regulation policies. New York and Massachusetts compete with each other in the race to pass more laws. So, New Hampshire keeps getting “refugees” from Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania gets them from New York.

For half a century, the Southeast and Texas have benefited. Business has steadily moved south. The labor unions of the Northeast have seen their employers board up the factories and leave. This is not going to change until the regulatory mania of northeastern voters finally subsides. It hasn’t so far. Neither has the exodus.

People can still vote with their feet. They can take their money and their guns, and move to greener pastures.

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85 thoughts on “New York Gun Manufacturer Moves to Pennsylvania. “Catch Us if You Can.”

  1. Michael says:

    In the end they will all be moving out of the USA!!!!

  2. Will the last person to leave New York / Illinois / California / Maryland / Connecticut / Massachusetts please remember to turn out the lights. Will the politicians please remember to flush the toilet.

  3. The Iceman says:

    With a Governor like Coumo, I'm surprised any businesses stay in NYS

  4. Harold Dean says:

    Please restate your comment to exclude Illinois in favor of Chicago metro area. The rest of us downstate are sane. Illinois has 102 counties of which in the last election only 26 voted Democrat. The other 76 counties, sanity prevailed. We just simply do not have enough graveyards downstate to swing the welfare vote,

  5. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

    Don't forget the 1.2 Million gun owners that vote in NJ. New Jersey is in a race with California and New York to see who gets the tougher gun laws–all in violation of the SECOND AMENDMENT, which has now been incorporated into the States via the US Supreme Court McDonald v. Chicago ruling.

    It's time for NJ gun owners to take a stand since we have a powerful voting block that can change the course of any election at any given time.

  6. PatrickJT says:

    Good for Kahr. I wish Remington would follow suit. I am pretty sure that they decided to stay because they don't want to leave their 1000+ employees in the lurch, and I can respect that. But for what they would save by moving to Texas or Arizona, they could probably help all of their employees move as well and still come out way ahead of the game. And they won't have to worry as much about some criminal-minded fascists cooking up a law overnight that actually will be detrimental to the company's health. New York is a lost cause.

  7. God bless Illinois outside of northeast Ehhllenoise, but you people better fight like junk yard dogs with that bunch if zombies or you will be joining us outside if Illinois in places like Indiana and Texas. Good luck!

  8. Should have moved to a southern state that has no state income tax and a right to work state. The Unions in Pa. will become a problem.

  9. Pity that southern Illinois can't seceed from northern Illinois.

  10. The Unions will become a problem if Kahr isn't paying attention to employee morale and keeping the Staff reasonably happy. I suspect that the kind of Liberal "activist" person who might want a Union probably wouldn't work for a "gun maker".

    Odds are that Kahr, who set up shop in a reasonably rural area, will keep a nice union free shop full of happy employees.

  11. Sveinung says:

    What makes you think that people from New York will vote differently if they move to another state? By moving and helping all employes to move Remington could end up recreating the problem in a new location. That someone work for Remington is no guarantee that their views on issues that don’t involve gun rights aren’t the same as the the rest of the New York voters.

  12. What still floors me about the SAFE Act is how Cuomo got away with the "necessity" sham. I wish that someone would fight the law on this basis.

    He admitted that "if the Legislature had had enough time to debate the SAFE act that the gun lobby might have halted passage". Where I come from this sort of "obstruction" is known as the "legislative process", which itself is a derivative of the democratic process.

    I'm surprised that Mr. Cuomo did not regret that he couldn't pass the SAFE Act by Ukase from his Governor's chair. "Stroke of the pen, law of the land", as Sid Blumenthal used to say.

  13. There is a movement afoot in upstate New York to relieve the businesses there from the burdensome tax base imposed by the City. The problem in New York is that 2/3 of the state population lives within 50 miles of Times Square, and the rest of the state (95% of the land area) is a normal place and has to compete with lower tax jurisdictions. But this won't help with laws like SAFE, unfortunately. There has been some talk about upstate seceding from downstate, but this has been pretty much discounted. Maybe it will be taken more seriously now, I don't know. But the gun manufacturing is all upstate, in places like Ithaca and Illion. Little conservative towns dominated by the liberal City.

  14. ANTICRIME says:

    BOTH CUOMO and BLOOMBERG have that "Nancy Pelosi insane-look" in their eyes and expressions! ~ Glad I don't live in NY anymore!

  15. ANTICRIME says:

    IT'S UP TO New Yorkers to get ALL Marxists OUT of their government!!!!
    Bottom Line; Marxists expose themselves by THEIR ACTIONS!!!

