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CNBC’s Ratings Are in Free-Fall

Written by Gary North on July 3, 2013

CNBC is sometimes referred to as “Tout TV.” All day long, it features people talking about investing. It is noted for a show called Squawk Box, which is a pretty good description of the show. It is noisy. The whole network is noisy.

Ratings for the network have collapsed. They are down to where they were in 1994. The ratings are down for Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show, for Larry Kudlow’s show, and Squawk on the Street. The public is finally figuring out that they are not getting their money’s worth, meaning their time’s worth. They are departing.

The problem with the network is noise. I do not mean just that it is noisy. I mean that it does not provide what viewers regard as relevant information. It is background noise. It makes it more difficult to filter out the chaff from the wheat. That, at least, is the opinion of viewers in recent months.

NBC is not doing well in the ratings. The ratings for MSNBC continued to fall. Across the board, NBC is finding it difficult to compete with the other cable networks.

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9 thoughts on “CNBC’s Ratings Are in Free-Fall

  1. deniseandros says:

    Don't you worry! Obama will see to it that CNBC will stay on the air, regardless of ratings. He will prop up that network with tax dollars. Payment, for promoting the Obama administrations lies, and for covering its dirty deeds.

  2. watchdogman says:

    It has become the Goebbels network…

  3. daves5dea says:

    Crony capitalism doesn't work (Keynesian economics) and they know it—but heck it's free (taxpayer) money. Only Rick Santelli understands the truth of the matter.

  4. Too bad fox doesn’t hire santelli. He is great

  5. Patricia says:

    There's a word that explains everything about the Obama Administration and the view and programs it espouses….

    mumpsimus (MUMP-suh-muhs)

    1. A view stubbornly held in spite of clear evidence that it's wrong.
    2. A person who holds such a view.

  6. WhiteFalcon says:

    Maybe people are finally finding out that NBC stands for Nothing But Crap.

  7. Yes, certainly the Marxist in Chief will throw some of our money their way. Of course anything and everything the Marxist in Chief does turns to crap.

  8. Soros and his rich pals in the NWO will keep them on the air, along with MSLSD, and other libtard media outlets.

  9. deniseandros says:

    Obama is following in the footsteps of his forefathers; Satan, the Pharaoh of Exodus fame, Mohammed, Arafat, Haj Amin Al Husanni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hitler's partner, in the commission of crimes against humanity, i.e., the holocaust.

    Again, history is repeating itself, right before our eyes, only on a grander scale, and the Media is complicit both actively, by promoting Obama's evil agenda, and at other times by their silence, allowing him to maneuver undetected in the shadows.
    How can they shut their eyes at night? I pity them, they are about to know the terror of "falling into the hands of an angry GOD."