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Run4Guns In Utah. It Annoys Gun Control Advocates.

Written by Gary North on July 2, 2013

A pro-gun group in Utah is organizing an event to be held this September: Run4Guns.

Residents are invited to strap on a holster and a pistol, and then join the fun. The event will be held in Spanish Fork.

Promoters are heralding this as the nation’s first open carry run.

There will be a 3.1 mile race. Additionally, there will be a half-mile “armed dash.”

Proceeds from the event will go toward victims of gun violence. this is a nice touch. It makes it difficult for the anti-gun brigade to complain. But difficult does not mean impossible. The event has flushed out the following quail.

Gary Sackett with Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah says the event sends the wrong message and could lead to an accidental shooting.

“Raising money for victims of violence of any kind is a worthy cause and should be supported,” Sackett said. “As to the necessity or even the symbolism of strapping on your guns to do so, seems to us to be at best, sophomoric and juvenile.”

Sackett said that if people are running around with firearms that contain ammunition, it’s “just asking for trouble. And there’s no particular point to it.”

Of course there is a particular point to it. The point is to annoy gun controllers. It is also getting a lot of publicity for people who were in favor of gun ownership. Every little bit helps.

I recommend an Amble4Guns event. That will broaden the base.

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8 thoughts on “Run4Guns In Utah. It Annoys Gun Control Advocates.

  1. Wish I could be there! Have fun, folks!

  2. Texas Chris says:

    Great post, Dr. North!

  3. jaybird says:

    I am pro gun but I have a question. If someone slips a falls and the safety is on and they fall on the side that the gun is strapped to, will the gun go off? Just asking!

  4. The gun will not "go off" on any modern handgun….what you MIGHT be thinking of is a revolver prior to 1960? In which case the hammer was down on a empty chamber.

  5. Boil over sacket! or is it Sucket?

  6. jaybird says:

    Thanks for the information, just learning.

  7. johnny ringo says:

    Get on cowboys

  8. Tionico says:

    "might lead to a shooting"… about as likely as a bike ride "might lead to a cycle-car collision", or runnijng along a highway in the shoulder "might lead to" a vehicular homicide. Sheesh, didn't their Mommies EVER let them play outside by themselves> Or were they nannied so thoroughly they never even stubbed a toe or got scratched a bit whilst up in a tree? These guys have never LIVED…. and thus refiuse to allow anyone else to so do. Get RID of them…… or contain them so as to render them harmless.