  16. spencor2 says:

    When will the people in this country realize that the federal government and many of the state governments, especially those that have been Democrat for decades are not really friends of the citizens! They are oppressive and are becoming more so. There is an ulterior motive but no one wants to listen. If you read history, it becomes clear that this nation has been under attack for many decades. Unless the people wake up, stand up, speak up and take their nation back, it is lost! But the enemy has done its job well. Many of the "useful idiots" as some call them, who make up this nation don't even realize what is happening! They get things for free, so they think it will always be so and they can "depend" on their government to take care of them! They will always come down on the side of the government! One of the things the government must do is confiscate weapons so the other people, the patriots, cannot fight back when the time comes! At least Kahr is attempting to fight back! ,

  17. Business will always migrate to where it is treated the best. Therefore, the regulation states will continue to lose business.

  18. Eddy Fudd says:

    Illegals-on-the-dole do not use toilets. They piss/crap out the windows and expect Americans to 'overlook' their reprehensible behavior. Go back to Mexico and take 'Discus' with you!

  19. James Bernard says:

    What good will that do!

  20. Don't forget Vermont

  21. lucky3511 says:

    I guess I will eventually have to move out. But I have a wife with local family so I cannot move too far. but NJ to PA will save a bundle.

  22. lucky3511 says:

    As goes a well known saying. "let's get the flock outta here!

  23. James Bernard says:

    Not sure if moving to Pennsylvania would be any better! But I do know it's a great state for hunting and fishing!

  24. James Bernard says:

    What good will that do?

  25. lucky3511 says:

    Never happen Marxist, Liberal loons, NYC folks, all the same breed must be the height of the buildings, drives them loony and they all cry for the warmth of the mothers womb. Seems the same in most of the eastern cities. Left wing loons rule the roost.

  26. James Bernard says:

    It must have to do with some kind of Corporate Well Fare! Like the company pays $10 an hour and through the local and state taxes the company gets another $10 an hour to pay the employee and then through Federal Withholding taxes these company's get another $10 an hour for these company's employee's! Now I'm talking Mega Company's not Hot dog cart's and such! Other than that I have no clue!

  27. ANTICRIME says:

    THE SAME TACTICS were used back in 1913 by a small Marxist cadre of Congressional TRAITORS to ensnare us with the criminal "Federal" Reserve System …AND their Gestapo IRS!!!

  28. ANTICRIME says:

    IT'S A NO-BRAINER …..PA over NJ.

  29. SteveG. says:

    These idiot anti gun regulations will come back and bite them in the pocket book and they deserve it 10 times over.

  30. Hey New York! There's an old adage you would do well to remember: "Business goes only where it is properly invited and stays only where it is well treated."

  31. I don't currently own a Kahr product , but that will change just as soon as I find something in their line I can use , just to show my support .

  32. SoWhatBubb says:

    I don't get it–Pennsylvania ???
    They moved from one Libterd state to another slightly less Liberd state.
    Penn. is Odumba country, with a very high tax load.
    Who does the thinking for Kahr ?

  33. Pennsylvania is still a pretty blue state, but I wish Kahr all the best. They make great pistols. I own two.

  34. Rattlerjake says:

    No, gun and ammo manufacturers, as well as many other manufacturers will move to the southern (RED) states where there a few or no unions (right to work), lower taxes, and conservatives are running the government dependent libturds back to the blue states. Eventually the line will be drawn (remember the Mason-Dixon line) and there will either be succession or a war.

  35. Rattlerjake says:

    It would have to be the last conservative leaving to flush the toilet since all of the politicians will be in it!

  36. Here's why Remington won't leave. http://gunssavelives.net/blog/remington-opts-to-s

  37. AmericaBeautiful says:

    Pitiful. Thanks for posting.
    So Remington values Money over principle.

  38. AmericaBeautiful says:

    Wow! Someone in the know. Glad to read your post.

  39. If more Americans from out of New Yawk voted with their wallets and their feet and boycotted all things connected to New Yawk in any way; maybe Bloomberg and Cuomo would get the message "Tyrants and Tyranny will not be suffered". The citizens of New Yawk seem to be politically brain dead.

  40. AmericaBeautiful says:

    I'm thinking about the MILLIONS of Egptians who just overcame similar insane tyrants. Were they armed? they've been a great example to the world and God Bless them and their efforts.

  41. AmericaBeautiful says:

    Great idea!

  42. AmericaBeautiful says:

    Great news and kudos to Kahr. Let's support them in every way.

  43. ANTICRIME says:

    ONE THING for certain is that MANUFACTURERS can "secede" from New York!!!

  44. ANTICRIME says:

    HERE IS YOUR "ULTERIOR MOTIVE"; …..Democrats are MARXISTS who like to hide behind the name "PROGRESSIVE" in order to FOOL the gullible, history-deprived and media brainwashed among us!!!

