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“Republican” Bloomberg Raises Money for Gun Control Democrat Senator.

Written by Gary North on July 4, 2013

Nanny Bloomberg, the Republican mayor of New York City, wants gun control, and he wants it badly.

He wants U.S. Senators to vote to impose gun control — an act of political suicide in some states. West Virginia is one of them.

So, he is holding a fund-raising dinner in his home in New York City. The Democrat is from West Virginia. He voted for the Senate’s gun control bill, which went down to defeat this year.

Bloomberg also recommended withholding funds from the four Democrat Senators who voted to kill the bill.

But Bloomberg is a Republican. Anyway, that’s what he says. So, why should Democrats pay any attention to what he recommends? Because they recognize that he is a Republican in name only. He has a lot of money. Money talks.

The trouble is, his efforts could backfire.

Mr. Bloomberg’s strategy creates a tricky situation for Senate Democrats. They do not wish to alienate the billionaire mayor, who has become increasingly aggressive and outspoken on the issue. But they say he should be more sympathetic, given that their party, with its fragile majority, has tried to take on the difficult subject of increasing restrictions on guns in the face of hostility from Republicans.

“What they are doing,” said one senior Democratic aide who, like many people interviewed for this article, declined to go on the record criticizing the mayor, “is increasing the likelihood of a 100 percent A-rated N.R.A. Republican being elected.”

Wouldn’t that be nice?

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15 thoughts on ““Republican” Bloomberg Raises Money for Gun Control Democrat Senator.

  1. Bloomberg originally started out as a life-long registered Democrat, then switched his party affiliation to Republican around 2001 when he ran for Mayor , and then on June 19, 2007 changed his registration to Independent.

  2. Texas Chris says:

    Why Independent? There's no NAtional soZIalist party in New York?

  3. Exactly right MRB. But Gary North, the alleged "Tea Party Economist" doesn't know that. Its just amazing that someone so out of touch and uninformed could write a news-oriented political blog. It speaks volumes about the quality and seriousness of his opinions. An embarrassment, really.

  4. Jesse Tomblin says:

    Bloomberg is no republican in any way. He might say he is one but saying something does not make it TRUE just look at what Obammy has said and just what a LIE that has been.

  5. Constitution911 says:

    Bloomberg is a CROOK, MAFIA THUG! He should be banned from this country. Tossed out hog tied. That SOB has been violating anti-trust laws and Constitutional Laws and Federal Laws for as long as we have known of him. He will be defeated all of his billions will go with him. This is what Power and Corruption looks like. Can't get his way? He thinks he can strong arm and buy his way. Horrible for New York! Horrible for America! Go away Bloomberg, you do not respect America and the Constitution you should not offered citizenship. TREASON !

  6. Yet you and your posse keep coming back to TPE day after day. Why don't you start your own "in touch" political blog to counter TPE and we'll see if the numbers bear you out. <sound of crickets chirping>

  7. Run him out of are country he is a evil man and he does not belong here let him have his money witch he has stolen from poor people He will get his some day when he faces god and his money wont help him at all

  8. He has so much money, therefore so much power people don't want to cross him. He changed the election rules so he could run more than the allotted terms in a row. Obama will appoint himself dictator and emperor and there will be no election. I am assuming that we have actually had elections in the past. It matters not who votes, "no voter id". Just as in the presidential election there was one entire town where not 1 person voted for Romney. That is almost unbelievable. There have been cases where more votes were cast than there was registered voters. People say they voted against Romney because he was a successful business man. Yes we need a businessman that is a failure or in that case someone who has never been in business that anyone knows about.
    We have a whole race of people in the United States that want to hang Paula Deen for saying the N word 30 years ago. I wouldn't care if it was 30 minutes ago. Freedom of speech that everyone is for as long as it is their speech and not tours.

  9. People that voted in the last several elections and the fact that a candidate ran as a democrat was the rason they voted for them. These candidates are not democrats and the republicans are not republicans. They are something but it is not what that title has become known as.
    There are more independents and Tea party and other voters than there are republicans or democrats. So people don't need to be worried about wasting their vote, it will not be wasted. Now if the amount of votes that are cast is equal to the count we will be headed in the right direction.
    The author that died recently in a 1 car crash doing 100 mph that didn't drink or drive fast brings up questions.
    The question I still have is are the senate and or house still exempt from insider trading regulations???

  10. Bloomingidiotberg is and always has been a demonrat , he just became a rhino to get elected the first time in New York following a great republican mayor , Mayor Juliana . Shows just how incredibly stupid New Yorkers are , of course they are no more ignorant than EVERYONE that help elect Obam-ass .

  11. Bloomnerg is so desperate he's serving "Twinkes and 20 OZ Cokes."

  12. tommyboy says:

    Does spoiled brat come to mind ?

  13. If you don't like Our Constitution than leave Our Country it amazes me that a Jew is that stupid but hey I never thought Americans where dum as the Germans where, but this idiot needs to leave go to some country that don't allow Freedom, of guns and other Rights we have or use to have.

  14. So you are more knowledgeable than Gary North about US history, European history, intellectual history, Austrian economics (hint: it’s not about the economy of Austria!), interest rates, real estate, marketing, entrepreneurship, central banking, hard money, and dozens of other topics? All of that is dismissed because of a trivial detail about a politician who will be forgotten five seconds after he kicks the bucket? There is something wrong with you.

  15. Bill Dancliff says:

    It took a tremendous amount of money-power to coordinate 9/11