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58,000 Californians Will Lose Health Care Insurance in 2014.

Written by Gary North on July 5, 2013

Two insurance companies have announced that they will no longer offer health care insurance to individuals in California next year. They will sell policies only to group insurance policies.

Obamacare says that individuals will be able to buy health insurance that covers existing sicknesses. This of course destroys the economics of health insurance.So, there is a solution for the companies: sell only group policies. That makes it hard for sick people to buy insurance. They have to be employed by a company that hires sick people. Most companies prefer to hire healthy people.

Obama promised this: “If you like your health insurance, keep it.” He and Pelosi forget this: “Of course, your existing company may decide not to sell it to you after we’re finished with the health insurance system.”

Nobody says that companies have to sell policies that are money-losers. So, the way for companies to protect themselves against rising claims is to pull out of the market. If other firms think they want the risk, they can keep selling these individual policies.

Obamacare was passed in order to make health care more affordable. Prices keep rising. It was passed to make insurance available to more people. That isn’t happening, either. The Obama administration has delayed implementing must of the program until 2015 — after Congressional elections in 2014.

This is called “kick the can.” It’s a very large can.

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22 thoughts on “58,000 Californians Will Lose Health Care Insurance in 2014.


  2. AMEN JMR.. They voted for these liberal DemocRats, Now their getting a payback !!!

  3. The democrats know the Affordable Healthcare plan will be so unpopular that they waited until after the midterm elections to implement it. That should have red flags popping up all over the place. They know people will be ticked off that the politician they voted for stuck it to them.
    Here is a solution just so they don't get away with their part in the horrible healthcare plan. It would not be hard to find out how each congressman voted thus far concerning the plan. When the midterms come up, vote them out and save yourself some trouble in the future. If you are a person that thinks Obama-care is going to be a good thing, you would be wrong but you deserve it. The only thing is, the rest of the country does not deserve it so don't pull everybody down with you.

  4. I forgot to ask, how is that Obama vote working for ya? Man things aren't turning out too well are they? Keep supporting him and there will come a time when you will regret it if you don't already.
    Some people support him because of his color and nothing else. Well you will be happy to know, Obama won't forget to include you to the long line of folks to screw. And even then, you won't have the intelligence to admit you were wrong. I have already engaged your ilk in conversation, so you do exist.
    Just like JMR said, you deserve it for voting for a dictator.


  6. Everhen says:

    With the 'RATS in control—–NEVER!! obuma is noted to 'open mouth, tell LIE'!!!!! It's his only way.

  7. william spires says:

    Any moron knows that insurance is sold by a company with calculated risks and they know their claims will be small compared to their income from policies. So, can anyone tell me how the idiotic claim by Obama and the democrats that health insurance will be cheaper when the claims are multiplied by four or five times and will cover anybody for anything will make healthcare cheaper ? May anyone who wrote, supported or campaigned for the passage of this legislation be among the first victim of its consequences !!

  8. Thank you for your comment re: Obama care and those in California appear to be responsible for the latest insult of Obama care….. Obviously you want to blame only those who live in California for the problem…I have lived in California for over 40yrs. and I did not vote for Obama and my family and friends did not either. So please back down for your implication. We are screaming at the Broken promise (among many) that Obama made…stating that "you can keep your insurer'. Just wait I am sure it will be coming soon to your location…where ever you live.

  9. "If you don't like it, don't vote for him anymore?"

    Poor advice. The Democratic Party is like a drug addiction. Vote for it once, and you'll never get out.

  10. Government has never made anything cheaper. In 2005, gas was !.49 a gallon for regular. Now regular is at 3.25 a gallon where I live, and that's considered cheap. If prices double every ten years, that indicates double digit inflation. So why do we hear this nonsense about inflation being low?

  11. Man…this Obamacare is going to ruin the healthcare industry; and this is just a drop in the bucket

  12. Texas Chris says:

    I agree. It's like saying "just take one hit of crack"…

  13. Texas Chris says:

    Not that the Republicans are any better, by and large.

  14. my 49 year old relative who doesn't work ,is on a five country tour of Europe …Thanks to some government program she got while taking free college courses.

  15. I was the dead and illegals voting many time to elect the pos. We MUST IMPEACH THE TRAITOR HE IS DESTROYING OUR REPUBLIC AND ENJOYING IT.

  16. SammysDad says:

    But, but, Obama said I wouldn't lose my insurance company!! Was he lying??

  17. Ooooooh, hopefully it just affects the “useful idiots” who voted for the fraud president TWICE. I guess it is deer in the headlights time for them.”Wha’ happen’d, man?”

  18. YEah, in the Kennedy family's early days in politics in Massachusetts, a man could lose his job if he didn't vote for the union's preferred candidate. That was one of the reasons the Democratic Party has passed "closed shop" laws in many states they control. The gangsters running the union can expel any member they have "a problem" with, and once out of the union, the law makes the expelee legally inelibible to hold the job he used to have.

    Every election is a decision between voting one's best interest, or staying employed, and keep one's kids safe, because the folks running the public schools already know where they are. That was why Chrysler and GM were such a big concern to the Democratic Party. The carrot and stick doesn't work any more if the carrot of having a Democratic Party-protected job disappears.

  19. Republicans always vote their slef-interest as polticicans, and the party's interest. Occasionally their personal interests and the party's interests coincide with the nation's, but mostly they are simply neutral to it, and occasionally contrary to it.

    On the other hand, the Demodratic Party has a grand vision of changing everything in the country along the lines that the French did during the French Revolution — even the names of the months of the year had to be changed.

    In short, the Rpublicans are criminaly indifferent to the needs of the country, and the Democrats are psychotic.

  20. Wait until Obama comes up with the "Affordable LIfe Insurance Plan." Widows of men who died without life insurance will be able to apply after the husband's death, and the insurance company, by law, will be forced to insure their dad husbands, and pay benefits. By law, unmarried women will be able to marry any dead man of their choice (as long as no one else has picked him yet, insure him,) and collect on his life insurance. (I know, these are just recycled scams from Chicago's history, but when there are criminals in office, their criminal assocaites become bankers, real estate agents, stock brokers, and the like.

    But laws only makepropositions legal and/or mandatory. They cannot make them sane.

  21. Unfortunately, no politicians considers an industry "ruined" if the industry's direct and indirect contributions to his political party increase, When the cash flow through the U.S. treasury because of the "reform" quintuples, and he gets more votes from people who know he can cut off the health care they've already paid for, he thinks that the insurance industry is just fine.

    Every official in Congress and the Executive Branch is there for one of the following reasons:
    1) he can get laid if he is perceived as "powerful."
    2) He can shift lucrative government contracts to his friends, relatives, and inlaws.
    3) he can get rich off insider rrading using foreknowlege of pending legislation to manipulate his investments.
    4) he gets paid well and gets excellent health care for practically nothing.
    5) It is almost impossible for to get fired if he is an appointed official.
    6) He can carry out simplisitc "crusades" by doing nothing other than marginalize those he perceives as having inconvenient opinions.

  22. That should have been they're, not their! Proper English actually lends CREDENCE to what you write!