  45. Jacob Steelman says:

    Many years ago I worked with a developer whose service was to assist companies expand or relocate their businesses to the Southeast USA. He had lots of stories about businesses relocating from the Northeast to the Southeast. He had a client who called him one day requesting he find a suitable facility for his business as the business had all its equipment on a train headed to the southeast. The business had moved in the middle of night to avoid the union blocking the relocation and the northeastern state upholding the union action.

  46. Mainly Philadelphia

  47. Erik Osbun says:

    Because of STUPID LIBERAL law makers ( control freaks ) New York will look like Detroit.

  48. Mauiguy says:

    The uberlib control freaks will keep pushing until all productive people have abandoned N.Y. for control and extortion are the only course sicko's like Bloombum and Dumbo can comprehend. The big apple has been on the brink and rotting for years under the grasping, gasping libernuts. N.Y. being closest to the brink thanks to its misleaders, will be the first to topple. Ayn Rand's Atlas will shrug and it will be so severe even the homeless will flee while the frantic liberals resort to cannibalizing each other.
    Sad but when every snout is at the trough and no one is producing fodder, famine ensues. Welcome to Obummer land.

  49. WhiteFalcon says:

    They should have moved to Texas or Montana or Wyoming or some other freedom friendly state. I don't trust Pennsylvania.

  50. Texas Gun Owner says:

    Where does Gov. Christi of NJ stand on tighter gun laws for his State?

  51. I wish you hadn't said that. Now the Democrats will want him on the presidential ticket in 2016.

  52. It's time that NYC was made an independent state, so that the rest of the state won't have to "live in the same house" with them.

  53. Pennsylvania has too much coal to go too liberal.

  54. Pennsylvania has too much coal to go too liberal.

  55. Concerned Veteran says:

    The politicians are what belong and is often found in the toilet. But I like the idea of flushing them.

  56. OldDad48 says:

    Democrats prey on the unsuspecting. They kill their own children, embrace same-sex unions which cannot produce children, steal from producers and law-abiding citizens in order to coddle slackers, and regulate behavior according to their own narrow interests. They have used Blacks since the 1960s, and now — confident of their 95% loyalty — are turning to giving away America to illegal immigrants.

    So long as there are states to run to (so long as libs leave their destructive policies behind), tyrannies will lose middle class Americans, who are not racist, but law-abiding. Obey the laws, government leaders!

    So grateful to be in Texas already.

  57. The bigger problem of people voting with their feet is that many of those who are moving from one oppressive jurisdiction to a less oppressive jurisdiction aren't must moving to another U.S. state. They're moving offshore, so the whole USA loses.

    According to seven Zogby studies announced in 2008, "by a modest estimate" more than 3,000,000 Americans relocate offshore every year. So how many of the 3,000,000 who left last year do you think were poor? Think about it… Think of names like Eduardo Saverin (Facebook) and Denise Rich (ex-wife of billionaire Marc Rich). Their money now funds jobs overseas.

    Wealthy people voting with their feet isn't confined to just those moving within the USA and it's the policies that are forcing some to move offshore that is the real problem.

  58. Soon after the unSAFE law was enacted, Remingron got a multi-million dollar contract for sniper rifles for our military. Didn't keep the article, but the total contract and the number of rifles left taxpayers paying over $20,000.00 for EACH RIFLE! What can you buy from America's best custom gun-shop for $20,000.00?

  59. They should keep tract of the amount of sales they make to New Yorkers from Penn. and keep Il Duce Cuomo and Micah Blumenbuerger the jewish nazi informed. It's called rubbing their rotten noses in it.

  60. I was just going to interject the fact that Pennsylvania would be a VERY CONSERVATIVE STATE if not for Philawelfarephia and since the steel mills shut down Pittsburgh has been losing it's conservative base.

  61. I GUARANTEE that if Philawelfarephia were excluded from PA it would be one of the MOST CONSERVATIVE STATES in the COUNTRY ! ! ! !

  62. Virgil_Hilts says:

    The problem with living in New Hampshire, as I do, is that when the folks from Mass move north one state to escape the financial and political insanity which their state is soaked in…they continue to vote Democrat!

  63. Gloria Sterling says:

    My exact words when I read this. "Good for them!"


  65. Central PA is calling: God,guns and Bibles, yeah baby!

  66. We have the same exit of companies moving out of California to Texas because of the over regulation and taxation. On top of that, the liberal legislature is trying to do their best to see that gun owners are taxed and regulated our of existance. With a very liberal attorney general, Karmala Harris who Obama declared the best looking AG in the country, and Governor Brown who looks to find new ways to tax, it is hopeless that things will get any better in the near future.

