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Lying Spy Guy Aplogizes to Congress. Admits Mistake. (Wink, Wink)

Written by Gary North on July 3, 2013

“Everyone lies.” That was Dr. Gregory House’s supreme law.

The hidden bureaucrat who is in charge of the various intelligence operations of the United States government was asked by Senator Ron Wyden in March if the agencies spied on Americans. He said categorically they did not.

Then came Edward Snowden’s revelations, backed up by stolen documents, that the NSA spies on everybody, all the time. It is spying on Americans 24×7. It has been for a decade. It has been comprehensive. It has been collecting 100% of our emails, phone calls, and all digital transactions. It is comprehensive.

Snowden made it clear that Clapper lied. He provided documentation.

Now Clapper tells Congress that he made a mistake. Yes, he did. He lied to Congress on the assumption that nobody like Snowden would expose him as the comprehensive liar that he is.

For those of us who remember Watergate, the “I made a mistake” defense will be recognizable. This was Richard Nixon’s defense. He made mistakes, he said. He was not a crook, he said. Yes, he did make mistakes. And yes, he was a crook. He was a lying, spying, devious crook. He resigned in disgrace. He was a ruined man after Watergate. He spent the rest of his life writing best-selling books.

Clapper was apparently not under oath in March. He should have been. Yet Congress took him at his word. (wink, wink)

Had he been under oath, he should now be headed for a perjury trial. But he will not face this inconvenience. He will keep his job for a bit longer, and Obama will see if this blows over. If it does not blow over, Mr. Clapper will find that he has personal reasons to resign. He wants to spend more time with his family, after 32 years of working for the government.

It is clear what was going on in March. Wyden asked him if the spying agencies actually did any spying on Americans. He said they did not. Congress said nothing, and went “wink wink.” Congress is a giant “wink wink” operation. They knew he was lying. He knew he was lying. But the folks back home paid no attention to any of it. No problem.

Then Edward Snowden showed up, and “wink wink” looks really stupid in retrospect. Congress thinks it will get away with the “wink wink” approach. “So, you lied Mr Clapper. You were very bad to lie. Mr. Clapper.” (wink, wink) “You misled us, Mr. Clapper.” (wink, wink) “But we know you will never do this again, sir.” (wink, wink) “Because if you do this again, you will be in big trouble.” (wink, wink)

In a June 21 letter to Senator Feinstein, Clapper wrote:

I have thought long and hard to re-create what went through my mind at the time. In reference to Senator Wyden’s reference to “dossiers” and faced with the challenge of trying to give an unclassified answer about our intelligence collection activities, many of which are classified, I simply didn’t think of Section 215 of the Patriot Act.

Wink, wink.

If Clapper proves to be a public relations problem, his career will end. His pension will not.

It is all about PR. As for the digital snooping, it will continue.

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29 thoughts on “Lying Spy Guy Aplogizes to Congress. Admits Mistake. (Wink, Wink)

  1. I can't believe Clapper has not been removed from office, after admitting that he violated his oath of office and lied to Congress.

    I find his remaining in office repugnant.

  2. deniseandros says:

    The new word for lies is, "I miss spoke."

  3. It is against the Law to LIE to Congress, under oath or not. Otherwise it is merely theatrics when anyone testifies to Congress. He should still be charged for Lying to Federal Officials, Losing his JOB and his retirement.

  4. K9-00BK says:

    He should be fired, all benefits including his retirement benefits eliminated, and be charged in criminal court with perjury.

  5. Oh yes the good old boy system. You can lie to congress as long as your not sworn in to tell the truth. What a joke and its been going on for ever… Hillary wasn't sworn in the last time she LIED to congress so it's ok…. I fault them ALL, just the "good old boy" system at work.

    "We the People" will go down in history as the worst citizens this country has ever known because WE will not throw the garbage out of the District of Criminals….

  6. That's because when you are a liar you think everyone else is too. The problem is that our government (not just Obama) has grown to the point they think they are above the law or the law abiding citizens of this country. The political leaders of this country need to learn that they are wrong. Elections are coming, get off your butt and throw them out.

  7. cbanalyst says:

    This is a test of the Obama Administration. He lied to Congress-what will happen?

  8. Yet another instance and evidence of the corruption that pervades our government and nation. Good editorial,

  9. Texas Chris says:

    I find the existence of the office itself repugnant.

  10. Texas Chris says:

    Obama lies every time his mouth opens.

  11. Clapper deliberately lies and gets a pass. Paula Deen gets racked over the coals for something she said in the past. Paula apologized, Clapper whiffled his way out (oh, I forgot!) Isn't this insanity?

  12. TexRanger says:

    Thank God for Snowden!

  13. Bob Echola says:

    We, the people, have learned how to tell when OBAMA is lying. It's easy to tell because HIS LIPS ARE MOVING.

  14. WhiteFalcon says:

    Hell, Ovomit will promote him just like he did the people responsible for the Fast and Furious scandal.

  15. AD Roberts says:

    And yet Obama and Holder will continue to persecute Snowden for espionage because he OUTED THEM and told the American people what they were doing. We should make Snowden a hero and a leader. We should imprison Obama and Holder.

    But the foxes are in CHARGE of the chicken house. What is wrong here?

  16. AD Roberts says:

    What happened to Martha Stewart for JUST lying to a federal investigator? Seems we have a problem here, Houston. Justice is no longer blind.

  17. hawkeye says:

    If they ever get Snowden in court and try him for treason then round up Jane Fonda and try them both on the same dime. Snowden should walk if the same standard is used .

  18. The hidden bureaucrat who is in charge of the various intelligence operations of the United States government was asked by Senator Ron Wyden in March if the agencies spied on Americans. He said categorically they did not.

    Clapper said the federal government was not spying on Americans. From this, we can conclude that Snowden is fabricating his story. If so, he is not guilty of any crimes against the US government. Who are we to believe, high-level government officials or a rogue 29-year old?

  19. hang this pos before its too late

  20. Very true, but that would be admitting beyond doubt that there was spying going on, and bring on even more lying and excuses and taking the fifth and so on. Somebody needs to be sent to prison to set an example. If not it will be business as usual.

  21. Well, you know you cant believe high level government officals as Clapper has already said he misspoke on that question, so……….. and if Snowden was lying, I'm sure the administration could easily prove it. Also why would they be trying to convict him of treason if he was lying?

  22. The problem is Congress will not de-fund these rogue agencies or send any witnesses, who are now in contempt, to jail because congressmen don't know for certain what dirt the agencies have on them that will be leaked at the appropriate time.

  23. I was unaware that one had to be under oath to be charged with lying while being questioned. If you lie to police when being questioned you can be charged for interfering with an investigation. The same doesn't apply to Congress? I mean answering their questions, not the answers congressmen give us!

  24. Carol.R. says:

    I'll second that! We've been living in a complete surveillance country without realizing it. When will the true Americans come out and say 'enough is ENOUGH'!!!!???? Snowden should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery and determination to tell the American people about their EXTREMELY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT. We MUST CLEAN HOUSE IN WASHINGTON! …..ASAP!

  25. they,the administration is proud ,it seems, as the most dirty, crooked,thieving,lying bunch ever all need to be put against the wall and shot

  26. And we, the American citizen are suppose to confide in these horse bleep lying government officials! Wow!!! Give me a break….

  27. Wayne1954 says:

    The really interesting issue is that if they were listening to Wall Street executives (or their associates) they could get some advance insider information about upcoming market moves. Possibly the inside "insiders" could skim billions off the markets for themselves (or to fund other nefarious activities). If nobody demands accountability, there will be no accountability.


    As I was writting on FB, but I was being interruptted over and over again, so I left my voice unheard. Snowden, is a God sent to all of us. Now obama is in deep shit and no denying, this is his last resort. And there'll be more like Snowden that will come out because of our faith in HIM, even if it took a little while. GOB BLESS US ALL.

  29. Remove this guy from office. He commited PURGERY..