  67. I live in PA & would be more than happy to give filthydephia to NJ & the pitsburg to Oh.

  68. It's appalling that people living under the constitution of United States of America should not have to move anywhere, for any reason, other than the fact they want to be there and they want to work there and they want to live there.

    So what happens to gun manufacturers should there be a federal law passed in the middle of the night, like NDAA, qnd the Patriot Act, I guess they can make like Chevrolet and move to Mexico. Oh that's right, Mexicans and foreign citizens aren't allowed to own guns. Bummer. Sooner or later people will really understand that there is no place to move, And what was once the greatest country on the face of the earth, once governed by those who cherished personal freedom and liberty and justice for all.

    One day the American population will wake up and move their government to trials for treason, theft, fraud and tyranny.

    Ps. Ever wondered why there's six jurors on the Zimmerman case and not 12? In a jurisprudence court case it requires 12 unanimous decisions to find guilt. Now it appears that 12 from six doubling the chance of a conviction merely by removing half the jury? Next it'll be a panel of three, Followed by one judge, jury, and executioner.

    When will America realize that no one will survive this?

  69. You silly old Dad. Texas is going to cave like a drunk girl on prom night…
    When Mexicans come back to take Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and portions of California, You would be required to turn over all your firearms to the Mexican government who will be working in tandem with United States government, You will be deemed a racist and a traitor if you don't comply.

    Then where you going to go pa? Scurry to another gun loving state because you didn't have the balls to defend your own?
    How about Colorado Gramps? Catch my drift Sen'ior?

  70. profitup10 says:

    Watch the series on American Revolution parts 1 through 6 – you can listen while you surf or read. It will show things that most Americans were never taught about the how, why, what and when Americans took actions . .

  71. As long we have that right move out… Do you think they know how flush the toilet…

  72. elmcqueeen3 says:

    Now if the gun makers, etc. in Conneticutt would wake up and see the writing on the wall…Like Colt, Ruger, Winchester, and there a a dozen more firearms manufactue's that do business in that state…If they were smart they would move out lock, stock and barrel…By not doing so makes them look like a bunch of non patriots just waiting for the state to ram more restrictive gun laws down their throats forcing them to close their facilities…These gun manufactures are stupid for staying in Conneticutt!

  73. Glad I own a Kahr. Now I'm thinking about supporting them even more by buying another one…maybe two. Good job!

  74. Exstock says:

    This article mentions that people from Massachusetts and other states in the region often move to VTNH to escape the effects of ridiculous laws. What it DOESN’T mention is that, having moved here, they go on to vote exactly the same types of laws into place here! Maddening! There’s some kind of mental disconnect: they see the effects of not having draconian laws, but fail to understand the cause.

    (…Did you know that you don’t even need a CCL to carry concealed in VT? Shame it’s so freakin’ cold up here; I, too, am moving south–to Texas, where the gun laws are actually worse.)

  75. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    They can come to New Hampshire too.

  76. OldDad48 says:

    So eloquent. Such prose. Your words fall to the ground like a work of New Age art. Gee, I wish I could write like that. Music to my ears. Doesn't change the fact that you haven't a clue about what you are supposedly defending. Laugh at us old coots all you want, but we'll have the last laugh when your "dreams" become "reality" and you have to live in the hell that Obama is creating day by day, edict by edict. Did you hear the one about his recently spending $53 million on a voter ID program in Kenya when he calls it "unconstitutional" for Americans? Yeah, with government leaders like that, you have a bright future indeed. The only problem is that my grandkids are going to have to live under the tyranny you're cheering for.
    Stalin called starry-eyed idealistic revolutionaries "useful idiots" — re-reading your post, I see that you fit his profile.

  77. The Nazi's took over Germany this way.

  78. CHUCK CORDORO says:


  79. Texas Chris says:

    I agree. Even with a legend like Remington, I'd rather they go out of business than pollute my sweet, sweet Texas.

  80. flush the toilet with the politicians

  81. flush NY down thetoilet as well as chicago
    land of our famous OREO

  82. i second the motion
    good for KAHR

  83. Most Pennsylvanians are outraged at the fraud and are fighting hard. The election was a sham, Philadelphia is liberal bleeding hearts, not the rest of us.

  84. Nellie McConnell says:

    Every country Obama has visited has our jobs! Wonder how many jobs went to Africa with Obama's 100,000 vacation? He is the worse president we have ever had in office and I still think he is supported by the Muslims and Saudi Arabia.

  85. AD Roberts says:

    Kahr made a mistake. They are still in Yankee land. They remind me of the family that moved 5 miles out of the city to get away from the problems. 5 years later, the city caught up with them.